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Assassins, Report! How did you do?


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Here we go, the first challenge of 2013 is ending. It's time to make a final wrap-up of how it went, and give yourself some grades about how well you think you did.


How does it work in detail, for each goal you had, grade yourself using a A-F scale. It can be roughly translated like this:


Grading your goals

A = 100% = Achieved everything I wanted for this goal

B = 75% = I almost achieved anything for this goal, but could have done better

C = 50% = Just above average.

D = 25% = Not a total failure, but barely

F = 0% = Couldn't achieve anything for this goal


For example, if you had a goal of making 10 push-ups in a row your grade may be:

A = 10 push-ups or more

B = 8 push-ups

C = 5 push-ups

D = 3 push-ups

F= 0 push-ups


And I know you'll ask me "and what if I did 4 push-ups?" Don't lie, I know you would! Well, you can either pick the grade you feel you deserve. Or, you can add a + or a - on your grade. You did 5 but only barely? And your form was not that good maybe? Then Grade yourself a D+. On the opposite, if it was a perfect form push-up, you can grade yourself C-.


Grading your challenge

When you have graded all your separate goals, you have to give yourself a global grade for the challenge. It can be an average of your goals grades


Giving yourself some attribute points

If you are using the RPG part of the challenges, you can reward yourself with some attribute points. Partial points are allowed. Here is a handy chart to help you awarding yourself points:




If you don't know how to give some attribute points, I'll send you to this page:



Just remember that you can only award you 15 points per challenge and only 5 points maximum per goals. So, assassin, how did you do?



Nuala, level 13 Robot mistress of pain, Assassin Guild leader


First journey: The Rise and fall of an Assassin

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13

Second journey: Crawling back


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Physics goal: workout 2x week, plus some PKGEN parkour WODS

Assessment: I did the workouts, with a personal trainer and a couple of the WODs, except this last week where I've been sick.

Grade: A+


Chemistry goal: Monitor consumption and exertion, and feed back this information into ongoing strategies.

Assessment: no missed days, extra information acquired, plus spreadsheet of DHOOOOOM and fibit! As a bonus, I've lost 3.2kgs. Weight loss was not a goal this challenge, only monitoring. But it's a nice side effect.

Grade: A+


Engineering goal: Stretches daily, plus physiotherapy exercises.

Assessment: I missed a lot of days, some of which were laziness/apathy. I also didn't stretch on post-workout days quite a bit - see excuses below.

Grade: C


Ecology: One photography walk + not killing house plants.

Assessment: Photography walk done and published, some of my thyme died. But! I germinated some more poppies (some of which were a surprise), the mint is going crazy, and managed to get a sweetpea to germinate too.

Grade: A-.


Extra bonus points for THE FIRST TIME I'VE COMPLETED A CHALLENGE! After five stabs at it, this time I finally got all the way to the end of a challenge! A+++++.


I didn't participate as much in other people's threads as I'd like, although I did take part in a couple of the assassin mini-challenges, and tried to be generally supportive on the #nerdfitness IRC channel.


I am really sucky at doing things - especially physical things - daily. I'm still uncertain why I have such firm mental blocks in that respect. It could be (and possibly is) just an exhaustion thing - I need a day to recover after I work out, and the mental effort involved in stretching is just too much. I will nevertheless attempt to continue to stretch every second day.


Overall assessment: A.

Lost points for noncompliance with one goal, gained points for toughing it out and excelling at other goals.


I'd like to thank the following people for being awesome and wonderful and helping me to keep going: Nuala, Happienumber, Aeryn, Norgaard, Milythael, alienjenn, Waldo, BookNF, LorenWade, Elastigirl, SpiralGalaxy, Devyn, and quite possibly other people who I am too sleep deprived to remember just now. Thank you so much!

Half Dragon, Half Elf, Level 0.5 Assassin - I flame people when cranky, but I'm seriously kickass.STR 4 | DEX 2.5 | STA 3.25 | CON 5 | WIS 8.75 | CHA 4 | Challenges: 1  2 3 4 5 | myFitnessPal | Spreadsheet | fitbitChallenge 6, Back to the assassin's rootsBlog: float knowledge return wisdom;


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Copied from my thread:


Know thyself:

Score = A


I totally nailed this one. I'm finishing off at 81 points. 

Height: 5'11" Hasn't changed in the last six weeks. YAy....
Weight: 171 lbs [!!!!!!]
Chest: 39"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 40"

This is all sorts of exciting. I lost a whopping 8 pounds!!!! I can't believe this. I have been fluctuating up and down three pounds up, three pounds down, for SEVEN YEARS!!!! I have NEVER been able to loose more than 3 pounds, nor keep it off for more than a week. I also lost 2 inches of waist and hips. !!!!! 
This also hasn't changed [except occasionally getting bigger] in the last seven years. I am beside myself excited about this. 
Even though this wasn't any part of my challenge, I feel like this is my biggest accomplishment of this challenge. This is like a "my entire young life" work in progress, and I finally broke through the wall. I can't wait for the next challenge to continue this progress!! 


Play in the orchestra:

Score: A


I learned the whole first verse! I admit, it’s not smooth, and there are still a lot of sour notes, but I did learn it, and I can continue to iron out the wrinkles. 
I added some of the funnier bloopers in my final recording to the video. Alcibiades was being a pain in the mik’ta. 


Run to the tower:

Grade: F


No such luck. I was only able to test my final time on the Dreadmill from hell at my mother’s house [permanently stuck on level 8- the highest- incline]. In addition to this mountain of a treadmill, my mother has recently moved the ficus into the treadmill area, and this giant plant was over top of 3/4 of the treadmill, so I was literally running in a tree. It was so awkward haha. I did 3 miles in 68 minutes. And it almost killed me. That incline is a beast and a half. On flat ground, I’m reasonably sure that my time would have been in the 33-37 minute range, but even so, that is still not sub-30. So fail.

