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Druids report!


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OK, this is a lame final report :nevreness: but I would much rather spend my time setting up my system for the next challenge.  I learned a lot during this challenge about what works and what doesn't work for me.  I am so excited about the next 6 weeks.


Overall Challenge Results:

Goal 1 - A

Goal 2 - A (yeah!)

Goal 3 - C+

Goal 4 -  27 pages out of 36 goal = 75% - I'll give myself a C there


My attribute points to spread:

Goal 1 (cardio)  STA +3  DEX +1 (achieved all)

Goal 2 (strength)  STR +2  STA +1 (achieved all)

Goal 3 (eating plan)  CON +3 (achieved 2 con)

Goal 4 (dissertation)  WIS +4  CHA +1 (achieved 2 wis)

Bravo!! And I hear you about focussing more ahead....

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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