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'120 Tips on Strength Training for Women' - JOKE

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So, as most of you ladies already know, finding articles on lifting or strength training can be hard to find. And sometimes the ones you find aren't quite accurate or what you were looking for.


And then there's articles like this one: http://bretcontreras.com/strength-training-for-women/


Is this guy serious?!  Here are some of the 'tips' from this guys article:


-Most women think there’s some magic fitness secret out there and
therefore try to juggle every fitness methodology under the sun, which
results in being mediocre at a variety of things rather than highly
skilled in one or just a few areas


-Women in general complain about pain more frequently than men (by the
way, the notion that women have higher pain tolerances than men is not
supported in the literature)


-It is common for women, however, to have poor ankle mobility – just as it is for men


-Women often bring drama to the gym and have more trouble detaching from everyday life-struggles when training


Seriously guy? As if going to the gym wasn't hard enough!  :nightmare:

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I love his complaint that women wear pink.  Especially since I just got nauseatingly pink lifting shoes.  I will now wear them with even more pride.  SUCK IT, DUDEBRO!


Also, his comment about grunting kind of made me do this:




Clearly dude has not heard an actual lady doing actual pleasure moaning while in bed.  They don't really sound alike, at least in my experience.  My weight lifting grunts definitely sound more like a kiap in taekwondo.  I think Mr. Shoshie would be quite alarmed if I made that sound while we were having sexy times.  O_O

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I also like his "the literature supports this" with absolutely no citations. Some points, I'm just wondering what literature he read? Because it's probably not anything generally accepted or from a good journal. 


Ex. The whole insomnia thing. Women are MUCH more likely to experience it than men (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/insomnia/DS00187/DSECTION=risk-factors), which I've known for years due to having chronic insomnia. And anecdotally, the men I know are much more likely to complain about it than women.

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Actually, my favorite is "Women differ anatomically compared to men".  Wonder how long he had to be a trainer to notice that?


Yes, women are anatomically different! Amazing! And our lower center of balance and wide hips make us better at Olympic lifts than men. So suck it dude. :D

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Wow...I just scanned through the article, but seriously dude...There were a few legitimate points in there, but I just couldn't get past the rampant stereotyping and misogyny...

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Based on the comments here I think I'll give the whole article a pass. I don't need the angst dealing with that sh*t today. :)


Out of sorts with a very very sick hubby and doing all the farm work by myself which takes me more than twice as long. And on top of that I re-injured my back and am very sore and having problems lifting hay bales so feeding the sheep takes even longer. 

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there are some things there are so laughablely true it's just why did you bother to take the time to type it....


and then the rest of it.  bitch please.  


And yeah- pink makes it's rounds. So what. So does black and blue.  I fail to see how that has anything to do with the way anyone trains. 


..... and my only final thought was back to a recent experience.  I was at the gym- doing whatever- I don't know. And I hear this god awful ohhhhohhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  very porn style moaning.


And I"m looking around trying to figure this out.  And this goes on for maybe 15-20 seconds (which on an open floor of freeweight lifting- is a Loooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time)


and Suddenly I realize it's one of the train- doing an upright bench.   Moaning like a female porn star the whole time.  needless to say- much shit was given that day for such nonsense   


I grunt- no question about it- but it's completely different.  


what a wackjob.

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Did this dude just wake up and realise that male and female hormones are different? Maybe he just discovered bewbs.


I grunt when I do deadlifts - which is usually higher poundage than most guys at my gym can lift. So in HIS face. lol.

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I think some of his points are valid, like the "quick fix" thing. There's a coworker of mine who is always looking for the quick fix. I didn't talk to her directly, but I heard a rumor that she was doing a "purple diet", meaning you can eat whatever you want as long as it's purple. Gummi bears? No problem! Purple ketchup? No problem!! It was pretty bizarre. Especially since purple is kind of rare in the natural world. The only real example I can think of is eggplant, and that's really just the skin.


That being said, a lot of this article is crap. But I think his article was titled poorly. It should have been like "One dude's observations" instead of "Lifting tips for women" or whatever it is. There weren't really any "tips" in there, just comments about women in general. Also, one of the comments on the article talked about the pink workout clothes thing. She brought up a valid point - it's really hard to find nice workout clothes (including shoes) that don't contain pink. I bought a grey t-shirt and the logo on it is pink. My shoes are mostly grey with pink laces. 

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That's why I buy men's shoes... bc the wominzs ones are ALWAYS some ridiculous color and usually pink- or pale blue or something equally offensive to my gothic tastes. 

I'd rather wear all black than half those ridiculous colors they produce- and they always make black stuff  :pride:

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Awhile ago, Jezebel posted a hilarious story about this exact article. It will make you feel much better after reading the dudebro's list of "scientific observations."

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Some half decent points, but my personal favourite is:


"However, many women lack the fortitude and dedication to ever see incredible results from lifting due to “being a lifter†rather than “being a student of weight liftingâ€"


I also love how he complains about women saying "they say" without saying who "they" are yet he's talking about literature supporting or not supporting X without providing any proof!


"Women don’t tend to care as much about science and research – anecdotes are often sufficient for evidence" Um, what?!


"Some women make sexual-sounding grunts when lifting; men grunt but it doesn’t sound sexual" I seriously beg to differ! There are two older gentlemen at my gym who always grunt as if they were in bed...


This whole thing makes me facepalm.


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