Get launched into space:

Grade: A

60 second crow stand completed! Hooray! This one came in spurts and starts. I kept thinking I had plateaued, only to leap up by 20 seconds the next workout.

Whereas by the grades themselves, I average out to a C [[100+100+100+0]/ 4 =75%], I feel like this has been my best challenge yet. I honestly have made more progress in all areas than I ever expected. The me from six weeks ago would not have recognized the me today, primarily in attitude. 

1. I learned that I CAN eat paleo and not hate my life. I really think I’ll be able to stick with it this time. I finally found my balance, where I’m actually LOSING INCHES and feeling a lot more energetic. 
B. I learned that my body is going to adapt as it wants. I can keep training it, but I can’t force it to speed up or get stronger if I have an un-dealt-with injury or imbalance that needs to be sorted. I also can’t hate myself for this fact, although that is my first reaction. It is what it is.



So, hey, W00t, I just noticed that this challenge 75% = B, not C. I feel like in the past 75% = C. I am very glad to claim my hard earned B, and I kind of feel like adding on a "+" for effort and for the breakthrough of losing weight and inches. Whereas I didn't make my running goal, I never skipped a run unless I had a migraine or hypothermia. 


So my new stats are:


+4 CON, 2 STR, 3 DEX, and 3 CHA.


STR:10.4 |DEX:12 |STA:13.85 |CON:9 |WIS:17 |CHA:7

I must control my THOUGHTS...
CHARACTER determines your DESTINY
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Nice work ysabet, Happienumber and Cameron!


Copied from my thread:


Running has gone okay, although I stopped for the past week to avoid risking sore legs before BAC and I didn't get that much faster (grade C, +1STA +1CON).


My one-foot squats are lower and more stable, though I can't do 10 on my weaker side yet. My sit spin wasn't called as points-worthy at the competition on Saturday, (grade B- +2STR) but... 


I did get a new pb! 9.08, including getting my toe-loop, upright spin and step sequence called. One of the judges really liked my performance/choreography too. (grade A +2CHA +2DEX +1STA)


Not so much progress on the wills, other than a bit of research into charities that offer will-writing services in return for legacies. Whoops. I will move that into the next challenge. (FAIL)

"she interpreted falling down not merely as a means of improving, but as evidence that she was improving." - Matthew Syed on Shizuka Arakawa.Frost elf assassin after 4 challenges: STR: 11 | DEX: 12 | STA: 7.5 | CON 5 | WIS 7.5 | CHA: 5.5My Fitocracy profile"

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Copied from my thread:

Challenge wrap-up time!



1. Handstand progression. Fighting gravity by being upside down 3x a week, working on handstands. DEX: 3


Did a great job on this - only missed 1 session, and went from never having done a handstand to kicking up to one, and holding a balanced handstand for 6 seconds. I had several crashes, and points where I wasn't sure I was getting any better, but by keeping to the schedule, I've made a lot of progress! 100%

2. Bodyweight workout. Fighting gravity by pulling/pushing my weight in various directions. Plus a couple dumbbells. This is 3x a week, still working particularly towards an actual pullup, and increasing my pushups. STR: 4, STA: 1


Missed 1 session of this - progressed from standard pushups to a variety of harder options, plus my first ring push-up. Pull-ups are still a ways off, but I'm up to 30 seconds flexed arm hang, and negatives are getting more controlled. Also, tried my first pistol squats! 100%

3. Recipe variety. Fighting inertia on this one - I've been eating a lot of the same foods every day, and it's great because I hardly have to think about what to cook. However, it's also getting boring. 6 new recipes cooked gets me full stats on this. CON: 2 WIS: 1


I actually cooked 8 new recipes, and they were all pretty great! Several are going into my standard rotation, and I've still got more new ones to try. 100%

4. TV stand. Fighting gravity by keeping my tv off the ground. I've been procrastinating this project for six months by deciding I needed a Kreg jig to build it. Well, got the jig for Christmas - no more excuses! This will also make my living room look more like I'm an actual adult. WIS: 2, CHA: 2


Built! Not quite done, since it needs a final coat of poly, but everything else for it is done! I didn't gauge my time very well on this - stalled out on it in the middle of the challenge, then had to try to make up for it in the past week. But stain takes time to dry, so I could only make up so much. Nonetheless, it's built, and I'll do the poly tonight! 95%


FInal thoughts: This was an awesome challenge for me. Keeping a regular workout schedule was good, and trying new things during those workouts kept it from getting boring - even though it also meant I sometimes worked to failure without meaning to! Handstand work was a totally new process, and despite some setbacks, I'm really proud of my progress, and that I didn't give up at the times that I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. I participated in a lot of the mini-challenges, and managed to be pretty active in the guild, despite wishing I could keep up with more people. I love this place!


New stats: STR: 13 | DEX: 12 | STA: 11.75 | CON: 10 | WIS: 14 | CHA: 9

Level 13 Elven Assassin
Challenges: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | Current
Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. - Goethe

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Lets get this wrap up done.


Stage 1: Eat right, 80% of the time, every time.

"Right" counts as low calorie or paleo. I'm not setting specific limitations because I know what's good and bad; for example grubbing out on 20 slices of bacon and 5 eggs isn't good, despite being paleo.

Measuring success:  3 meals a day for 6 weeks is 126 meals total.  20% of those will be the "cheat" meals (25 total), or as I called them last challenge, "no-go's".  All other meals that are good are "go's". 

For this challenge I will have 25 "no go's"

+3 CHA (possible)

I used 24 of my 25 so I get all 3 CHA points.

Grade A

Stage 2: Workout 3 times a week.

I am allowing myself freedom here.  A workout can be body weight routine, weights, long walk, etc.

The point for me here is to do something, Hopefully the demotivational arrow will miss me, if I am a moving target.

