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Assassins, report! How did you do?


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It's that time again! These 6 weeks together sure passed fast. But now is time to take the time to look back and check how well we did. So, it's happy grading thread!


How does it work in detail, for each goal you had, grade yourself using a A-F scale. It can be roughly translated like this:

Grading your goals

A = 100% = Achieved everything I wanted for this goal

B = 75% = I almost achieved anything for this goal, but could have done better

C = 50% = Just above average.

D = 25% = Not a total failure, but barely

F = 0% = Couldn't achieve anything for this goal


For example, if you had a goal of making 10 push-ups in a row your grade may be:

A = 10 push-ups or more

B = 8 push-ups

C = 5 push-ups

D = 3 push-ups

F= 0 push-ups


And I know you'll ask me "and what if I did 4 push-ups?" Don't lie, I know you would! Well, you can either pick the grade you feel you deserve. Or, you can add a + or a - on your grade. You did 5 but only barely? And your form was not that good maybe? Then Grade yourself a D+. On the opposite, if it was a perfect push-up form, you can grade yourself C-.


Grading your challenge

When you have graded all your separate goals, you have to give yourself a global grade for the challenge. It can be an average of your goals grades or just your overall feeling about this challenge. 


Giving yourself some attribute points

If you are using the RPG part of the challenges, you can reward yourself with some attribute points. Partial points are allowed. Here is a handy chart to help you awarding yourself points:




If you don't know how to give some attribute points, I'll send you to this page:



For those who are beta testing the Assassin's black book, I have added the challenge, so you can update your level and stat points :)  Just remember that you can only award you 15 points maximum per challenge and only 5 points maximum per goals. So, assassin, how did you do?

Nuala, level 13 Robot mistress of pain, Assassin Guild leader


First journey: The Rise and fall of an Assassin

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13

Second journey: Crawling back


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Overall grade for the challenge: C+


I would have given myself a B, but I feel like goal number 4 was kind of a freebie, so I don't think it deserves equal weight. Here's the overall summary of my goals:



1. Gain 6 pounds (1lb a week): I started at 156lbs and ended at 158.6lbs, so not even half the goal. Clear failure here. F- (no points).


2. Jog 2 miles without stopping: Another clear failure. I really didn't make any progress on this goal. I think it was too optimistic to begin with, and my heart wasn't really in it anyway. I really, really hate running, so it was hard enough just keeping up with the status quo. F- (no points)


3. Be able to do at least 4 handstand pushups: Knocked this one out of the park! Did 10 last night (over two sets). My wrist mobility has also increased, and my wrist pain has decreased. It's not completely gone, but it's definitely improved. A+ (+2 STR, +2 DEX)


4. Tan at least 2 times a week: Kind of hard to screw this one up. I've faithfully gone and laid in an uncomfortable and hot plastic tube 2-3 times a week for the entire challenge. A+ (+2 CHA)

Level 3 Assassin

STR: 7 | DEX: 4 | STA: 4 | CON: 5 | WIS: 5 | CHA: 3



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Here's the super short version:


Goal 1: Get back into a proper workout routine and get strong again

Worked out 33/36 times, improved tremendously much and a day without working out is a sad day.

Grade: A


Goal 2: Lose weight (the smart way: eating full Paleo and enough)

Nailed it! 100% Paleo and did not let myself go hungry for longer than the time it took to make the food (or more like get Mr De_maas to get the food ready).

I feel awesome in my body and the changes are very visible

Grade: A+


Goal 3: Core Strength

This was an epic success! RPoD-ed for 305 minutes out of my 250 minutes goal!

Grade: A+


Goal 4: Get it together and cowboy up

Not perfect but some pretty great stuff, including facing my shyness or opening my own studio! Yay!

Grade: B


Overall grade A I guess :)

Level 6 Amazon Assassin Ranger



challenges: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

the rebuilding of the Amazon: #6


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Let me sum up:


Overall: B


Seems I'm good at racking up the wisdom points. Not so much the dexterity or strength points...


Mini-Challenge Points: +1 STA (Mini-Challenge 1) and +1 STR (Mini-Challenge 3)


I took part in a couple other challenges, but these were the only two where I gave it any real effort, even if it was a bit of a paltry effort. I got a bit overwhelmed with all the extra stuff, since I was trying to do some of the Old Person's Parkour Posse's challenges too, and eventually I gave up on these side challenges. Next time 'round I'll give them another go, hopefully at least one of my goals will help me with this.


