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Alright alright here it is already.. challenge 2. Yeesh. Pika24


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I'm finally posting challenge 2! YAY! Thanks for reading :D



I've been fully paleo for awhile now excluding dairy (and loving it) so my diet isn't really a challenge for me anymore day to day. Now I'm focusing more on mental / emotional health:

  • See therapist every other week. I'm coming up with personal goals with her in our sessions, so I'll add more details to this section later! +2 WIS


So much to try.. so little time!!

  • Stay on track with my half marathon training (April 14th - w00t!!). I'm up to 7 miles right now!! Run 3x / week with Saturdays focusing on increasing mileage (I think we're adding a mile every week now so I'll be up to 13 by the end of this challenge ;) ) +4 STA, +2 CON
  • Start swimming lessons Tuesday nights. I'm doing this one with my running partner. We are entertaining the thought of future triathalons and surfing lessons!! Can't wait! First lesson starts next week. +1 CHA, + 1 DEX
  • Cross fit 2x / week. Group meetings on Sunday mornings; once on my own per week. I haven't gone yet, so the workout specifics are TBD (please stay tuned!). +3 STR
  • Do at least one rollerskating lesson. Yes, I'm sure I'll be in there with a bunch of 5 year olds. But trying roller derby is a dream of mine (if somewhat silly) - why not go after it?? I'm only making this one lesson for this challenge since my other fitness goals will come first! +1 CHA


  • Won't use either credit card except in the case of an emergency. Debit card only!! +0.5 WIS
  • Track high-spending areas with Mint.com +0.5 WIS

Level 2 human airbender / adventurerSTR 2.9 | DEX 4 | STA 3 | CON 3 | WIS 3.7 | CHA 3


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You know learning to roller skate is important for roller derby, but it's more important to have a kick ass name!  Any thoughts on this?  How are your other goals going?

Level 1 Dwarven Adventurer


STR 3 |  DEX 2 |  STA 1 |  CON 2 |  WIS 4 |  CHA 3


"You must be proud, bold, pleasant, resolute, and now and then stab, as occasion serves."


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