+3 STR, +3 STA


I really pushed through on my workouts, I hit more than 3 every week.

So STR and 3 STA are mine!


Grade A

Stage 3: limit late night snacks

I have gotten into this bad habit of having a "snack" before bed.  It usually is either some fruit or Greek yogurt.  I want to eliminate snacking on work days ( I go to bed earlier on those days.)

+3 CON

I broke this twice so I am taking +2.5 CON

It really became a habit to not craze something at night, so even though I gave in twice, It is a good win.


Grade A-


Stage 4:Transform our guest room into a home gym.


This is something my wife is really excited about, and I am as well. We did alot (shout out to team alot.) of work on leveling up our house last challenge, part of that was decorate our guest room.  Well decorating is out and making it into a gym is in.  It will be alot ( 2 in one paragraph) of work, but we are excited about this.

+3 Wis


My wife and I love out new gym.  It makes working out more convenient, and it also allows us to dabble with each others work out styles.  She has been doing some pull ups, BSS, and hspu, and I have been doing some bench press and thrusters.  As a side note I got some 20lb leg weights as a new addition to the gym.


I get all 3 WIS for sure.

Grade A


I am very happy how this challenge turned out.  I didn't gain or lose
any weight, but my work outs progressed (increasing weight or
difficulty of each exercise I do.)  My work outs became more fun also.  I
even got some extra anti procrastination work in with the help of our
friendly robot assassin Nuala.  Big thanks to her again.

It has been great to follow everyone else success as well.  looking forward to the next one already.


Overall grade of A


I got my Motivation back!!!


Level 15 Coyote Tinkerer
STR 27  DEX 18  STA 15  CON 14  WIS 14  CHA 12

Current Challenge

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For my Whole30 I give myself a B. I made it through, but about half-way I started eating at my desk and snacking a lot. I kept true to the meal planning formula and I never cheated. B


I've been kicking ass at running. Other than being sick, I've been right on schedule. I'm up to a 6.5mile PR. I still have about 8 weeks left until the big 1/2 marathon and I'm already half way through.  I've increased my speed and I'm starting to enjoy running days.  A


As for Boot Camp, I've been pretty diligent on that. Even on the days I couldn't make it, I did something similar to it at home. I've enjoyed building my strength, but I think I won't do any more single class challenges any more as I get bored pretty easily.  I faltered a bit at the end, so I give myself a B.


Waking up at 5am and killing some goblins. This is the challenge I did the worst in. I woke up at 5am most days which is a hell of a lot better than I have been doing, but there have been days where I've made excuses and hit the snooze button too many times. On top of that, I tend to be a bit lazy in the mornings so I didn't kill very many goblins (I didn't do the things I needed to do in the mornings).  Because of this, I'm giving myself a C.


I gave myself a C in my personal thread, but on retrospect, I think I was being too harsh. While I certainly don't deserve an A, I still did a lot and I've improved because of it. I've learned a lot, but I know I can do better. So, officially, I will give myself a B.

Level 17 Half Kender Assassin
XP 1700


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Challenge Evaluation time!

1) Strength


Angry Bird workout 3x/week, and
sledgehammer workout 3x/week (Fridays off).

I'll get an 'A' if I do all exercises for 5 of the 6 weeks,
B for 4, C for 3, and anything less is failing.
[+4 STR]


I was not as consistent as I needed to be here. I
struggled with some health issues (cold and other things) and didn't
make this a priority--I only got solid strength workouts in 21 of the 48
days of the challenge. OTOH, I graduated to doing real push-ups and
Bulgarian split-squats, which felt really awesome. I'm going to give
myself 50% for this one, and add +2 STR

2) Focus
I'm going to do sun salutations + 5 min meditation during that time. 

A = doing this 6x/week on average, B= 5x/week, C=4x/week, less = fail.
[+2 WIS, +2 DEX]


I feel pretty darn good about this. Sun salutations +
meditation has become a habit now on the days when I get up first. I'm
going to continue this moving forward. I successfully did my routine 35
out of 48 days of the challenge, which is a solid B effort. I'll take
+1.5 WIS and +1.5 DEX.

3) Clean up Eating
New rule: Only purchase 1
bottle of wine and 1 6 pack of cider each week, to be consumed on
weekends. No drinking during the week. A = following this for 5 of the
weeks; B = 4, C = 3, all else = fail.

New rule: If I don't
bring lunch in to work, I am only allowed to go to the on-site cafeteria, and I am
only allowed to get real food there. A = zero off-site solo lunches, B =
one, C = two, all else = fail.
[+1 CON, +1 STA]


I followed my lunch goal exactly, and never cheated. All
my weekday lunches were either brought from home, gotten from the
cafeteria, or socializing with co-workers. I did less well on the
drinking, but found an arrangement that better suited my temperment: no
drinking on weeknights until everything else, including dishes and
exercise, is done. Then a glass of red wine while reading before bed. So
I'm going to call this one a win. +1 CON, +1 STA

Life Goal
Rule for the challenge: write something every day, even if
it's only a journal entry (which I'd also fallen behind on lately).
Write at least one publishable piece each week. A = 6 publishable
essays, B = 5, C = 4, all else = Fail.

[+1 WIS, +2 CHA]


I started off strong, but wound up doing more reading
than writing. I think I got 4 publishable pieces out, but there are some
pieces I've been meaning to write but haven't. I'm still feeling better
about my writing, esp. being nominated for a significant award, so the
*intent* of the goal has largely been met (although I'm still sticking
mostly with book reviews). I'm going with 50% on this: +0.5 WIS, +1 CHA.



Old Stats: STR 3, DEX 3.5, STA 6, CON 7, WIS 11, CHA 7

New Stats: STR 5, DEX 5, STA 7, CON 8, WIS 13, CHA 8

And I'm now Level 4, hooray!