Goal 1 - Beep Test - A


I gave myself full points (+2 STA). I achieved level 6, and am in a good spot to continue to improve on this.


Goal 2 - Food Stuffs - A


I gave myself full points on this too (+2 WIS, +2 CON). I did a pretty good job of eating proper meals and/or cooking for myself, and my belt buckle is inching towards the next hole down (though I do acknowledge that leather stretches...). Hopefully I can continue this trend from now on.


Goal 3 - Balancing - F


No points awarded. This was a failure, but I'm not sad about it.


Goal 4 - Have Fun - C+ or B, I can't decide


Mixed bag. Gave myself 1/2 the CHA (+1) points and all the WIS points (+2). I did no QM, but discovered climbing and geocaching. I'm certainly in a better place, mentally, than I was at the beginning of the challenge, but I think there were more factors than just climbing and geocaching that went into that. Either way, a mitigated success.


More details about all of this in my challenge thread (bottom of this page).

Dare mighty things

Current Challenge

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Copy from my thread


THIS IS HOW THIS JOURNEY ENDED .............................


Goal 1 : total of 16 pull ups in not more than two sets, reps in each set not a concern.

Result : did total of 12 pull ups, 2 sets of 6 reps. 12/16*100 = 75%

Reason : mainly a strain in the left elbow in the second week, and it reappeared in the fourth week after healing a lot.


Goal 2 : will practice any or all of pk roll, precision jump and landing for 2 hours  three days a week.

​Result : it meant 6 hrs every week. completed the target only in second and third week so 2/6*100 = 33.33%

             the total time was 2hr 45min + 6hr + 6hr + 3hr 30min + 0 + 0 = 18.25 hrs. so 18.25/36*100 = 50.70%

            so overall result is (33.33+50.7)/2 = 42%

Reason : well the main reason was the elbow strain. also i overrated my strength even these simple moves were painful. the last two weeks were zero because i had an exam on 7 April  and was getting too tired to study. 



Goal 3 : will do stretching exercise daily for 10 mins daily and will add 5 min every week.

Result : COMPLETED ,,,,,,,,,,,, 100%

Reason : i have fallen in love with stretching exercises. only thing is my side split and front split are showing 0 improvement. but then these things take their time.


Goal 4 : will bring my addiction of T.V and computer under control, i.e. will voluntarily switch them off if their is some important work to do and total T.V and computer hours daily will not exceed 2 hours. this will be the final goal and will depend on the performance of last three weeks.

Result : well missed only two days so overall it's fine. 19/21*100 = 90.50%.



goal 1 : str: (75%*3) 2.25

goal 2 : str: (42%*1) 0.42, dex: (42%*1) 0.42, sta: (42%*3)1.26

goal 3 : dex: 4

goal 4 : cha: (90.5%*3) 2.71


STR: 15(current), 4(beginning) | DEX: 11.42(current), 1(beginning) | STA: 3.26(current), 1(beginning) | CON: 9(current), 4(beginning) | WIS: 3(current), 2(beginning) | CHA: 10.37(current), 3(beginning)

Challenges: #1#2

Current Challenge: challenge 3

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I give my first challenge an overall grade of B


Increasing my max sets of chin-ups and pull-ups to 20

25 Chin-ups and 20 pull-ups

Grade: A +4 STR +1 STA


Timed runs

5k 20:29; 1600m 5:52; 400m 1:16; 100m 15.2s

Too slow

Grade: C +1 DEX +1 STA


Drink 3.5L of water every day

Total success

Grade: A +1 WIS +2 CON


Work on my appartment

My apartment looks a lot better but not done and I still don't have a dining room table.

Grade: B +1 WIS




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Goal #1

Follow my newly devised workout plan. Before the start of the challenge was announced I finally made an 8 week plan to follow as we head towards summer. So goal number one will be to follow that plan the duration of the challenge. It’s a body weight based, full body strength routine that I think will take me pretty far. It's 3x a week

Max points STR 3 STA 1

I did great for this goal. 6 weeks, 3x a week and the only workout I missed was the last workout of the last week. "A" grade and award all points

Goal # 2

Work on flexibility and arm balancing. Each at least 2x per week, doesn’t have to be for long, just needs to be consistently done.

