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I've had days like that. I'm not accomplishing anything, just skating by, barely managing to keep afloat. I bet if you look back at some of your numbers from a few months ago you'll say "holy cow! I can't believe that what constitutes a half hearted warm up now would have killed me just a few months ago! 0.o"

"Oh, fear not in a world like this, And thou shalt know erelong, Know how sublime a thing it is, To suffer and be strong."  - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -

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To get something you've never had, you have to become someone you've never been.

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Harken to my words, oh Padwan, and you will pierce the veil of illusion and grasp truth.  I have observed that your generation has determined that if a thought is not filled with a joyful expression of optimism it is vile and repugnant. <Sigh>  The follies of youth.  Take heed of the example of your elders and wallow in your misery!  Furthermore, voice your trials loudly that all may hear and suffer with you.  Misery shared is misery halved!  And bringing misery to others brings joy to you:)


Ok, that probably wasn't helpful.  But hopefully it made your smile:)  I think my point was that sometimes life does suck no matter how hard you try to put a shine on it.  No faults for calling a turd a turd.  And if you share the experience with us we can pitch in and help you feel better.


Here's a tip about the speeding ticket, and I was a cop for awhile, so this might just work for you.  When you see the blue lights behind you, pull into a parking lot or off the side of the road, get out of your car in a serious hurry, pop your hood, and start messing with your throttle.  And curse loudly at your car.  When the officer approaches you and asks you what's going on, tell him distractedly as you continue to work on your throttle that "your (insert your favorite adjective) throttle stuck".  Whether or not he believes you, you've made his otherwise boring shift (you know its been boring because he had nothing better to do than stop you) fun, and he might cut you some slack.  If not, you've at least given him a good laugh and the encounter will be more fun for both of you.  Regardless, he will probably record your comments on your ticket report so if you decide to go to court you can say the same thing and his own evidence will corroborate it.  Of course you will probably have to have a friend who is a mechanic write you a bill for repairs made to your throttle so you can submit it as additional evidence...


On another note.  Many career middle management types like to hit their favorite watering hole on the way home from work.  If this is the case, then, should you find yourself in the parking lot as they leave the favorite watering hole and get into their car, it would be your civic duty to report his license number, vehicle description, personal description, and direction of travel to the authorities because drivers that have been drinking have been known to seriously injure, if not kill innocent motorists.  I know I would thank you if it were the lives of my family that you saved with your report.


Yes, sometimes the dark is filled with a brilliant light that warms the soul...


Seriously?  I hope some of this made you smile:)


Always remember, "this too shall pass".

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"Hold my beer and watch this..."

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