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For the longest time, every time I work out everything pops.  Pushups? Shoulders crack.  Squats? Knees sound like popcorn.  Stretching cracks my back like somebody playing the xylophone.  It doesn't usually hurt, and my back always feels heavenly after stretching.  Does anybody else have that too?

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My body pops all over the place, not generally from working out, but just from popping them, other than my knees. My knees just do their own thing. It's a build up of some gel fluid stuff in the joints and when it "pops" its being released. At a different view:

Oil running through an engine. It thickens up and gets a little stuck. Now, this isn't an "accurate portrait" but a painting for you to see what's going on. Now see, all this pressure is built up right? One more turn and some fresh oil and "pop" goes the dry stuff, fluids flow through and you're good to go. There's been an on going myth that this is related to Arthritis, which I find to be a load of bull, but I guess I will know when I'm old! 

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Here's the link that Phi gave me when I asked about the popping noise I had...


This used to be where  my weight loss progress bar was. Maybe it will be here again when I'm ready to face the scale and work on my fat problem.
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2013 Running Tally: I lost track in July, at 148.925  ((plus 0.5)) but I finished a Very Slow marathon in October. Then I mostly stopped.
2014 Running Tally: 134.1 miles plus 5k (as of 17 September) lost track again, but I know I had at least 147.2 plus 5k for 2014.
2015 Running Tally: 41.2 treadmilled miles & 251.93 real world miles

2016 Running Tally: 0


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From what I've read as long as it isn't a painful popping or clicking you're *usually* okay.  


<---------- not doctor so don't take it as gospel- just from the various things I've read in the last years.


I snap crackle and pop when I get out of bed- it's actually (now that I think about it) about 75% better than it was 2-3 years ago- I looked ridiculous getting out of bed- it was usually 4-5 whole steps before I was done popping and actually could stand up straight.  


Now I have a whole other series of problems- but that one doesn't seem to be plaguing me as much LOL

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