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Hello everyone!  I'm new here.  I just stumbled across this challenge while googling fitness-related things (which I tend to do whenever I feel like I should do something for my health, because researching is easier than exercising); since the timing is perfect, I figure I might as well give it a shot.


About me: 26, vegetarian, grad student, tall, relatively slim but in terrible shape.  Nerd at heart, if not in habit.


My goals:


1.  Go to at least 12 fitness classes (mostly barre and hot yoga) over the next 6 weeks.  Ideally I'd like to go to two per week, but I know I won't be able to go to any over spring break, so I'm giving myself some room to maneuvre.


2.  Do at least 15 minutes of yoga, stretching and/or dance on days when I don't go to a fitness class.  Dancing at the bar will count, of course.  I'm hoping to be able to touch my toes by the end of the challenge...


3.  Eat at least three servings of vegetables per day.  Keeping track will probably be the real challenge.


4.  Work my way through the first three sessions of Learn and Master Guitar (lessons on DVD).  I did this before (around five years ago), but I've forgotten almost everything.  Students are expected to spend around 2-3 weeks on each session; I'm hoping to progress relatively quickly, since I've done them before.

Tomorrow I'll do an initial weigh-in (I'm not too concerned about losing weight, but it might be interesting to see what happens).  I might even post a picture...

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you!

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Welcome, MarieClare!


I'm in a pretty similar situation. Actually, your self-description sounds just like mine, except I usually use the adjectives "squishy" or "floppy."


Your weigh-in should be really interesting if you haven't been working out before you started this challenge. I know I was surprised when the number went way up at first, even though my clothes were fitting better. I had no idea how much muscle mass I could put on in just a few weeks. So, if you're anything like me, try not to be intimidated if the scale surprises you! 


You might want to take some measurements, too. It's especially reassuring if that scale number looks scary.

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Hey!  Nice to meet you two.  :)


This is harder than I thought it would be...


Day 1: Weighed in at 145, ate at least three servings of vegetables.  Didn't exercise (unless head-bobbing for four hours at a hip hop show counts), didn't play the guitar.


Day 2: I don't think I even managed the vegetables.  More head-bobbing at another hip hop show; no real exercise.


Day 3: Another all-around failure, although I suppose I still have a few hours to go...


I'm tempted to give up since I've "already failed", but I'm going to see if I can get on track.

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NOPE! No giving up for you!


You haven't failed. You are learning. You can turn it around right now, and tomorrow is a brand new day. Do some stretches tonight -- even if it's just for a few minutes before bed -- and meet tomorrow head-on. 


And remember:


"You can think you can't, or think you can, and either way, you're right."

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If you do not change where you are headed, you will end up where you are going.

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Thanks, guys!  You've convinced me; today I dd my 15 mins of yoga/stretching, and now I'm munching on baby carrots.


The yoga was quite difficult for me...if I can comfortably do all of the downward dogs in that 10 minute routine by the end of this challenge, I'll be very happy.  I'm so weak and inflexible!


Also, as I sit here, my resting heart rate is around 74 BPM.  I'd like to see that go down to 70 (I think it used to hover around 60, back when I was relatively fit...).


I hope you're all off to a better start!

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I figure I might as well post some (very approximate) measurements:


Height: 5'10.5

Waist: 29.5"

Love handles/low belly: 35.5" (I'd like to see this go down)

Thigh: 21.75"

Bicep: 10.5" (of flab - I'd like my arms to be leaner and stronger)

Hips: 40.5" (I think I'd like this number to go up a bit)

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you can do it!  it wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy right? 


if it makes you feel any better at all - i'm trying to get into yoga myself. i've always thought i was fairly flexible - until i tried a pigeon pose yesterday -NOPE - not flexible.  i was def on the level w/the dvd noob ;)

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MarieClaire, I am wondering how you are doing?



Your goals are really good... and if you are struggling to keep up with them, its just more evidence that you need to change your lifestyle. 


I am always shocked when I encounter vegetarians who don't eat enough vegetables... its sounds like a contradiction! You will feel a lot better when you reach that particular goal. Even if you are getting just 1 more serving of veggies per day its still an awesome improvement.


Forget about the numbers, its about the change to your life... you have not failed. What was yesterday is gone. Now is today and what matters is what you do today. Start again, no matter how many times you fall off the wagon, stand up and start again... each thing you do for yourself is one step closer to where you want to be. 


I want to see you come back and say you rocked today!

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