SpiralGalaxy, Level 9 Halfling Elf Assassin
STR 17|DEX 13|STA 20|CON 13|WIS 21|CHA 15
Electromagnetics Engineer, Freelance sci-fi critic in Maryland

"I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it." 

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I didn't crash and burn so horribly as I thought I might. =3 My end results looked like this:


Goal 1: Conditioning

  Final grade: C 

  Points Awarded; STR:1 DEX:0.5 CON:0.5

Goal 2: Zombies, RUN!

  Final grade: B

  Points Awarded; STA:2.25 DEX:0.75

Goal 3: Only 1 cup of coffee a day

  Final Grade: C

  Points Awarded:  CON:1.5  CHA:0.5

Goal 4: Math Lessons

  Final grade: B(75%)

  Points Awarded: WIS:2.25


I did slack on the mini-challenge, though.  Next time, my fellow assassins, next time... >:D

Halfling; Samurai Assassin, Level 2

Challenge Number Three: Reboot

"Runners see the city in a different way. We see the flow... The flow is what keeps us running, keeps us alive."


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I failed 2 of 4 of my challenges, and failed it big. lived the entire month without a kitchen in a 16bedrom shared hostel, layed down sick for over 3 weeks.

however nothing to do about it, other than try again next tim!


life goal:


Gather information about job and apartment in london., find and join a gym, parkour class or taekwondo class.


if I find out where to work out when I move there, along with a place to live, and a job offer or PT course its 5 wisdom and an A.

and other grades gives as following


a 5 WIS

b 4 WIS

c 3 WIS

d 2 WIS

e 1WIS

f 0 rewards


Grade A: joined a gym, and applied for a personal trainer course later this year, got information about a few guys who rent out houses, and got to know a guy who train with the parkour generation. Got my Bartender diploma, and got an agreement that my teacher will send out my resumé with all bars he talk with when I come back in 3 weeks time!.



fitness goals -


goal 1: Do a split

dex +4 str +1


Grade: F 

im longer from this goal than I was when I started, did the stretching in the first week, but after I got sick I didnt get to do it.


goal 2: Drop fat percentages. more lost more reward -

str & cha 0,05 point each 0.1 lost. (negative points If I gain ofcause)


Starting out at 18% bf measured this morning 7/1

Grade E. measured it to 17,9 so 0,1% lost, but im just glad that I managed to keep it as it was, im working at this one at the next challenge as well


Goal 3. work my way closer to my end goals, by doing the following exercises 3x a week at least

Planks, side planks, assisted pistol squats, dips, paralel dips, pull ups, leg raises, crow pose, wall handstand, box jumps. 

Crow pose - pull up wall handstand - dips - leg raise/bend knee raise - squats (getting my way closer to pistol squats)

Dex +2 STA +2


Grade: F, worked fine at start but hten I got sick and didnt train for 3 weeks. might edit this for the next challenge.


so 2 failed,

1 passed with a and 1 barely passed.

but a lot of experience richer!. so I going to rock the next one!

Be like water my friend

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Cycling Goal : C

Only missed two days and I will commit to making up.

Workout Goal: D

I did not meet the goal of completing the workout due to not having equipment. But I can do a few more pushups and squats for sure!

Work Goal F

I did not do work for three hours only a couple days.

Meditation Goal: F

I meditated only half the days, really.

Sleep Goal: Big F

I have no comment lol. I can't stand insomnia.

I will be changing my goal setup for the next true challenge. This beginning challenge helped me see my limitation. I am not concerned about my grades. I am new to goal setting and am generally unmotivated. My quality of life is improved though!

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1. Workout for 20 minutes a day every day: 75% - I was able to keep this up most days through the challenge with only the odd break here and there.
2. Complete the 100 push up program: 50% - I'm really happy with where I did end up with this one, but it is nowhere near the completion of the program.
3. Hold Hollow Body for 1 minute: 75% - Pretty sure I can do this. Still need to actually get timed on it though.
4. Get a job. Any job: 25% - Got some interviews, but nothing really close to an actual job.

Total: 56.25%

This too, shall pass.

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Waldo's Challenge Results:
Goal #1 - Upgrade logging to include RPE's for each work set
I logged RPE's throughout the challenge, I don't think I missed once.

Definitely helped me to further my understanding of fatigue during a workout and the recovery cost of a workout. I actually switched my upper body workouts mid-challenge to fully autoregulated workouts due to what I learned, I felt that I could increase their effectiveness a great deal. So far so good.

Grade: A 
Points Awarded: STR +2, CON +1, WIS +1
Goal #2 - Reevaluate my long term goals and come up with a comprehensive list
I kept a running list going throughout the challenge, though I haven't updated it in a bit.  However I have been thinking about my goals, and have made posts about single goals that I just haven't added to the list yet.  Going to do that following this post.  It has definitely been a worthwhile exercise, as I do have a clearer sense of direction.  Never got into goals beyond fitness-appearance, but that's ok, a lot of other goals in life don't need much attending to, I did that prior to having a kid.


Could have updated the list a little more though.  

Grade: B 
Points Awarded: CON +0.75, WIS +1.5, CHA +0.75
Goal #3 - Begin measuring, and striving to improve, my standing broad jump
I took the tape measure out front, and using nails and twine marked off 7', 8', and 9' lines and a starting spot.  Every time I ran when it wasn't raining or too soggy I did 2-3 jumps.  I spent a little time online looking at write ups about form.  I keep track of my jump PR's in my strength log.  I've been doing jump-switch pistols weekly (video posted early in this thread) to improve my explosiveness, which should translate into further jumping.  First PR was 7'6" on 1/6, today (2/18), I jumped 8'5".

