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Anyone else in Ohio?

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Hey, neighbor!  Down in Dover, just south of Canton.  Welcome to the rebellion!



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“Success is not final...Failure is not fatal...it's the courage to continue that counts†-Winston Churchill

"One step at a time, I can walk around the world. Watch me." -Aral Vorkosigan, Barrayar, 1991

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Hi All - 


I'm a runner from the Akron area.  If anybody else from around here is doing the Summit Country summer running spree (http://runningspree.summitmetroparks.org/) I'd love to try to set up some times to go out and do some of the trail runs.

I'm training for the Akron Half Marathon in September, and it would be great to get some of my runs in on the trails.

(P.S. - some of my kids will probably want to come along for some of the shorter runs, so don't let that stop you either!!)

|| Jack ||

Adventurer / Scout || Level 0

STR: 0 || DEX: 0 || STA: 0 || CON: 0 || WIS: 0 || CHA: 0


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Northwest Ohio. Small town about an hour South of Toledo, half hour north of Lima, and half hour east of Findlay.... best way I can describe it lol.

Columbus Grove?

I have shot firework shows there before, among many other towns around Ohio. I am a Hoosier, but only live a few miles from the State line outside of Fort Wayne.

"Without risk, there is no adventure."

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