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Well! i feel like I've been ousted from my community. me and my husband are now almost the last of our kind. A lot of our close friends have signed up with isagenix, and it's like talking to cult members now. We can't get through a conversation without them adding in a bit about why we should either get on the program, or start selling it.


They post about it on facebook as well. We've lost 30 lbs with isagenix! Sign up now for the 90 shape up for summer challenge!


People are constantly praising them for their "amazing effort". All you did was join a cult and cut your calorie intake.



Never let your fear decide your fate.

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I was ranting about this last night.


My friend is a member- it's insane how much she posts about her fucking success- I'm like- well it has nothing to do with the 1 hr long HIIT boot camp style class followed by your 1 hour long kick boxing class.


It's so fucking obnoxious. seriously.  obnoxious.  she posted up a "friend" who lost 12 lbs one week with it- I was like that's seriously not healthy- not for someone that size"


then she posted up this moderatly ripped girl and said "this is our leader guro cult goddess person"... see inagenix.... I was like- nope- that's from lifting weight and watching what you eat. 


seriously. get over yourself. 


drives me bonkers.   I. feel. your. pain.

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^^^^ ZOMG


I'm going to start adding that to everything when I make fun of stuff. that's hysterical.


I try not to read her posts- it's just so annoying.  She has a silly facebook group I joined (and I'm about to unjoin) and she pushes that shit in there- I'm like it's one thing to spam your own facebook page- but to spam a group page?  that's over the top. 

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Isagenix is the Mac of the supplement world. Nothing special inside, great sculpted heaps of marketing bullcrap on the outside.


*resist* *fight it* *resist*

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Nah I'm happy w/my Mac.  I refuse to be a part of any health plan that requires me to buy a bunch of crap from them tho.  Membership at a gym, possibly.  Buy our special food and supplements, hell no.

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And WHY can't they spell?  Unless you're TetraPak or a German anti-tank gun, the word is "pack".  Not "pak".  Pack.  You are buying packs of dumbass shit, not paks of unicorn urine.

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And WHY can't they spell?  Unless you're TetraPak or a German anti-tank gun, the word is "pack".  Not "pak".  Pack.  You are buying packs of dumbass shit, not paks of unicorn urine.

BAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA. I think it might be packs of unicorn urine though. 

Never let your fear decide your fate.

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i found this website assciated with isagenix, is it time to cleanse, I took the quiz and on purpose answered every question that would result in me not needing a cleanse, except i answered one question in favour of isagenix - "i use shampoo'. it said that I was borderline toxic and recommended a cleanse. 



Never let your fear decide your fate.

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I would like to take this moment to honour our fellow nerd, 'goodbyeharrison'. your recent toxicity has left us all feeling horrible. i hope you cleanse yourself it time, as lethargy and extreme fatness are surely to overcome you if you don't contact your local isagenix coach ASAP.

Never let your fear decide your fate.

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are you serious?


that's insane.


I can't stand the idea of cleanses-eat healthy and clean as best you can and what do you need to cleanse????


it's utter rubbish.  but so is having diarrhea for 3 days straight because all you drink is colon cleanser and fruit.  

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Haha!  I think the next time I feel like I need a "cleanse" (which is never, but I'm makin' a point here) I'll  just revert back to my "refrigerated-prunes-are-nature's-candy" habit for a day or two.  consider me thoroughly cleansed!!  :tongue:

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This is what I've tried telling my friends who are so hell-bent on doing juice/smoothie/fuck-all cleanses. You may well have bad stuff in your body. If you stop putting the bad stuff in your body, your body will take care of itself. 


Oh well, since it's not an easy quick fix where they can go back to treating themselves like crap immediately afterward, it's not a good solution.


FYI - I got high toxicity by saying I've used antibiotics or OTC drugs in the past 6 months. Sheesh.

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