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Yep, I'm a newbie. Hi everyone!!!

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Obviously, I'm new to Nerd Fitness. Hi. Call me Tigera.

I found NF while trawling through other weight-loss sites. I don't even remember exactly how I found it, but I do know that I spent the next few hours after that reading articles. I'm trying not to sound too cheesy here, but it sounded pretty much perfect. I mean, a website dedicated to nerds who want to get in shape? How could there be something this perfect out there that I'd never heard of?

I'm young and female, 5'8" and 160 pounds. I have been asked out exactly once in my life, and don't anticipate it happening again anytime soon. Most of my friends are stick-thin, which I cognitively understand isn't healthy but still can't help envying. Last year, I tried to lose weight by skipping meals. All the weight came back. Now I'm looking to get rid of it more permanently.

What are my goals? Weight loss, obviously. Muscle gain. To look really good. To like how I look. To get my black belt (I'm currently a brown belt in Tae Twon Do). To run a 5k in less than thirty minutes, just to prove I can. To do a pull-up. To clean up my diet. To reach Level 10 through the 6-week challenges. To be more organized. To manage my time better. To keep up with old friends more consistently.

I've pretty much got a laundry list of things I want to change. Lots of vague generalities, and even more specifics. I know it'll take a ton of work, but I want to get those parts to my life closer to where I want them. I WILL get those parts of my life closer to where I want them.

I feel like now would be a good time to say that I've always had a soft spot for the rebel group. I was a Stormcloak before I even knew what they stood for, just because they were trying to overthrow an Empire. I love a good underdog. And I love BEING the underdog. If you win, you get to blow people's minds. They never see it coming. That's what I want to do with Nerd Fitness. I want to blow people's minds. I want to be that girl who people I haven't seen in a while think, "Wow, she's looking good." I want to be that girl who could whup your butt and look good while she does it (yes, I have mildly violent tendencies sometimes ;). I want to look good in spandex.

But right now, I'm just glad to be a Rebel.

For the Rebellion!

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