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Recommended fruits to achieve weight loss


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Hi, I've been doing Crossfit for 8 months and it has been great.  I lose some weight initially and kept it but now I want to really achieve my weight goal. I'm still 'chubby' but want to improve my training and overall physique.


I know I need to eat some fruit for good carbs during the day, but I don't know which ones are better for my goal (ie. too sugarly) These are the fruits I can get in my city:



I usually buy these because of these qualities: Easy storage/transport, time before going bad,  and price:
Oranges (free)
Grapes (only when are in sale!)
I plan to eat 2 reasonable portions per day, one in the morning as part of the breakfast and one in the afternoon to combat sugar cravings.  

Portions:  1 whole banana/ 1 small apple / 1 mid-size orange/ 6 strawberries or grapes / 1 cup of the bigger ones
Any advise?  btw. I like them all! and I don't have a problem eating the same all the week!
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Strictly calories and sugar-speaking, it's simple to look up calories and sugar per serving. Berries are notoriously one of the lower calories/sugar per serving fruits. However, that doesn't mean you have to limit yourself on the others, just be aware of how much sugar you're taking in. If you're craving a certain fruit, be conscious that it has more calories/sugar and adjust elsewhere.


There are lots of places you can look to compare those.


I stumbled across this chart in my research on insulin resistance (which isn't related to you, so all of the information probably won't be something you care about), but it does, based on weight, make the fruits "equal" so it's easier to see the more "sugary" fruits. However, if you've never looked up the caloric/sugar contents of the servings of fruit you're eating, I actually think that will be more helpful.


Hope this helps!

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I find fruit very helpful with my weight, because they let me have my sugar-loving in a much healthier way.


Papaya is pretty tasty and has a fairly low sugar content.  I'd definitely add that one to the rotation.  Whenever I see it on sale, I grab it up.

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Fruit = sugar, and any type of sugar will slow down fat loss if it's not put to good use... If you want to lose weight I would limit fruit intake to right before/after some type of exercise so your body is really going to put that fructose to good work refilling your glycogen stores in your muscles.  Just sitting around and chowing down of fruit because it is good for you (which it is) is a recipe for disaster though if losing a bunch of weight is your goal.

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True story. ^


I generally try to limit my fruit to berries - those have less impact than some of the others. I will occasionally have a banana, as the potassium is def good for you.


I would focus more on veggies and less on fruit...but feel free to have a piece a day or so. If you are eating otherwise healthy, and you're having trouble losing the weight you want, try cutting back on the fruit more.

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I'm having a kiwi a day at work as my snack.  It's been working out pretty well and teh asian market near me has them 3 for $1 right now :)  Where do you live that you can only get 9 kinds of fruit if you don't mind me asking?

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I hate when I read entire thread and realize it was dug up from over 2 months ago, and that I've already read it.

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