Max Points DEX 3

I believe I made this goal 2 of the 6 weeks, with the 4 weeks incomplete=total fails as nothing was even attempted. Grade myself a "D" and award no points.

Goal # 3

Eat more balanced dinners. Although I eat healthy, I often times just eat one thing for dinner. Just meat or just chicken. Or a giant salad, or a huge bowl of frozen veggies. I need to start combining things, even if that means eating the same thing again the next day if there’s too much food from a single batch. So the rule is at least 2 different food groups per dinner every dinner.

Max points CON 3, CHA 2

This was a mixed bag, sometimes did great, sometimes fell back to my old habits, especially when things get busy. We'll call it a "B-" and award 2 CON and 1 CHA

Goal #4

Because it is such a large undertaking, my level up goal will be a continuation of last challenge's goal. Continue work on my back room remodel. Last evening I spent putting up insulation. Right now I'm thinking by challenge end, I want the sub floor in, and the drywall hung.

Max Points WIS 3

The dry wall is hung, but no sub floor is in, and after some additional thought that wouldn't have made the best sense to put the floor down at this point anyways. So we'll give myself a "B+" for getting the drywall hung, but not scheduling properly.

Award 2.5 WIS

Forgot to give an overall grade "B-"

rybo, level 4 Human assassinSTR 16|DEX 7.5|STA 9|CON 12|WIS 8.5|CHA 5 

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  • Goal 1: Stay Focused - BW routine 3/week, cardio routine 2/week, and participate in mini-challenge

    Did pretty well on this other than the last two weeks during which I had to put everything on hold due to a viral infection that got a bit out of hand.  I'm going to give myself an "injury bye" for those two weeks and a grade based on the first four weeks of this challenge.

    Week 1 = 100% / Week 2 = 88% / Week 3 = 88% / Week 4 = 100% / Week 5 = Injury Bye / Week 6 = Injury Bye

    Final Grade = 94% - A

    Attribute Points Awarded: +2 STR, +2 DEX, +1 STA
  • Goal 2: Stay on Target - Track everything, take measurements, and take a progress photo

    Did really well on this and LOVED it.  Went from casually tracking some stuff to obsessively tracking everything.  This really helped me keep on track with my eating (and booze) goal when I couldn't train, so I think it will be vital during the next challenge as I don't know how long I'll be recovering from surgery and unable to workout.

    Week 1 = 100% / Week 2 = 100% / Week 3 = 100% / Week 4 = 100% / Week 5 = 100% / Week 6 = 100%

    Final Grade = 100% - A

    Attribute Points Awarded = +1 CON, +1 WIS, +1 CHA
  • Goal 3: Stay Cool, Bro - Shave 1/week, floss 1/day, 64 fl. oz. water 1/day, manscape 1/week, nails 1/week, and no drinking alone

    I've got some great habits going, which I hope to continue.  The biggest and hardest part of this challenge was the "no drinking alone" rule.  Other than a couple of minor slip-ups, I managed to keep to the rule of which I am immensely proud.  I've gone from a daily drinking habit (1-2 glasses of wine or 1-2 beers per night) to a drink maybe two per week.  I don't feel much different, but it's much easier to keep to a caloric deficit when you're not drinking calories, that's for sure... and I feel like I was able to completely change a pretty big habit.  Super happy with this goal.

    Week 1 = 100% / Week 2 = 100% / Week 3 = 100% / Week 4 = 95% / Week 5 = 97.5% / Week 6 = 97.5%

    Final Grade = 98% - A

    Attribute Points Awarded = +1 CON, +1 CHA
  • Goal 4: Stay Married - Work on the patio

    I've worked diligently on the patio and made some good progress despite some setbacks and additional projects that came up along the way.  The planter has been removed and the first wall of the patio has been painted.  I've also done some rewiring and chimney repair.  I'm not finished yet, though, so this goal may continue into next challenge.  Even if it doesn't end up being an "official" goal, it will continue to be worked on - needs to get done by my son's first birthday party!

