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Chanda: Making it Effortless II


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Congratulations, Chanda - that's an excellent set of results.  Special congratulations on the weight loss - that's outstanding.


I don't think you need to feel bad about the Accountibilibuddies group.  I don't think that it neccesarily means posting a lot.  I find it difficult to post generic "well done you!" comments unless I think someone's being hard on themselves, but I'm better when I have something to say, or add, or suggest, or something like that.  I think also it's about knowing that there are people reading along, even if they're not always posting regularly.  I think as an idea it works really well for Adventurers because individuals can get lost in such a large guild and having a small team of people to focus on really helps.  I'd imagine in smaller guilds like the Druids and Scouts that's less of an issue.  But speaking personally I'd be very glad to be in any group with you in it for future challenges :)

 Level 4 Human Adventurer / Level 4 Scout, couch to 5k graduate, six time marathon finisher.



Current 5k Personal Best: 22:00 / 21:23 / 21:13 / 21:09 / 20:55 / 20:25 (4th July 17)

Current 5 mile PB: 36:41 35:27 34:52 (10th May 17)

Current 10k PB: 44:58 44:27 44:07 44:06 43:50 (29th June 17)

Current Half Marathon PB: 1:41:54 1:38:24 1:37:47 1:37:41 (14th June 15)

Current Marathon PB: 3:39:34 3:29:49 (10th April 16)


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Thanks! I'll be checking out the reports and updates tomorrow... now its time for sleep!


Just wanted to let you know that I agree, it is a strange feeling... in a good way. Ultimately it is not about the weight. I do love numbers and weight is easy to track. What it really is about is how we fit we are and how we feel. The other day I went shopping for clothes and realized I fit much better into clothes. Now I don't have to buy whatever happens to fit me (and I only half like). I can be choosy and look for things I really like. That was an awesome feeling. I had no idea how much those 10kg where dragging me down. I have a spring in my step. I am more active. I am happier. Right now I feel better than I have felt in a long time! 



How well put.

And it sounds like you also enjoy paying attention to what you wear, choosing and selecting. Reading this made me smile so much.

Looking back I can see that in the beginning of 2012 weighed about 83 kilos. I was ill as well, and didn't recognize myself nor my body. I do now and it is a good feeling. Here's to us!

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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