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Aidan is a Week Late and Pissed Off!

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I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago to visit my dad and I am back.


I didn't practice any control for the entire two weeks that I was gone and so I have erased most of the gains that I made on the last 6 week challenge.


Current Weight: 230.2

Total Measure: 202.45

BF%: 32


My goals for the next five weeks are:


Weight: 220


Diet: I want to practice keto as much as possible given my budget limitations. I will not have carbs for breakfast or lunch and try to minimize the amount that I eat at dinner. Most days will be protein shakes for lunch.


Exercise: I want to do some form of exercise every day. Worst case scenario, I want to do a couple of sets of pushups and planks in the evenings. I have been doing HIIT on the stationary bike and my dumbbell complex at work at lunch for most of my exercise.


Personal Goal: Paying off debt is still my overarching goal right now. We just had another good month so I am on track with this, I just need to continue to control my spending, especially frivolous purchases.

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