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Pretzle lvl 85 affliction lock looking for... oh wait, that was last year

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Hey there,



'Pretzle' was my awesome warlock but I haven't played WoW in over a year and a half... But that's where the name originates. (I'm not 'one of those' gamers btw! I resisted WoW for almost 5 years before even trying the game, thinking it had to be stupid for being so populair. I also love indie games, Persona 4, some FF. Oh and I read near-silly amounts of books (about 40-50 each year, usually)). Other than that, I'm female, 24, Dutch. I'm married and almost ready to graduate as an English teacher. I also used to be very, very lazy and weak.


In December 2011 I decided to start running. I can't really remember why, but I did. It was the first activity that I actually liked doing (I've hated PE for as long as I can remember.) Together with my now-husband I started running in jeans + big coat because it was cold and we couldn't manage more than 20 seconds running before having to walk again :). Last December I celebrated my one year running anniversary (yay!). I did manage to hurt my knee at some point and was terrified of doing too much too soon so I'm only now getting back to my usual 3 times a week for about 3-7 km. (run/walk/run because I think wanting to run too much without walking is what hurt my knee in the first place).


Running is okay, but it's starting to get boring and you know... while it certainly improved my overall fitness (I wasn't able to ride my bicycle for 5 minutes(!) without being out of breath before I started running) it's not making me stronger overall and less clusmy. Something I very much want (because I bump into walls/desks etc. daily :D... :().


Then I found (probably rediscovered but let's just take this as a new opportunity and forget about all the wasted ones) this website via StumbleUpon and ended up on the beginner bodyweight workout page. I did it (not 3x as it says but 2 because I'm still weak) and... hurt for 3 days afterward. But I did it again, and it hurt less. And I'll do it again and again until it'll be easy. That's a plan, right?


I tend to write long posts, so I'll stop here. I hope it's just the beginning though.


Also, race? Probably elf. I have to be careful not to end up underweight and even now my arms are almost scary-thin.


Questions? Please do ask :)

level 10 wood elf assassin

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LOL When I read your name I just assumed that you were a super flexible yoga-type who could bend into a pretzel. :D

'Pretzle' was my awesome warlock but I haven't played WoW in over a year and a half... 


Level 1 Lycan. Druid/Monk at heart, training with the Assassins
STR 7|DEX 5.75|STA 4|CON 3|WIS 3.75|CHA 3


My blog, "Zen, Music, and Movement": http://raffyayaladvo.wordpress.com/

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