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Cameron checking in!


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Was really hard when drinking and around smokers.  Nowadays though there may be some sense of longing in there when I smell one or see one, running though has helped me totally detach that from the desire to actually want one.  I quite literally have zero desire to ever touch a cigarette again.  Just thinking about the amount of effort I put into running, especially early on when every run was effin hard, makes any hint of desire for a cigarette vanish.


Definitely! Most of the time it's not difficult, but in social settings when I'm drinking and people around me are smoking, it gets a lot harder (especially if my fiancee isn't around to keep me in check :D ). But you're completely right that all of this effort I'm putting in just reinforces my will power. It's actually one of the main things that got me started on getting in shape in the first place. I was backpacking and wheezing my way up a mountain, while my best friend (who is fit) was practically jogging up completely fine. It really made me think about how I was way too young to be struggling with that sort of thing.

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So all my goals were completed, which I guess means I get to level up! That's pretty exciting. I already have some ideas for goals for the next challenge. I think I'm going to make them a little tougher this time around, since I'll have 6 weeks to work with. A brief overview of the goals:


1. 4 sets of each exercise - Originally I was doing 2 or 3 sets, depending on how much I felt like I could do. Setting a firm goal for this really pushed me to do what I had to, instead of just stop when I felt tired.


2. 2 miles of intervals - This was actually harder than I was expecting, and I didn't accomplish it until Saturday. Years of smoking and a sedentary lifestyle left me with some sort of asthma (I believe), which made running painful, especially in the cold. But pushing myself has definitely made tons of improvement. I know a lot of people, including Steve, write off cardio as relatively unimportant. But I actually feel like this goal made the biggest functional improvements for me. Getting out of breath after running 20 yards is no way to live.


3. Give up diet soda - was able to do this for about the last 9 days or so I believe. I'm honestly not sure how much this really helps, but it can't hurt. In the future I'll probably drink the occasional one, but I'm not going to do so on a regular basis as I don't want it to be a habit.


4. Pay off debt - did that. It wasn't a real big deal because I was already planning to, but making it a goal forced me to to it quickly instead of waiting.


Looking forward to next challenge, and thanks to everyone who helped me accomplish my goals!

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Awesome job on the challenge. Looking forward to hearing your new goals for the next challenge

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I think cardio gets shafted a lot because it's not necessary for weight loss, so a lot of people mistakenly write it off as unimportant.


However, it's great for the heart and it's great for outrunning zombies - both incredibly good reasons to go for a run. :)


Congrats on a most excellent challenge!


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