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CrystalsMuse - 2nd Challenge - C25K + Body Weight Training


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Greetings, fellow Scouts!


2nd challenge, did well the last challenge, already lost 40 lbs, so I know I can do this.

This challenge will be pretty much like the last one.





I'll continue to do the C25K app 3x a week and get to running 1/2 a 5K by the end of the challenge. Bonus: Sign up for a 5K.

+5 STA


Body Weight Training

I have my own body weight training routine I made to do 3x a week on my non-run days. (Link to my routine here.) Bonus: Be able to do 10 regular push-ups. (I can't even do two.)

+2 STR

+2 STA



I've been doing Paleo and sugar free for 5 months. I vow to continue this and additionally not eat out or eat complex carbs for the next 6 weeks.

+3 CON



I homeschool my son (7 years old) and have been teaching him Spanish. I'd also like to learn French, so this will be the mental training.

+3 WIS


I log my daily food intake as well as exercise on the LoseIt Website and app



A progress picture for you. Before/During - 30lbs lighter.



And here's an awesome picture of leg progress during the last challenge 10 more lbs lighter (before is on the right, during on the left, sorry for the mix up):




I would like to lose 10 more lbs during these 6 weeks. I know I can do it!

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Awesome progress so far, keep on rocking!, you KNOW you can!


monkey scout

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I love your goals- can't wait to hear about your first 5k! Some of us find them a bit addicting! (ok maybe just me...)


Great progress so far!

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Going strong, CrystalsMuse! Love the pics!!!!


I'm with ya on the pushups... just graduated from my knees during the last challenge! ;)

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Sounds like you are doing awesome!  And I have to agree with Hammlin...races are addictive.  Definitely sign up for one.  It's very motivating not to skip a run when you're too tired/it's raining/insert excuse here when you know you have a deadline.  I'm actually doing a C25K program right now, too, although I've been running for about a year and a half (and just ran a 15K race last weekend).  I'm switching to barefoot/minimalist shoe running to hopefully head off an injury I've been running with for 6 months now.  I've heard you have to go slow when switching to barefoot, so I'm going back to the good ol' C25K.  So I'll be right in there with you! Your other goals sound great, too.  French should be fairly easy since you already have Spanish (there are a lot of similarities).  Just don't get them confused.  I haven't used either language much lately, and have started mixing Spanish words in with my French and vice versa.  Oops!

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