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Introducing Myself

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Hello everyone, I´m a 24 year old dude from Mexico, starting my battle against the dark side.... of myself.

I guess if I had to name a moment when I changed to the dark side it has to be about one year ago... I went through a really difficult break up which had the best for me for a couple of months... then in turned to an on and off breakup, you know how it goes, just bringing myself a little closer to that red lightsaber each time something new happened with the ex, really sh***y.

It all fell apart a couple of months ago and I began boozing heavily, just getting into all kind of problems and making myself feel more miserable each day, I was completely on the wrong path.

A couple of weeks ago there was a turning point in my life, me and my family had a kind of sit down where I was basically given an ultimatum... get my stuff together or beat it.

To be quite honest, I had never been more scared in my life. I was basically without control of myself for a while.... but thanks to the force I´ve began to turn it around.

I joined a local gym, started swimming, eating right, quit drinking completely and basically just giving a brighter face to life. I´ve lost 5 pounds already and I´m feeling great about myself lately.

I decided to name this day the first one of my new life... today I had my first weight session in a couple of years (used to play football) and I feel sore as hell but you know what...it feels good.

I´ve felt more alive in the past couple of weeks than in the last couple of months before that.... all that not remembering last night, waking up in different beds..... those are just the paths to the dark side.

I commit myself to the rebellion and here is my first log of Food & Exercise of many to come, I promise...

Currently: 240 Pounds (Target: 220 Punds by May 31 (B-Day))


BF: Tangerine Juice & 2 Sausages

L: Minestrone Soup & Fish

D: All Bran & Banana

(I´m kind of lost with the good food vs bad food stuff... so any recommendations are extremely welcome)


3 km Run & 40 min weight session (Chest, Biceps, Triceps... upper body )

Thank you & que la fuerza los acompañe, amigos!

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Hey Rolben

!Bienvenidos al rebelion!

Dude, don't beat yourself up too much for what happened in the past - it's over with, and it made you who you are today. Had that stuff not happened, you might not have had this moment of clarity where you turned your life around, ya know?

Good things are coming to you, I can feel it.

Welcome to the boards, you should be proud for what you've accomplished recently. Stick with it hombre, and take care of business!


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Thanks for the good wishes, they are really appreciated

My past is the fuel that keeps this man going..... but believe, your comments are the best form of inspiration I can imagine, I´m really glad I found this website.

Rock on

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