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Getting into shape for Parkour

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I'm new here and i want to get into parkour. I don't know what exercises i should put emphasis into but i do:

Inclined Push ups, squats, handstands and pull ups.

Can you guys let me know if i need to improve anything in my workout or if i need to add some exercises? I would really appreciate anyone's help. Thanks.   :pride:

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I'm pretty good at pushups of all kinds, okay at pullups, and very happy with my squats, but 4-limbed movement just lays me out- bear crawls, gorilla walks, cat running, up and down stairs on four limbs with head facing down the stairs.  It also increases your proprioception for bearing weight on your arms.


They aren't very professional videos, but the Tapp Brothers have some good ideas for how to train for parkour.  

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