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Aeryn's Spring Challenge


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Good work! The juggling festival sounds awesome! Speaking as a generally clumsy person, I have great admiration for anyone who can manage this kind of stuff...

Great job on the stretching and spring cleaning too! I need to get back into regular stretching. I love how it feels I just don't take the time I should for it

Also that pull up is right around the corner for you!! I can tell :)

Thanks! Juggling's just a matter of practice - pretty much anyone who can throw and catch a ball can juggle, with enough persistence. Stretching is definitely one of those things I tend to skip if it's not required as a goal, so this challenge helped with that. And I really hope that pull-up is going to happen! Though I realized I've been thinking of it as an end point, which it really won't be - more of a new starting point for harder things!


Great job this challenge as always!! Keep up the excellent work :)

Thanks! You've done a great job too!


Nice challenge!  Some goals take longer than 6 weeks and that's ok.  Looking forward to seeing your next one unfold:)

Thank - yeah, I learned really early on that while I like the six-week challenges, a lot of my goals take longer than that (freakin' push-ups). So the challenges are good for keeping me on track, but I try not to attach too much success/failure to specific achievements. They'll happen eventually.


YAY, glad to see success!  But there wasn't much doubt about it!

Thanks! There's always doubt in my mind, but I'm competitive enough that the challenge format makes me want to do my absolute best.


Great work! I'm sure you'll continue to build on your progress from this challenge and hit the pistol and pull up soon. :)

Thanks! They're definitely both progressing, just... slowly.


Great goals and great progress on them. Again, you are an inspiration. 

And thanks for your kind words on my thread, they are always appreciated.

Thanks! I love seeing what other people are doing and struggling with. Even if they're crazy people who like running. :)


Great job, Aeryn!! I'm glad to see that you've done so well in your challenge!

Thanks, Red! Loved your competition with the Bard this time around - looking forward to seeing the next one!


The stretching goals are really inspiring, because that's an area of fitness that I'm so bad at I haven't even attempted yet... *makes notes for the next challenge* Thanks for the motivation and great job on the challenge! 

Hah, stretching has always been one of those things I kind of ignore - using it as a challenge goal was the only way I could make myself do it. :)


Great job!  Are you planning on continuing those goals that you haven't "finished" next challenge?

Thanks! I am definitely continuing on the pull-up and pistol goals. I think 5-ball juggling work may drop back down the priority list again, just because it looks like I'm going to have to devote a LOT more time to it to progress, and I'd rather use that time on other things. House projects will still happen, though likely not as an actual goal.


Swam yesterday, and made my best 100 time yet - 1:20. I'm calling this a deload week, so swimming is all I'm doing, and it's amazing how different swimming feels when I'm not sore from a bodyweight workout the day before!

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Thanks! 25 yard pool, actually. Lotsa flip turns.


Having a pool available is a huuuuge perk of my job, one that I didn't take advantage of for the first 2 years I worked here. Once I got my act together, though, it's become the central consistent point of my whole healthier-me thing. I love swimming - not competitively, I'm not fast enough to do well, and I'm too competitive to compete in something I'm not good at... if that makes any sense. But just swimming for distance/the hell of it/because it feels good - that's why I've kept up with it.

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25, huh?  Oy!  Great 100 time, then!


The not good enough to compete because you're too competitive thing TOTALLY makes sense.  It's why I don't battle my wife in Tetris... ;)


I swam competitively in high school (and played water polo) and I MISS it so much.  It's just not feasible for me to take off to go swimming right now (one of the benefits of home workouts is that I can "babysit" my son at the same time), but someday I'll jump back in again.


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Bah, amphibians!  Evolve already!!  (Sorry about that, I can swim well enough to run out of bubbles at the bottom of the pool...)

Hah. I'll stick to my frog-like ways, thanks. Running is one of my least favorite things. :)

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Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. - Goethe

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Congrats on your challenge Aeryn! Way to be consistent and work through those project areas that could always be taken care of ....eventually :)

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