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Protein woes.


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I'm chicken-thighed out. I eat eggs for breakfast usually, and I enjoy ground meats. I don't often buy steak or pork, but I'm thinking I might just to break out of the 'chicken, chicken, turkey' rut I've been in. Salmon could work too...


What are some proteins you eat when you've been in a 'same food all week' slump for a while? 

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I like to go to the seafood counter and get whatever happens to be on sale and cook it for dinner that night.  That is how I ended up with two pounds of fresh mussels last week and it was a great way to change things up a bit.

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I try to make sure I have variety each week. I will make dishes with ground beef, pork shoulder in the crock pot (http://nomnompaleo.com/post/10031990774/slow-cooker-kalua-pig) and find different ways to make chicken. I love to make tandoori chicken on the weekends and then turn it into butter chicken (my favorite indian dish) later in the week, and Melissa Joulwan's "The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat" from her book Well Fed turns a boring boneless, skinless chicken breast into a juicy flavor explosion.

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Eggs.  I have half a dozen ways to do them (hardboiled, egg salad, fried, scrambled, frittata, crepe, poached...)


Canned sardines are a good protein pack.


If you like ground meat, that's easy.  Get some ground-up animal of your choice and make meatballs, stir fry, tacos, curry, salad... just switch up the dressings and you're set.

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We go in to town and buy a beef steak. Lamb (or actually our sheep mutton) is what we eat most of the time and I do occasionally get tired of sheep. Hubby won't eat any fish so that's not an option. We also have pork, deer and chicken in our freezer. I use the venison as a nice change up for us from our lamb/mutton. 

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