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New Rebel with a cause

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My name is AJ, I chose Ananke as my avatar as she was the greek goddess of compulsion, destiny and necessity. 


I am 26 and looking forward to a destination wedding/family holiday either the end of this year or early next and have gotten depressed at the lack of weight I have been losing. My goal weight is only 10kgs-ish away but it is more size that is frustrating me. I would not be concerned if I gained muscle weight but I feel like I am running stationary. I've lost 5kgs recently by cutting out sugars, most carbs and most alcohol but I've been stuck at the same weight for over a month. 


I did a 10 week boot camp three years ago and got to my goal weight but quickly piled the weight back on as I was still eating as if I was working out. After the boot camp I also suffered from major joint pain, I believe this was because we worked out twice a week for an hour and was high impact and quite punishing. Instead of gradually building up our fitness level it was an aggressive routine and the gist was keep up or go home. 



Fight now, cry later.

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