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Cool Story Corey Quest

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Hey everyone


Like most of you Nerd Fitness has inspired me to level up my life and create a bucket list and also a blog. Im in the process of figuring out my bucket list i guess like most people there are a few general things on there that i would like to do but after creating a dedicated site to it my goal is to come up with very specific things. This is what im at now the full list is on my newly created website Here CoolStoryCorey.com 



Oregon (The Training barracks)dumbell.jpg

  • Carry a totem in your pocket for a year then give it away
  • Make a big donation to charity
  • Sell everything I don’t need
  • Walk twenty miles ( Bring water)
  • Go to the gym 3 times a week for 6 weeks
  • Bench 245pounds 4 times
  • Get my passport
  • Help someone complete one of their list items (email me )


North America (Safe Zone No PVP)

  • Drink in Canada
  • Drive across country
  • Party at the playboy mansion (meet heff )**
  • Attend a big award show
  • Be a extra in a Hollywood movie
  • Stay in the Luxury Sky Villa At the palms
  • Kiss Under the northern lights
  • Get in the Guinness Book of World Records
  • Drink mescal in Mexico.



  • Drive on the German Autobahns
  • Put a hundred bucks on a long shot
  • Drive a half million dollar car in a foreign country
  • Eat chocolate gold cake
  • Travel Through the Channel Tunnel
  • Leave a letter in a library book, Look for it twenty years later


Saudi Arabia Emirates

  • Go to Ferrari World
  • Play Sky Tennis
  • Float in the dead sea



  • Scuba dive
  • touch the great barrier reef
  • Visit the The Twelve Apostles
  • Climb the coat hanger at the Sydney harbor bridge
  • Jump off a cliff
Half Drow - Level 1 Adventurer                               Stats
Strength--------4       Dexterity--------1                    Height: 5' 6         Weight: 150
Stamina--------2        Constitution---2                                    
Wisdom--------3         Charisma------3                     Physical Attributes: Unhealthy, love handles , stout 
Challenge: Level 1 Questing                                     Habits: Energy drinks , Googling everything i see
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