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So I'm back at again...I think this is like the third time...but now I have no excuses.


Last time I started and my goal was mainly on swimming and time swims for work. I got that down pact I'm still doing that.  I floated around on the challenge around December.  I died when my neck came back to bother me and put me in a torticollis where I couldn't move my neck.  Two months of pain and suffering I'm a lot better...I see a specialist this week about it too...  But in any case now I'm back to really getting a higher fitness, this time focusing on building muscle and lifting weights.


My goal.....don't really have it established completely yet.  But it's supposed to help me towards paramedic training because I have to be able to lift so much and be really strong in my fitness. 


The how?  Well I didn't know where to start.  A new training center opened in my city. A Co Worker told me and I was going to join a class...but then I decided I would go with the personal trainer rout when one of the trainers is a qualified paramedic himself.  he is now gearing my workouts specifically on working my way up for the strength of a paramedic.  Which really excites me.  (and kills me inside sometimes)



So far I have finished three sessions with my trainer. I can lift a lot more weight than I thought I could...my left side struggles a bit but it's getting there. I have four sessions planned before I leave for about two weeks to China and may or may not get a chance to do a lot of working out...I'll accomplish some....but not going to be as intense as what I have been doing.  When I come back I will be back at it again. Once I recover from jet lag. 



My week (once our pool is working again) will look something like this.

Monday- Swim 1000to 1600 m

Tuesday - Personal Training

Wednesday-Swim 1000 m to 1600 m

Thursday- Personal training

Friday- Swim or rest

Saturday- no personal training but work on what I learned.... Learning to love the agility ladder

Sunday-Rest and hot tub.


I will probably take the personal training up to three times a week once I get my money settled again once I get back from China.  But for now I'm keeping my body from too much... 


I plan to accomplish the possible and take it step by step and hold myself accountable!  Any support is good support!

[TABLE=width: 500, align: left]


Mixy-Chan, level 1 Elf scout


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