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Best carbs for a refeed?

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Trying my refeed today... Started the morning with a protein shake with triple the usual spinach, then post workout I immediately ate a whole mashed sweet potato (with cinnamon and cayenne, it was amazing! no need for anything else I think, but I really love sweet potatoes haha) and then another protein shake this one loaded up with way more fruit and spinach than I usually do... all in all about 70g of carbs, which is already approaching my regular daily intake.  First thing I am noticing about it is cravings... my desire to eat all the things that I had the first week of paleo is back, needless to say I really cannot wait for lunch, and avoiding snacks is proving difficult but doable.

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Oh man... so much food, I am stuffed from dinner!  I went rock climbing before my meal so that the carbs would be put to good use, and hopefully they are... but my final total (according to myfitnesspal and my hopefully correct portioning) 32g of fat, 237g of carbs, and 249g of protein for a total of 2207 calories.  This is 400-500 calories over my daily weight loss norm, but I also worked out more than usual... and I figure it's a refeed after all so they should be put to good use over the coming week.  I had to include some rice in order to get to my carb goal otherwise it was just not gonna happen... we shall see over the coming week how I feel after trying this experiment.

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So I really think that this helped me... it's still a bit too early for me to say exactly since I've only tried it once, but I feel good... my lifts have felt better than usual for the week, and I am down another few pounds for the week, 2.8 according to the scale, but that could be partially due to the fact that I weighed myself later in the day than usual.  Anyways I will try this again next Monday or the week after and see if it continues to help.  I know my body on Tuesday seemed happier with me than it has been on this extreme cut I have been doing... so I am guessing a few extra carbs was what it really needs every once in a while.

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