Grade: A

Points Awarded: STR +2, DEX +2
Goal #4 - Rethink my fashion choices
I spent as much time as possible when shopping with the family looking at clothes.  Tried on a bunch of stuff.  Checked out what the men were wearing in magazines a few times.  Browsed some online sites.  Decided I'm going to get a new coat.  Payed attention to what coworkers wear at work.


Didn't buy any new clothes though.  Probably a good thing, a bit more discerning than I usually would be.  Have somewhat of a plan going forward.  Put a lot more effort into fashion choices than I would have were it not for this goal.

Grade: B

Points Awarded: CHA +2.25



Overall Grade: A-/B+


Total Points Awarded:

STR: +4.00

DEX: +2.00

STA: +0.00

CON: +1.75

WIS: +2.50

CHA: +3.00


New Totals:

Level: 7

STR: 18.50

DEX: 15.75

STA: 10.25

CON: 11.50

WIS: 19.50

CHA; 16.50

currently cutting

battle log challenges: 21,20, 19,18,17,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

don't panic!

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Copied and pasted from my thread:

Challenge Summary:


Very happy with my challenge this time. Here's my results:


Goal #1 Kettlebell; I increased my TGU time from 3:30 to 5:00 minutes

swings went from 120 in15 minutes to 160 swings in 12:15

practiced clean and press and snatches 3 x week without missing any practices; snatches I'm still struggling a bit just need more strength

Grade =A

Points awarded 4 STA


Goal #2-To consistently be able to do a pull-up

YES! Very happy with this, I can actually do a real pull-up now!


Points awarded 4STR



take measurements and pictures-Done

I did gain some weight. However my waist size is the same, so I think it is muscle. And my wrists got bigger-hopefully from the wrist andcrow excercises. My pictures look about the same as the beginning of challenge, though I think my tummy looks slighlty bigger. Thinking of ways to make sure I eat enough to do the KB"S but not so much that I gain in the tummy for next challenge

Also made sauerkraut

Grade A

Points CON 2- WIS-1



Spend 4 hours a week being creative. Done-which made for a very fun challenge. I finished 2 scrapbooks, learned a bit about counting beats, made Paleo Apple crisp, learned to swing dance, and am attempting to make a hat on my Knifty Knitter loom.



Points-4 CHA


Also: Took part in the streaker accounbilibuddy group and did 10 (at least) pushups for 5 weeks. Which also gave me a few PR's of 50 in a day and 10 real pushups in a set


Took part the mini challenges-Hmm is that something we're supposed to brag about or just forget? I mean with the whole juice and mushroom incident, maybe we are just making a pact to not discuss the "bear fight"


Wisdom 22.5   Dexterity 13   Charisma 15   Strength 21  Constitution-13

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind' Luke 10; 27

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Not as good as I had hoped. Fell off the ball pretty badly this week because I was working on "do it now" for my homework. That being said, I still hit 60 sec. on a parallette tuch planche.

Level 1 Ranger Assassin


Strength: 6  Dexterity: 7  Stamina: 3  Constitution: 5  Wisdom: 3  Charisma: 2


"Up to a point a man's life is shaped by environment,heredity, and movements and changes in the world about him; then there comes a time when it lies within his grasp to shape the clay of his life into the sort of thing he wishes to be. Only the weak blame parents, their race their times, lack of good fortune, or the quirks of fate. Everyone has is within his power to say, this I am today, that I shall be tomorrow. The wish, however, must be implemented by deeds."

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Goal 1: Strength train 3x per week - 2 STR, 1 WIS, 1 DEX, 1 STA


Well, I got in 12.5 of 18 workouts, so that figures to 69.4%. Not so hot. About a C, I’d say. Really a C- in my head, because I know I could have done so much better. But, eh, you live and you learn. And you work harder. That one mostly.  


C—1 STR, .5 WIS, .5 DEX, .5 STA


Goal 2: Complete one pull up - 3 STR


Completed.  I would have liked to get a wide grip pull up by the end of the challenge, but my actual goal of completing one real pull up was accomplished, so I am happy about that.




Goal 3: Cook one new Paleo/Whole 30 compatible meal a week - 1 WIS, 1 CON, 1 CHA


I managed to cook at least one new thing every week. Some weeks I cooked more new things than others, but still, I’d say this challenge was a good foray into new and tasty foods. Also, starting a Whole 30 didn’t hurt when it came to getting me to make Whole 30 compatible items, haha.


A—1 WIS, 1 CON, 1 CHA


Goal 4: Keep the living quarters clean - 2 WIS, 1 CON, 1 CHA


Well, it took me all the way till week 5, but I did clean my room. Obviously, I would have liked to have had that happen earlier in the challenge, but still, it did happen. But, since my goal was to keep it clean, and it’s backslidden a little, not to mention how long it took me to get there, I’m giving myself a B on this goal (B-) really, but, again, only doing whole numbers here and the goal did get mostly accomplished.


B—1.5 WIS, .75 CON, .75 CHA


Overall, I'd say B-/C+ for the challenge. Not great. But not bad either, as I did get some nice work done.


New Stats, because woot.


STR: 10

DEX: 2.5

STA: 3.5

CON: 6.5

WIS: 12

CHA: 7.63

Halis: level 2 human assassinSTR 10|DEX 2.5|STA 3.5|CON 6.5|WIS 12|CHA 7.63

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Challenge Complete! Summary


  • Harder: Life goal - Post to epiccurves.com blog once a week. Status: Complete! Grade: A. Finding inspiration can be very tough at times, but I still managed to get all six posts up. +2 WIS, +1 CHA earned.
  • Better: Fitness goal 1 - Stretch for at least 10 minutes, at least 5 times a week. Status: Complete! Grade: A. I stretched nearly every day, usually for significantly longer than 10 minutes. I've made significant progress on my flexibility. It's great to see real improvements. +2 CON, +2 DEX earned.
  • Faster: Fitness goal 2 - Complete the Zombies, Run! 5k training app. Status: Complete! Grade: A. I'll re-run the last workout to do a better job of it, but I definitely made some great progress in my running abilities, and had some fun escaping zombies while doing so. +3 STA, +1 DEX earned.
  • Stronger: Fitness goal 3 - Strength train 3 times a week. Status: Complete! Grade: A. I've done all my strength workouts and gotten a great start on becoming stronger and making a habit of my fitness routine. +3 STR, +1 CHA earned.

