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Hello Fellow Rebels,


My name is Tom.  I've been reading Nerd Fitness for several months now (since my wife heard Steve on the Smart Passive Income podcast).  I'm a 27 year old chemist living in Missouri. I'm 5'9", 296lbs, 40% body fat.  I started lifting free weights when I was 13-14, took some time off in college, but have been back at it for about a year.  I've got a good base of strength, I've completed several 5k races, and three triathlons.  Even with all the endurance training I never really lost any body fat, which is why I'm back to strength training and clean eating.


I enjoy video games (mostly shooters, with the occasional RPG thrown in), Comic books (Green Lantern is probably my fav), sci-fi/fantasy novels (Just finished Wheel of Time, which I started reading more than half of my life ago), Star Wars, working out, and woodworking.  


Goals that I'm working towards:

Full on Paleo Diet by May (One month stages: Feb - no dairy, March - no potatoes, April - no grains)

Body fat in the mid-30% range by April

Size 38 pants by July

Complete Tough Mudder Kansas City in September (this is a scary goal for me, I want to blog my progress towards this to stay motivated for such a far away goal).


I haven't had much support in my fitness goals since high school (other than my wife) so I'd like to be part of a community that can help keep me motivated and I can motivate in return.


TLDR version: I'm a fat but active nerd that wants to lower his body fat percentage through a paleo diet and lifting heavy things and celebrate by running ten miles through a mud covered obstacle course.


"Time to nut up or shut up!" - Tallahassee from Zombieland.

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