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Florida Savage Race - April 13th


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I have become a mud run junkie!  I sign up for these things while I am still on the adrenaline rush from the previous one.  Then the week before the run I start to question my own sanity for signing up for these things. 


My latest break from sanity caused me to sign up for The Savage Race coming up in April just north of Tampa, FL.  Any other Nerd Fitness people attending?  If so would you be interested in signing up as a team to get the team discount?  Perhaps even meeting up before or after the run just to get to know other fitness minded nerds in the area?  Note:  Signing up as a team does not mean we have to run together, I am perfectly okay with being left in the dust by more fit team members.

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I'm in Lakeland (east of Tampa) for reference.  Not too interested in the mud run at this point.  Still looking for power lifting meets.

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Heath Bar,  Where are you coming from?  I'll be driving up from Naples.  Probably going to head up Friday night and stay in a hotel with friends or at my aunt's in Tampa then head north to the race in the morning.


Renegade, my workout class coach does bodybuilding competitions, but I don't think it's a so much a meet... just competing.  I'd imagine if you went to most any gym and worked out in the crazy heavy weights section that you would find other people that like to power lift.  If you are interested in the competitions I can ask him how he knows the whens and wheres for you.  He goes all around the south part of the state for them, over to Ft Lauderdale and up to Orlando and places inbetween.

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Bummer!  I found this thread too late, but let me know if you have another mud run planned after this (although I live NE FL, not SW).  I've never tried one, but it looks like fun.  The running part I have down.  The obstacle stuff...not so much.  But I'm getting stronger everyday, so hopefully by the next opportunity, I'll be ready!

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