    Weeks 1 - 6 = Worked diligently at every opportunity but didn't finish.  I'm making a guess that I'm about 2/3 of the way there, so... 75% - C

    Attribute Points Awarded = +1 CON, +0.75 CHA, +2 WIS (I'll award the full remain +1.25 CHA when the patio is complete!)


Level X Mutant

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Goal 1: Finish Training for a Half Marathon (+3 STA, +1 CHA)

I did very well and worked my way up from 3 miles to 11 miles just as I'd planned. I got slack on the past two weeks because I hurt my knee and now I'm scared of doing anything bad to it before my Half Marathon. Basically I'm very proud of myself for doing this. Even though I slacked, I think I had a decent reason, so I'm going to easy on myself.

Grade: A, full points


Goal 2: Whole30 (+2 WIS, +1 CON)

I did lose weight and I did complete the 30 days without going off track. However, I slacked when it came to eating at the table and not snacking. 

Grade: B, +1.5 WIS, + .75 CON


Goal 3: Push Ups (+3 STR)

I started out great on this and then totally flopped at week 4. I don't know what happened. I think I just got bored. I didn't want to do it anymore after a few pushups. I'm going to take this not as a failure but as an opportunity to learn. Next challenge, if I have a specific muscle or exercise I'd like to increase, I'm going to go about it a different way. Since I made it more than halfway on the goal, i'll give myself partial credit.

Grade: C (+1.5 STR)


Goal 4: No Complaining (+1 WIS, +4 CHA)

I started off pretty well with this, but then I flopped out toward the end. I knew that I was not going to complete the goal by the end of the challenge, so my goal was just to work toward it. Again, I was going to count this as a failure, but because I have learned to think about what I say and I've come to recognize when I complain and have even stopped myself, I will give myself partial credit.

Grade: C (+.5 WIS, +2 CHA)


One final note: I was going to stay on level 3 and not level myself up. But I've changed my mind and here's why: I managed to run further and push myself harder than I ever have before and am now going to do something this weekend that I used to think was for other people, not for me. I have done Whole30 not once, but twice and have changed my habits for the better. I have become stronger than ever and I have learned to think before I speak. I've always had problems with speaking before thinking and I've come so far in that. Though I didn't do perfectly on my challenges, I have grown and I have learned. I had some difficulties due to a tragedy last week and it really was hard to bounce back from, but with the help of my fellow rebels, I have learned from the experience and have realized what I need to do to move forward. I think I have earned a level up.

Level 17 Half Kender Assassin
XP 1700


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1) This is a repeat from last time.  I want to be able to run a mile without stopping.  There was a time years ago when this was possible and it hasn't been for awhile.  I happen to know that the first two days of rehearsals start with a run that's about 3/4 of a mile with some steep hills and I don't want to finish last!

Guess what I just did today!  I ran a mile without stopping!  Yes, I know that it's technically the day after the challenge ended, but due to a minor ankle injury earlier this week, I moved my "test myself" day to today.  And lo and behold, it happened!  Yay!  A+

2)  I want to get stronger so that I can do the heavy lifting required of me this summer and ensure that my leg muscles are up for the intense dance rehearsals that will be happening.  So, I'm committing to three beginner bodyweight workouts a week.  I'm not putting any specifics on this.  Obviously every other day is best, but I need some flexibility or they'll never happen.


Excluding my freebie vacation week, I missed three workouts of the 15 throughout the challenge, most near the end.  So, I'm giving myself a 80% or B- for this goal.

3)  I'm going to track my water intake.  I'm pretty good at drinking water, except for if I'm drinking a lot of coffee or something because I have a long day.  However, I need to be more aware of exactly how much so that I can survive a summer of no air conditioning without getting sick.


Success!  I tracked my water intake every day and it helped me become so much more aware of how my body functions when I don't have enough.  The couple days I only had 3 or 4 cups, I could definitely tell.  A+

4) As part of my contract, I'm understudying the three biggest female parts, which means I have a lot of lines to memorize.  By the end of the challenge, I want to have all of Rebekah Galloway's lines memorized.  She not only has the most, but there'll also ones that I don't know as well from last summer because I was never in her scenes.  I also have a tour script to memorize at some point, so if I can get her lines out of the way, it'll be a good chunk.


