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Darthgall's "inverted ranger" challenge...


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here we go.


Goal 1: Do a handstand for one minute

Starting point: can hold a HEADstand against a wall for a few seconds

Method: http://www.eatmoveimprove.com/2012/12/bodyweight-fitness-for-travellers-and-vagabonds-the-1-minute-handstand-2/


Goal 2: Ability to one set of 15 pullups

Starting point: can do 5 close-grip pullups

Method: continue with Convict Conditioning progression (currently on close-grip pullup step)


Goal 3: sprint once a week for conditioning

Starting point: sometimes sprint once a week, sometimes not.


Goal 4: Lose 10 pounds (down to 180 from 190-ish...)

Method: low carb, mostly paleo-ish diet



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Had a bad food weekend, but am back on track for today... one day at a time, right?


Sprints... not explicitly, but been playing soccer once a week, which involves lots of little sprints.


Handstands, improving. Pullups, imiproving... up to two sets of 8 close-grip pullups. Tough... just about maxes me out. Think I'll start working on close grip pullups with a 1-second hold at the top now...

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