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Mini-challenge 2: The Romans are Here!!!!

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... and now we continue with Dwarfthrower's awesome Asterix inspired challenge!


This challenge STARTS on Monday 4.Feb at 00:01 and ENDS on Sunday 10.Feb at 23:59


The year is 50 BC. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely... One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders. Asterix, Obelix and their friends resist the mighty Roman legions of Julius Caesar with a little cunning plus the druid Getafix's magic potions!



The story so far: While fighting a Roman legion the Gauls ran out of the potion that gives them awesome strength. So Obelix, who is super-strong all the time because he fell in the potion's cauldron as a small child got to waste the Roman legion all by himself. Obelix accidentally hit Getafix with a menhir throw. They had to escape and hide until they have new potion. Unfortunately Getafix lost his memory and can’t remember how to make the magic potion. The Druids have spent the past week cooking all sorts of recipes to help Getafix remember how to make the potion. Julius Ceaser heard that the Gaulish villagers are hiding in the forest. He has mustered his Legions and sent them into the forest to finish the Gaul resistance once and for all! 


In the year 50 BC calm, peace and quiet reigned supreme in the forests of Gaul. Not anymore! The forest is filled with rustling noises. Every now and again there are explosions of sound and movement as Legions of Romans and a handful of Gauls chase each other in what seems like an endless game of cat and mouse. Some brave Gauls fight the Romans here and there to lure them away from their hiding place. Other Gauls are searching the forrest to collect special ingredients for the time when Getafix's memory returns and he can make the magic potion. All the Roman soldiers are hunting for Gauls and dreaming of the fame and glory they will get for finally defeating the Gauls. Everyone is sneaking around trying to hit each other... with spears (mostly thrown by the Romans, the Gauls sometimes pick up the Roman spears and throw then back) and stinky fish (definitely thrown by the Gauls, who have a strange sense of humour and love nothing better than to laugh at the Romans!). Even Dogmatix is getting involved!




Dogmatix doesn't care if you are a Gaul or a Roman... just don't mess with the trees!

What you have to do:

  1. Walk and/or Run: all that chasing and fleeing that both Romans and Gauls are doing covers a lot of distance. You need to run and/or walk. Any distance counts: from your daily activities, from exercising... it all counts. 
  2. Burpees and/or Sun Salutations: with all those spears and stinky fish flying around both Romans and Gauls need to do a lot of dodging. You need to do burpees and/or Sun Salutations. Modifications for beginners are allowed!
  3. Meditate: Both Romans and Gauls are spending a lot of time hiding or waiting in ambush. They often fall into a kind of meditative state. 


Log your results here:



This mini-challenge is designed to encourage you to take it up a notch. Do more of what you are already doing and also to try something new. Hopefully, the mix of walk/run/burpees/sun salutations/meditation means you will be doing something that isnt already listed in your goals. For things that are already part of your goals you are expected to go that little bit extra! Its win-win really!


Don't know how to do a burpee? Watch our fearless leader:


Don't know how to do a Sun Salutaion? This site has a good video showing a sequence modified for beginners:


And set by step instructions:



Never meditated in your life? Try looking here:




The details:

  • In whatever timezone you are in, the challenge STARTS on Monday 4.Feb at 00:01 and ENDS on Sunday 10.Feb at 23:59
  • All Druids are Gauls by default.
  • Participating Druids earn themselves an attribute point (+1). You get to choose which attribute earns that point based on what area you were challenged in the most. 
  • Any members from Warriors/Rangers/Scouts/Monks/Adventurers who decide to participate play as Romans.
  • Adventurers who take part earn a dented helmet which they can trade in during their next mini-challenge.
  • Assassins have the choice of playing as either Gauls or Romans. 
  • Activities you are already doing as part of your goals or in another challenge can count for this challenge to. For example: if you have walking as a goal, then you can count that distance for this challenge as well.


We are setting limits for all the activities. There are 2 reasons for the limits: reduce the risk of someone getting hurt from overdoing it and it prevents the super-fit amongst us from scaring the newbies with their super human feats. We want you to be fit and strong and not to get hurt. Please use your good sense to decide how much of each activity you can actually do. Remember: these are limits, not targets! I, for one, do not expect or plan to reach the weekly limit on all 3 areas. You can choose to do as much or as little as you want for each of the activities as long as you stay under the following limits:

  1. Walk and/or Run:  maximum limit 10km per day (exception to this are those of you training for a race who already have planned long runs... in that case you can go over the daily limit). The maximum limit for the week is: 50km  

  2. Burpees and Sun Salutations: 1 sun salutations = 4 burpees. Maximum limit is a count of 100 per day (you can do 100 burpees or 25 sun salutations or any combination of the 2 adding up to 100, like 20 SSs+20burpees). The maximum limit for the week is: 500   

  3. Meditate: maximum 20min per day. Maximum for the week is 100min. 


If you never heard of Asterix, look here:






And a full movie on youtube (Asterix and the Twelve Tasks):



I must say the books are far better!


WE FEAR NOTHING... except perhaps the sky falling on our heads!


Don't forget to log your results here:



Thats it... let the fun begin. Catch me if you can!

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Greetings dear druids !


As an adventurer I´m very excited to join you and try out new movements ! (the Sun Salutation looks very interesting !)


Have an awesome day !

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"I'm here"


Very wise to be whispering... Romans are popping up like mushrooms all over the forest. Stay safe!


Hey! Who threw that menhir?

Sent from my HTC Desire S using Tapatalk 2


Not me! *giggle*


Friends, Romans, Countrymen.... Let's go find some Gauls!


Keep looking... we are faster and sneakier! :onthego:


Man - this one looks like so much fun I'm sorry I'm sitting out this challenge!


You are welcome to join in. :)


This looks like a lot of fun.  I am in!


Yeah! We need all the Druids we can get!



I have feeling they are ganging up on us....


That is the idea! But we shall prevail! :)


Greetings dear druids !


As an adventurer I´m very excited to join you and try out new movements ! (the Sun Salutation looks very interesting !)


Have an awesome day !


Welcome! Hope you enjoy the mini-challenge. And don't forget you are trying to catch us...    ;)


As a roman - does that mean I am running towards or away from the battle?


Mostly towards the battle... unless you spot a Gaul with a stinky fish, in that case I would recommend running away. Obelix with a menhir should probably be avoided too!  :nevreness:


I guess we´re running away :( hahaha :D


Probably a good idea we do have a lot of stinky fish to throw your way...

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How about a sun salutation with a cat on your back?




Love it! My girls try to do the same when I am doing push ups.


And wow is that lady bendy or what!  :nevreness:


This is going to be great.  :)


Thats the plan! And with all the awesome people joining, hopefully it will! :)


Everyone except us Gauls is chasing the Gauls. So you are hunting.


That was a Menhir!


Yes, Romans are hunting Gauls... so they chase most of the time. Occasionally they run away when the Gauls attack using stinky fish.


There are some Assassins who are on the Gauls side! :)

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