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PAX East 2013

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Anyone going to PAX East in March? I heard in the chat room that a few forum members might be going but I was just curious to see who all is planning on attending!



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I'm not actually going, but I live just north of the city and can easily meet up with people afterwards if people want to hit up a bar somewhere.

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I will be there all three days. Haven't been on NF for a long time, but still working out and playing games.


I also plan to be at the Westin on Thursday night, and was thinking of going to Drink for a cocktail or two on the way over at around 5 (hopefully before it gets too packed) if anyone's interested.

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I could do Thursday, closer to 7, but I wonder if a lot of people won't be in town until Friday.


I haven't actually gotten tickets, but I would join a meet up.  Maybe
Sunday brunch/lunch, if that's a more relaxed day for people?  Or would
Friday be better so people might make friends to possibly see around at
the conference?  I don't want to take away from your gaming time, but
that might be a cool time to meet Bostonians and visitors alike :D

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I won't be at PAX East but I work in Government Center and live west of Boston so I'm up for meeting up with people for drinks if you're cool with a non-gamer in your midst :)

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Nick, do you have any idea how crowded the Westin was going to be? I took Friday off from work, so was going to try and get into one of the pre-PAX gaming events, but kind of assumed the Westin was going to be packed. 


As for drinks, I'm totally on board if people want to meet up beforehand. I've never been to Drink, so I'm always in for new watering holes. I can probably be there a little after 5 if I time it right. 

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I don't have tickets and a job I have to work at Friday morning, so Thursday wouldn't be the best for me, but drinks Friday or Saturday still sounds like a good time.  Then I can experience PAX vicariously through everyone that was smart and planned ahead to get tickets...

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Well I know I'm committed to going to some concerts at this point. The best thing for me would be if there were people at the con who wanted to meet up for coffee/lunch one of the days just cause I'm going with such a big group that we normally go storming castles and parties in the evenings. 

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Last year the Westin definitely got packed on Thursday, but this year someone worked out a deal with the Westin to officially open up a lot more space (300 seats), and there is also a game night at the Marriott Long Wharf, so hopefully it won't be as jammed. If you get there by 7-8 I am thinking there should still be room.


Drink is a cocktail bar, and I think the cocktails are like $12, but the bartenders are serious and you can get some awesome drinks there. Last year I had something killer with Apple Brandy. If that is not up people's alley, we could also meet up for dinner somewhere in the general area, but I will probably go to Drink first either way.


Anyone looking to meet up it would help to list your twitter handle. I know last year it was a bit of a last minute scramble to find people. Mine is @NBHausman.

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Oh yeah, I didn't mean to suggest I can only do Thursday. The problem with meeting for a meal during actual PAX besides people being busy gaming or whatever, is that all the nearby restaurants are overflowing with PAXers.


Chinatown is one option (did that last year with TinMan), or somewhere else downtown farther from the BCEC, or going at an off time (early dinner).


Looking at what people posted so far, it looks like Friday evening would accommodate the most people who expressed interest. If anyone wants to take charge and organize something, the earlier we get it planned, the more likely it is to happen. 

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