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How to get past the handstand mental block?

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I decided last night while derping around with an unstructured play sort of workout that I wanted to try and kick up into handstand position for the first time against the wall. I take aikido, so I have no problem with diving rolls and letting my feet fly above my head, and I know how to kick up, but the presence of a wall is making my head go "hell no!" whenever I start the process of putting my hands on the ground and kicking my feet up above my head. How do I get over the mental block?

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Get at it! Make sure your form is proper. I promised to make a video showing how I progressed into handstand/handstand push ups by the end of the 6 week challenge, so I'll be sure to share it with you :P After repeating it so often, you kind of just see it as second nature. You can get it! 

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Eat Move Improve has been running a handstand clinic of sorts for the past few weeks. I'm following it very loosely, but there are some good tips that helped me get started.

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I've starting working this and I did a regular handstand and then just started in on the wall. after that sensation of your feet falling backwards and you finally touch the wall it really makes it easier. if you can have someone guide your leg to the wall it will help the transition. there is just that awkward oh shit I'm falling where's the wall and then you touch and its no big deal.

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Have you tried walking up the wall instead?


It is a more controlled way to go up.

I have not but I'll try that out. I think I'll get someone to help with guiding my feet as well. I'm sure its just a matter of doing it a bunch of times because I had the same problem with rolls when I first started.

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Practice makes perfect, sir. You'll have it down in no time :) Kudos to Aikido though, it's always sounded awesome to me!



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Practice makes perfect, sir. You'll have it down in no time :) Kudos to Aikido though, it's always sounded awesome to me!



If you ever have the chance to try it, I'd highly recommend. Totally worth the experience, even if only for a brief period of time. 

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