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Chanda hits the road...

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I just posted this in my own challenge thread... but I figure I should look for some Scout input. :)


Just came home from my first official run/walk workout. I am planning to sign up for a 5.3km run in July. So I figure I better start getting my body used to running again. I previously trained for and run a half marathon (back in 2007), so I know all about training for long distance. This time around, I am training to increase my speed slightly... So this first outing is my starting point. Which is why I am reporting on it.


Time: 16:16 Distance: 1.85km, done as 600m x 3 (run/walk/run). That puts me at a 8:49 / km pace. 


Also had a warm up and cool down of:


Time: 11:54 Distance: 0.91km, warmup and cool down walk


I am not joking when I say most people can walk faster than I run. The 8:49 /km pace would mean a 44min 5km, or 46.7min 5.3km (the actual distance of the race I plan to sign up for in July). Ultimately I hope to be able to do the 5.3km in under 35min (secretly I would like to come in under 30min... but I have never been that fast). I expect my pace to be much better as I increase the time spend running and reduce the walking... also this first pace was taken with 0 training. So it should be possible to see significant improvement on this pace.


I have 4 months to increase my distance and pace. I plan to keep things fun, so no rigid training plan:


Phase 1: Increase the distance. Go out 1-3 times a week and slowly increase the distance until I can do 6km comfortably. Avoid injury by increasing distance slowly and alternating run/walk intervals. Keeping a strong focus on posture/form during the run parts.


Phase 2: Increase the pace. Go out 2-3 times a week. Alternating intervals/tempo/fartleks/hills/long runs and whatever else hits my fancy... all in various distances. I will continue using run/walk as appropriate to avoid injury. Every 2 to 3 weeks I will run the same circuit I run today to judge my actual pace (eventually I should be able to do 10 full laps running = 6km).


Cross Training: Walking, yoga and the secret weapon: body strength exercises. A stronger core should enable me to increase my pace while maintaining good form. 


Ultimate goal is to remain injury free... I will not jeopardize my health for performance!

Lusitanian Druid, Level 9
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“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.†- Aristotle

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