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Marathon Plan for Dallas Marathon in December

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A little history before my questions:

  • Started taking running serious in February 2012 - averaging 4mi./run and 15mi./week.
  • My paces on these runs got to about 8:45/mile, but I didn't run in any races.
  • I injured my lower back in May while running on a treadmill.
  • Turned out that I had hereditary spinal stenosis, but eliminated the pain with a steroid injection.
  • Back running in December 2012 - averaging 5mi./run and 20mi./week.
  • Pace is around 8:30 to 8:50 and I've run in 2 5ks.
  • Longest run is 13.1mi. in 2'01"


I'm planning to run the Dallas Marathon in December and will train using a 20-week plan that begins in mid-July (4-5 weeks of 3 runs/week, then 16-15 weeks of 4 runs/week).


Until mid-July, how should I focus my training? Should I spend more time in the gym and focus on shorter runs or maintain my current run schedule?



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I would roughly maintain you current running. If you reduce your mileage, your legs will feel it more when you start to ramp up your mileage. Now would be a good time for a little speed work, some gym work and or playing around/trying new things before you really get into your training.

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