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lexphoenix, Belle of the Ball - revised


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Heck yeah, posting more is good. We like hearing details! You did an awesome job this challenge!

Thanks, I've really appreciated the support from all of you along the way!


Great job this challege!

Thanks, rybo! And thanks for checking in on me. :)

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Congrats on your challenge, I clicked on autoregulation and sent ~2 hours reading through the GMB website, talk about an extreme assassin resource.

Paradox, Humor, Change



Level Four Half-Elf Ninja (Assassin/Monk)

Str: 15.25 l Dex: 12.25 l Sta: 10.25 l Con: 5 l Wis: 10 l Cha: 7


"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." -Albert Einstein

Ninja Gecko Profile / Battle Chronicles

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