Overall grade for the challenge: A. This was my first challenge here at Nerd Fitness, and I think I've done pretty fabulously. I have a great start on some excellent fitness habits and have already seen tremendous improvements. I also managed to get all six blog posts up, though that took a bit more effort than it really should have. I'm looking forward to setting new goals and getting started on the next challenge.

Level 1 Klingon-Orion Assassin

STR 5 | DEX 6 | STA 6 | WIS 4 | CON 3 | CHA 6

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Reposted from my Thread:



As Red kept wandering the fields of Coneria, wandering in circles for hours, days, weeks. Fighting Goblin after Goblin, gaining point after point of Experience, and with each Goblin slain more and more experience goes to that new level. So far, 2,093 Goblins have been slain and Red is facing more...


*Random Battle Theme*


Imp.gif X 4 VS Fighter.gif


"Get 'im!!" The Imp squeaks causing the 3 to attack simultaneously, Red, with sword already drawn, makes one fell swoop and all three fall around him. "2,094... 2,095... 2,096..." Red says to himself, "I wonder how many more I should fight before I head back to town." "Oi! We're not done wit' chu!!" A deeper, but still squeaky, voice yells from behind him. "Huh?"


GreyImp.gif X 3 VS Fighter.gif


"Well now, this ought to be interes--" "GET 'IM!!" The Grey Imps yell, catching Red by surprize, O.o "Uh oh!" All 3 Grey Imps land on him dropping him to the floor, one Grey Imp grabs his arm as the other two are trying to pin him down by grabbing his legs. With 1 arm, Red tries to push himself up (Goal #1), gets about half way as the Imps weight combined prove to be too much. The Imps cackle and laugh as they pull out their daggers and start stabbing Red. "GAH! That's it!" Red grabs one Imp that's on his leg and moves his freed leg underneath him, he tries to stand using the one leg (Goal #2) When he gets upright, Red pulls out his sword and slashes one Grey Imp down. However the other two Grey Imps bit the arm holding the sword and Red drops it just a few feet from him. All 3 look at the sword and try to scramble for it! One Grey Imp grabs Red's Left leg causing him to fall over, while the other was grabbed by Red's Right Arm, keeping him in place while Red tries to reach for it with his other arm (Goal #3) "Grr... I know! That calls upon us, by the grace of Grace, We will perform in measure, time and place: So, thanks to all at once and to each one, Whom we invite to see us crown'd at Scone." The two Grey Imps stop confused at what Red said, using their momentary hesitation, Red frees his arm and leg, rolls towards his sword and slashes the two Grey Imps down! "Whew! That was a bit closer than I thought! What was the count again? 2,097... 2,098... 2,099... Hey, wait, I'm missing one!" Out from the bushes a single Imp makes a desperate attempt from behind, Red without even looking splits the Imp in two, "2,100!"



  1. 1-Arm Push-ups - On the final day, I did 3 attempts with each arm and with both arms I only got half-way with each arm, that's half of the goal intended, so half of the points will be awarded.  Str +1.5 = C
  2. Shrimp Squats - After initially doing them improperly, I've found that I could only do the Beginner version, in where I wouldn't grab my leg but I was still able to do at least 10 reps so the Str points will be awarded but only half of the Dex points because I couldn't do the proper leg-grabbing version. Str +2 Dex +1 = B
  3. 1-Arm 1-Leg Plank - The hardest part of this was the balancing, other than that it pretty much felt like a regular plank, so Dex points will be awarded, but when I attempted it today, I didn't last very long, so I'll take away 1 Sta point. Dex +2 Sta +2 = B+
  4. Reading Macbeth - I finished it 3 days ago, it was really interesting, the ending is not as confusing as the beginning, but I've gotta admit, the language is something else. But all that aside, goal completed all Wis points awarded! Wis +3 = A

I've realized that there were days when I didn't take every opportunity to exercise when I had a chance to, so that's something to think about for the next challenge. Granted, there will always be things in the way, but I should be more opportunistic about it. In either case, This challenge went well!


Total: 2 + 3 + 3.5 + 4 = 80% B


Level 25 Final Fantasy Rebel

My Epic Quest | My Journey | Currently on the Trial of Orthos
Str: 60 | Dex: 23 | Sta: 66 | Con: 28 | Wis: 55 | Cha: 14

Goals for 2021:

  • Build my brother a Destiny 2 Lamp
  • Learn how to do a Handstand
  • Play 1 song on the acoustic guitar
  • Clean up the Christmas Decorations and finish setting up my apartment (hang things up, plus some other few things that need to be organized)
  • Re-introduce Pull-ups into my routine
  • Build a shelving unit next to my Desk

"No matter what, if you can hold your head up high, you've done the right thing."

"When you stand with your family, your family stands with you."

"Write what needs to be written."

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Goal #1:

Your choice! As a
robot assassin I will take any orders and do my best to fulfil them. For
variety reason, I will chose one new order every week. If you want to
do a PVP, I'll be your robot! So, who will give me my first order? :D


Ok, that was seriously fun.

1# stretching with Norgaard. Not only I did some stretching everyday
during the first week, but I kept doing them for 3 whole week. I stopped
doing them daily when I was sick, now I do them 3 times a week only.

