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Hey folks, my name is Robert currently living in the desert in Yuma,  Arizona.

My sob story is fairly horrible but probably not atypical I lost my job (laid off)  my family (divorce) my dog (died) and my car (totaled in a wreck when I got hit from behind) and unemployed for 9 months last year.


My 2012 ended with me getting a new job in my career field (industrial security and COMSEC) and moving to Arizona. A few days ago my brother who is also a chunky monkey just like me sent me a few links to some articles he read on here, and for a few days I browsed. Now I was already 'trying' to lose weight. I was doing the whole nutrisystem thing which I hated, all processed mircowavable food calorically dense and tons of sweets (you would not believe the amount of sweets they send you in the default pack). But I was still eating out every day, I was still drinking soda and sweet tea I was still being stupid about my body, my food and my life.


So yesterday I made the commitment, I got the deluxe pack and downloaded all the books (haven't finished reading them yet) I went on a long walk/jog with my dog ate a healthy dinner and did my home work. It felt good to use my muscles, I had forgotten how good that was honestly. And so I was talking with my best friend on skype and she was helping me with my math home work and we were talking about my schedule. See I work full time for Northrop Grumman M-F and I am taking 13 credit hours at the local CC this semester. So I get up, go to work, go home let the dog out, go to school come home and then work on dinner and home work. And my best friend said "Robert you spend at least an hour usually more every night talking with me on skype and playing video games. The time is there you just have to decide to use it" and she was completely 100% right.


Pictures will be posted soon (they won't be pretty in fact I advise you quite honestly not to look) so that I can basically shame myself in front of everyone and then show progress which is out there for everyone to see. I'm 6'3, 329 lbs, and 31 years old. Only one of those numbers I can control and I'm tired of not controlling it.

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Best of luck to you Robert. Sorry to hear about your situation last year, but hopefully you can take the right steps to achieve your goal. Good luck!

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You've got a great friend there and you've done the important thing, you've stopped trying and started doing.  I recommend that you join in the challenge, even though it is in progress.  Click on the CHALLANGE tab and head to the FAQ. 


Here's a thread you might want to check out.  Also, you might want to chat with this other new rebel

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