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Plateau and possible "Ah-ha!" Moment

Mister Boo

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Or a "Derp!" moment, depending on how you look at it.


I've been actively working on losing fat and building muscle while eating paleo and have been around the same composition for a couple weeks now. Since January, I've lost 14 lbs and have gone from approximately 27% body fat to 19-20%.


As I was preparing a dinner of 3 eggs, 3 slices center cut bacon, spinach and mushrooms, I suddenly realized that maybe I should be cutting down on my portions now that my composition has changed. I've been eating the same things in roughly the same quantities for almost 3 whole months.


I kinda felt like a dummy. >.< Then I put an egg and a slice of bacon back in the fridge. :D


Am I on the right track here? Any input would be appreciated.

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that's definitely a good step in the right direction. I'm about right there too- I eat anywhere from 3-5 scrambled eggs with a cup of sauted veggies in them for dinner + 4 pieces of bacon. 


I realized I need to cut down- although even after all that food an hour later i'm still hungry- it's okay- so it's time to limit them to 3 a night- and maybe 3 pieces of bacon LOL. 


You have to take baby steps and clean things up- and see how that takes you- then start tweaking to get results- so DEFINITELY a good move.  See how it works for you :)

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Losing 14 lbs will cause about a 5-7% reduction in calories used (5% for BMR, 7% for exercise), so you're on the right track. 


A general rule for plateaus is to reduce your food intake by 10%. Or increase exercise. Or both. But the idea is that about 10% of normal is what to do.


If you don't count calories, then just try to eyeball eating 10% less at every meal.

Why must I put a name on the foods I choose to eat and how I choose to eat them? Rather than tell people that I eat according to someone else's arbitrary rules, I'd rather just tell them, I eat healthy. And no, my diet does not have a name.My daily battle log!

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Thanks, y'all!


I ran sprints today and I ate less of everything overall, feeling dandy.


I count calories--I keep a google doc on my phone and update it when I eat, but I've been forgetful/lazy the past few days. I've been aiming for 2300-2400, so I'll reduce that by 200 or so.


It's a battle...200 calories can make or break us. :/ I had that in a Lara Bar today!

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