=> 100%


#2: Handstand with Aeryn. It really gave me the push I needed to work
on my handstand. Now I can kick my way up so easily compared to before,
and I feel like I'm not far away from a free handstand. so yay! One miss
during week #2 but I kept up doing handstand at least 3 times a week
(often more)

=> 90%


#3: Climbing with Twilson.spqr. I was supposed to solve 5 new problems
but only solved 3, but! I solved a new V3 problem because of this
challenge, so I'll grade myself

=> 80%


Week #4: meh, flu :( I was supposed to run away frem KW but barely managed to do anything.

=> 60%


Week #5: rest!


#6: Isometrics with Church. Because of that I did some handstand almost
everyday, my max were 45s - 30s - 35s - 30s - 40s - 0s - 30s

Need to work on that more!

=> 75%


Total for this goal: 81% Grade B



Clean and hydrate my face twice a day.
I'm almost 35 and still have an awful teenager skin, it's dry and
greasy in the same time and even if I have no wrinkles yet I may have to
remember that they may appears one day or another. Twice a day will be
tricky because I have very little time in the morning (breakfast for 2 +
2 lunchboxes to prepare in less than 20 minutes, graaah) but I'll have
to find the time. Definitely!

100% completion for the
evening, the morning are just a no-no. I can't prioritize cleaning my
face over making/taking breakfast. I skipped 9 mornings, so I will give
myself a grade B
. In any cases, I haven't noticed much improvements on my skin. I need to try something else!



Violin. I need to be more constant in my training. I skip way too many days. I don't ask myself much: 10 minutes minimum per day.

I started very strong, but then got ill then lazy. So in total I skipped 9 days. That's 79% completion so Grade B


Life Goal:

Supplement experiment.
I'm not in a good health, I feel tired all the time, sometimes dizzy,
always anxious, prone to insomnia but thanks to Paleo, I don't have
daily nightmares anymore \o/. Frankly, my diet is not so bad already but
I want to try taking some vitamin and supplement for a while to make sure that I'm not missing anything.

I should really stop avoiding going to see the doctors. I need to go to
the dentist, I need to see my gynaecologist, I'm not a kid any more godamnit!


A. I took some magnesium and Iron supplement every morning. With a
change of Iron supplement in the middle of the challenge. If I didn't
notice any improvement with magnesium, Iron had some effects on my
anxiety. So it's really good to know. No appointment taken though :x



Grade for the challenge: B

Nuala, level 13 Robot mistress of pain, Assassin Guild leader


First journey: The Rise and fall of an Assassin

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13

Second journey: Crawling back


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Copy/pasted from my thread:

Challenge Wrap Up. Goal 1: Clean up form on one arm push ups.Pass. Though still a work in progress. I tested this morning, and I can do at least 1 on each arm with FAR better form than I could before. I didn't go to failure or anything, so I don't know how far I could do this. But the goal was to begin cleaning up my form and I feel I have done that. Now to make use of my new one arm push up powers! +4 STRGoal 2: Improve Cardio.Pass. Even though I TOTALLY forgot to set bench marks for this one. I did a round of tabata the other day, and while being brutal and hateful, it wasn't HALF as bad as it used to be. And a few days ago I ran somewhere around 2 km with my 40 lbs vest on. I could have kept going, but I wanted to start the rest of my workout :D +4 STAGoal 3: Improve Mobility.Fail. I have to call this a total fail, because I went into this challenge with this as a 'habit forming' goal, but stretched myself so thin on everything else that 4 times out of 5 I even forgot that stretching was a thing. So this challenge, #5, is the first one where Church didn't pass with 100%. This goal will definitely be in the next challenge. And It'll be a BIG one.Life Goal: Find the Magic.Pass. The goal for this one was to get out of my comfort zone and do two (2) things that I don't normally do: Bouldering and swimming. And I did both. Now unfortunately I am not home enough to make it a regular thing, but when I come home, I will be more likely to do these things in the future. +4 CHAThis was a good challenge. On the whole I feel pretty good about how things went. I would have liked to see more progress on everything, but for some reason I got caught up in a rather complicated program and somehow things just went sideways. Next time around I'm going to have to keep it simple, and hit HARD on specific areas. Preliminary ideas for next challenge, I'm thinking re-ignite my friendship with the barbell, do yoga, and a few other things. Not 100% certain on all the details yet. Luckily I have a week to think about it ;)

"Oh, fear not in a world like this, And thou shalt know erelong, Know how sublime a thing it is, To suffer and be strong."  - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -

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End of Challenge... oi.. I started off better on this one then the last challenge for sure.. but I still continue to struggle with these challenges. I think i'm going to carry forward most of the goals. I know I have the ability to make this challenge more of a priority in my life and I know there are no excuses, I've been letting probably the most crazy busy period of my 6 and a half years at work derail me, lots of late nights, not following my schedule like I use to.. I think that is a goal I need to work on.. not allowing life to derail me from my goals.



Goals -


1 - Climbing Trees(2 St 3 Dex): Keeping it simple this challenge. Climb at least 3 trees a week.


D( 1 dex)  I started out good on this goal but then we started getting a ton of rain and snow and climbing trees became tough, then I got out of the habit


2 -  Parkour (2 St, 2 Dex 1 Con) -  For my parkour challenge I am not going to set a specific move goal this time, as those never seem to work out the right way anyways. This time it is simple. I want to set a goal for making it to parkour practice 4 out of the next 6 weeks on Saturdays and also personal practice at least one morning a week.


D( 1 con)  weather, goruck minis and other issues I used to get away from training! I'm carrying this goal forward because the one time I did go I loved it and it reminded me how much I like getting out there and doing Parkour with the youngins... now I only wish I had the responsibilities of a 18 year old lol.


3 - Food Goal( 3 Con) - I'm going to continue with my food challenge from last month, however instead of attempting to only eat food from home, which is near impossible in my job.. I want to first start out with making better food choices while I'm out in the field. I'm going to grade this daily. 


