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......this should have existed when I was 13.

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What's up, Zach, from California, currently cross-classing from Wizard/Monk to Assassin and get to a point where I'm putting levels in both.  Um any experienced DnD player would definitely know that I'm a complete nerd.  And my story, well growing up I was taught zero about the importance of diet and nutrition and by the time I was thirteen I was already pushing 200lbs (mind you I was 6'0" tall already) and while still being incredibly active in sports (Competitive Swimming/Football).  Now I kinda went through a depressing time when my grades weren't up to school standards and I was let go from the Waterpolo team.  So fast-forward to graduating High School, I already had decided young that I would join the Navy when I could so I did, one problem I weighed 289lbs the max weight for my height (6'1") is 205lbs.  Now this put me in a really difficult position, I had to loose 84lbs in order to DEP (Delayed Entry Program) into the Navy, and I did it.  4.38 miles of running in the morning, 3000 yards of lapswim in the afternoon, and an hour of weightlifting before dinner.  You betcha I weighed 205 lbs joined the Navy did my thing.


Years later I'm out of the Navy, 261lbs, eating horribly, so I start working out again with a new motivation towards martial arts and parkour, so I go out start running again get up to 4.75 miles a day, and about two to three hours of martial arts a day.  About a year later personal situations between me and the lady I was with came up, and I had to quit Shou Shu.  Now at this point I was in shape and 238lbs, and my best friend and I lived together off unemployment (I also lost my job).  At some point I wasn't getting my unemployment money so I had nothing with which to buy food for myself, and I never put out my hands and asked for anything either.  Ultimately I fasted for a month, and only took bites of cheese or a sip of something with sugar to sustain myself, and this put me at an unhealthy 198lbs.  My homie moved up to Washington, and I couldn't afford my apartment any longer so I moved in with one of my friends parents, after securing a job.  I thrived in this environment because as long as I paid the bills I had plenty of time to do whatever I wanted, so I'd go to work, get home, and perform my workout which increased set numbers per day (Mon=1;Tue=2;Wed=3;Thurs;4):


10 Push-ups (+5 every week)

10 Sit-ups (+5 every week)

1 Pull up (+1 every week)

10 Mountain Climbers (+5 every week)

10 8-Counts (+2 every week)

1:00 of Russian Sit-Ups (+:30 every week)


And I would walk everyday to work with a 50lb backpack for about 7 miles on average.


As you can imagine this got me in phenomenal shape, (not split and ripped but a force to be reckoned with for sure).


I've gone through some ups and downs since then currently living in San Diego, and I'm decently in shape still, I mean I can still do 50 push ups straight, or 15 dips, so I'm not out that much.  That being said, I have noticed the slippery slope as well I'm not in an environment where everyone is as supportive about healthy lifestyles.


I'm branching out looking for new people, and look forward to contributing my excellent skills as a Wizard/Monk/(Assassin?) to this revolution!

Race: Deva | STR: 5  DEX: 4  STA: 4  CON: 3  WIS: 4  CHA: 2

! = Inactive ! = Active/Non-Focus ! = Active/Main Focus

Wizard Lv. 5 Monk Lv. 1 Assassin Lv. 2 

CURRENT CHALLENGE: ZachAcid - Tutorial Finished: C! Next Phase: Conditioning

BATTLE LOG: Experience Box (BLLVL: 2)

PROGRAMMING: Reshaping My Body for Parkour

QUEST: The Quest of A Buddha



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