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I'm probably younger than most people on this site. I'm in college, but I've been out of my shape for most of my life. A year or two ago, I joined a gym that offered some circuit training classes, which really boosted my fitness level, but I'm no fitness pro. I've since grown weary of having to go and suck from the teet of the great, bloated cow that is the franchise gym. I want to learn what the trainers there know and be able to take control of my own fitness, rather than relinquishing control to them. I'm hoping I can learn from this site and from it's members. I'd greatly appreciate it if you would all allow me to extensively pick your brains, because I have a lot to learn.

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We are all willing to help.


What specifically would you like to learn? Do you have a goal/dream in your head that you want to accomplish?

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I do want to lose fat, but my biggest goal is to learn how to keep myself fit, rather than having to seek out and pay someone to tell me how to exercise and eat. In essence, I want to adopt a healthy lifestyle rather than having on for 1 hour a day at the hands of someone else. Even if I'm out of town, I want to be able to know enough to give myself a good workout in a hotel room if I need to, and know what to eat.


P.S. I know it took more than a while for me to respond. Not off to a good start, but I plan to devote myself to this during the summer.

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Welcome! We'd all be happy to let you pick our brains and help you learn. There are plenty of great posts and as always the great Google can get you some good links too. 


Being fit is actually pretty easy to do though. Simply avoiding things like junk food and soda (hell you can still have one every once and a while) and regular physical activity like walking down the block to the store are pretty good starts. 

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