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Adonaijah's Awesome Alliterative Action Thread!


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I ran out of A-words. Sorry.

So, the goal of this 28 day challenge is:

Exercise: Continue my current regimen, though I might switch to Angry Birds just because I'm starting to get bored with the Beginner's Body Weight Workout.

So far I've missed 3 days to illness.

Diet: Going full Primal! Paleo all the way! So far I've met some unexpected success thanks to my brother's girlfriend cooking a massive amount of soup that is, as far as I could tell, Paleo.

I also baked one of the breakfast recipes here on the forums today.

Paleo is going to be hard, because of the requirement that I cook. I'm scared to death of cooking. Not because I'm afraid I'll get cut or burned, but because I'm afraid I'll botch the recipe and waste time and money and food. I'm too poor to consider any of these outcomes. I'm going to need help manning up and taking charge in the kitchen.

Other goals: I know I should have some, but I don't really know what to make them. For Lent I'm going to church every Sunday, but I missed last week due to illness.

Here's to a more successful challenge than the last one!

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My advise with cooking is to keep it simple. If you are not good at it, find some easy recipes that are "impossible" to mess up. Get good at those first. It is a process. If it looks too hard for you right now, file the recipe and try it when you get better. I have the advantage of having worked in the restaurant industry for more than 10 years. There is a reason they start new cooks in the pantry making salads, not the fancy entrees. Keep it simple, expand from there once you got the basics down.

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Thanks for the good advice!

I made the egg muffin things mentioned in one thread. You know, a strip of bacon around the edges of the cups in a muffin tin, add egg, etc? It turned out great, and I have breakfast for the rest of the week!

I'll be hunting the forums for more recipes and collating them into a document, and later maybe even into a single thread here if one does not exist already.

If you think of any simple recipes you figure I would be able to cook, please send them my way! I need all the help I can get!

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