C ( 1 Con) I did pretty decent on this goal especially at the beginning. I definitely feel I made an improvement from the last two challenges I tried this. I'm not sure whether I'm going to carry this through or try for a more simple goal like doing Handstands again.


4 - Weekly Work Plan (2 Wis) I'm going to continue the life goal from last time with the weekly work plan for my personal time. This is something I do at work to good effect and I'd like to do for my personal time as well, what little isn't already scheduled. I'd like to be able to take more control of my free time to see that my goals are met and I spent less time wasting time away. 


 F  Ironically I did not think about the WWP at all until just last night I came up with some times on the schedule I'd like to keep haha. These past 6 weeks my WORK weekly work plan barely got done let alone my life one.

Assassin: Rank: 6 (Disciple) STR: 10 DEX: 20 STA: 7 CON: 6 WIS: 6 CHA: 5
"Though one may conquer a thousand times a thousand men in battle, yet he indeed is the noblest victor who conquers himself." - Buddha
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 I hereby declare that I will not let a change of surroundings keep me from my life goals. I just moved away from an awesome crossfit gym where I had not only a place to work out but top notch support and trainers. But I refuse to let myself wallow.


For the next 6 weeks I will:

  • Keep a daily food and exercise log(aiming for total Paleo and crossfit style)
  • Level up my pull up abillty - be able to do more than 1 unassisted
  • Level up my handstand pushups - do full strict and kipping HSPUs




Goal #1 - I did the logging faithfully... and learned a lot about myself and my habits in the process. 

grade - A 

WIS 5 (I was going to split this with CHA but didn't actually lose weight in the process so only WIS this time)


Goal #2 - Pull ups remain my nemesis... 

I did work on them every week, even though unassisted remain just beyond my reach, it is so close I can taste it

grade - C because I Am improving, just not as quickly as I'd like

DEX 2.5


Goal #3 - Handstand Pushups

hm somehow these just fell off the chart after the first couple weeks.

Grade - F I should have kept after them - no improvement



Thankfully beginnings can happen as many times as we need them to.

THis challenge helped me transition my training from gym based to self motivated. SO even though I didn't reach all my goals I feel like it has been successful. I didn't wallow in self pity and quit training just because I can't do it where i used to. Plus I got to meet a whole crowd of awesome people!!!

YAY for Assassins!!


Lvl 6 Hobbit Assassin

"Obstacles can't stop you, problems can't stop you. Most of all, other people can't stop you. Only you can stop you. " – J. Gitomer

"A vision of a champion is someone who is bent over drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when no one else is watching. "– Anson Dorrance

My kick in the Pants, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5


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Wow, this was a fast 6 weeks, I didn’t realize the time was up!


Goal- To be able to do 65 push ups/17 pull ups by the end of the challenge. Baseline was 52 push ups, 14 pull ups.  

Result- I did my pull up push up test last night and did 19 pull ups & 66 push ups! So I get an A+ grade and +3 STR.


Goal- Get in 5 workouts per week of any combination. Run, yoga, body weight strength. (With only 2+ yoga workouts allowed during one week)


Result- My workout log shows I averaged 5 workouts per week over the 6 weeks. I had one week with a 4 workout week, but one with 6 workouts too. So I’m going to call it an A-. I didn’t use the yoga clause but a couple times my “workout†was static holds and core work. Although not a sweat inducing effort, my ability to hold crow, handstand/headstand and hollow body all grew easier so I’m going to give myself full credit. +2 STR, +2 DEX, +1 STA

Goal- Wean myself of added sugar to my coffee.


Result- I am happy to say I can drink my coffee black. I haven’t added sugar to any coffee in over a week and I don’t miss it. Grade A and +3 CON


Level up Life Goal- Home remodeling project, three steps to be completed. Step 1-clean and create a large open area in the basement. Step 2-Move all items stored in the back room to basement. Toss anything not used. Step 3-Purchase building materials for project

Result- My Level up life goal only made it thru 2 of 3 steps, so that’s a +3 total, +2 CHA. +1WIS. Grade wise I’ll give myself a B as the bulk of the hard work was done, purchasing the materials will be easy.


Overall for the Challenge I will give myself an A- since my level up life goal brought me down slightly. This was a lot of fun and helped me stick to my workouts.


rybo, level 4 Human assassinSTR 16|DEX 7.5|STA 9|CON 12|WIS 8.5|CHA 5 

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 Okay, this is how I think things went for me this challenge:



My fitness goals were:

- Complete Ocean Flow(rolling transitions) levels via fast forward.+2 DEX +1 STR: This objective went along nicely :3 I had an odd day or two where I didn't do the flow phase that followed the previous one, but I  did manage to complete the flow with about 2 or so weeks to spare. Rank: A

- Complete Seesaw Flow(core stability) levels via fast forward.+1 STR +1 DEX: This didn't go as planned. I was really lazy to actually perform this flow until about 4 days ago or so, and I have just begun anyway, so, this was a failure. Rank:F

-Perform for 14 minutes the shovelglove Sealed Sledgehammer routine(use a wrapped in cloth sledgehammer to do imaginary farming tasks) upon waking up.+1 CON +1 STR: This was another victory :3, I even shortened the workout enough to be completed in less than 5 minutes while keeping it tough on the arms and core. Rank: A

-Work on the hollow body position and possibly handstands +2 STR +2 STA: Welp, handstands are more difficult than I thought, I can hold the hollow body pose for a minute 5 times, which is the sweetspoot Ryan-sensei from GMB recommends. The handstands are tougher since I have trouble finding the sweetspot for holding them. Rank: A


Gained a level from this challenge and, got these stat bonuses: +2 DEX +5 STR +1 CON +2 STA

Sneaky Goblin Assasin


Level 2

STR :7DEX:4STA :4CON :6 WIS :2 CHA :2 

Everything can be a challenge :3

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