Not only did I memorize all of Rebecca's lines, but I also memorized all of her mother's lines as well!  I'm not completely word perfect (meaning every single word, down to "the" and "a/an" is perfect), but am pretty darn close and definitely will be by the time I leave as I'll keep reviewing them several times a week.  A++


Overall, I'm giving myself an A for this challenge.  It was definitely successful and, while I still have a lot of work to do to in the next 4 1/2 weeks, I'm well on my way to being Tecumseh! ready.


Theatresara: Wig Stylist and Interactive Performer extraordinaire 


Current Challenge Thread   http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/73790-theatresara-joins-the-scouts/


Main Quest:  Lose 30 Pounds

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Goal #1: Sign up and Complete a month of Parkour Training at San Diego United Sports:


Grade:  Grade Explanation: Obtained information on class schedules, and saved money to sign up, however not enough for transportation to cover me an entire month.


(+1 Wisdom)


Goal # 2: Run 4.2 miles (I explained 2.1 x 2 around the block) continuously.


Grade: C Grade Explanation: Most ran was 2.1 miles without stopping with a .25 mile hillsprint.


(+2 Stamina)


Goal # 3:  Increase max Push-ups to 55 and increase max Pull-ups to 10


Grade: Grade Explanation: Max Push-ups: 41; Max Pull-ups: 7


(+2 Strength)


Goal #4:  Perform 10 Consecutive Sprints


Grade: C Grade Explanation: Max Consecutive Sprints: 6 (Weak 7th)


(+2 Dexterity)


Life Goal: Write 5,000 words in Sci-Fi Novel


Grade: D- Grade Explanation: 1,153 / 5,000 Words Written

Race: Deva | STR: 5  DEX: 4  STA: 4  CON: 3  WIS: 4  CHA: 2

! = Inactive ! = Active/Non-Focus ! = Active/Main Focus

Wizard Lv. 5 Monk Lv. 1 Assassin Lv. 2 

CURRENT CHALLENGE: ZachAcid - Tutorial Finished: C! Next Phase: Conditioning

BATTLE LOG: Experience Box (BLLVL: 2)

PROGRAMMING: Reshaping My Body for Parkour

QUEST: The Quest of A Buddha



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Grade: F

Copy/pasted from my challenge thread:

Last time around I bit off a little more than I could chew. I still made awesome progress, but I feel like I didn't get anywhere because I was trying to do all the things. Workouts were taking upwards of 2 hours and I wasn't having a lot of fun because who wants to spend 2 hours a day working themselves into the ground? You know? So this challenge, the dream is lofty, but the GOALS will break it down and let me get there one step at a time. So for this challenge the motto is:

Keep It Simple Stupid!

A little background:

The new camp I'm in is still under construction in some places, the gym being one of them :mad-new: , So at least for the duration of this challenge, and probably into the beginning of the next one, I'll have basically nothing but a small patch of floor to work with.

Goal 1

I've become rather interested in yoga lately, and it seems like a great way to get a lot of the benefits I'm looking for. So I'll be incorporating Yoga into my day, probably first thing in the morning. I've found a solid looking introduction-type-thing, and I look forward to doing that. It's a 30 day guide, so I'll give myself the entire challenge to do it once, allowing for a good number of days when I don't do the program, for whatever reason.

Goal: complete 30 day yoga guide. +4DEX

Goal 2

I've been on MyFitnessPal for a while now, and since I've become more enlightened about the nutritional value and caloric load of what I eat, I've been allowing my diet to slip while rationalizing it by saying "but I'll still under my calories for the day." So I'm going to cut that out. It's not always possible for me to eat 100% paleo, so this goal will limit my junk-food to only one day a week. Probably Saturday. Non-paleo food will be allowed whenever as long as I don't grossly overshoot my calorie limit for the day.

Goal: Limit junk food to 1 day per week. +4CON

Goal 3

I'm in the process of finding a good workout to do while I'm in camp and I think I almost got it nailed down, so I'll post it when I finally have it. but basically this goal is about just WORKING OUT. I've been doing a workout the last week, but I only put in a half effort and don't really break a sweat, so I'll be doing 3 sets of my circuit every other day while I'm in camp. that's all. I'll tweak it as I need to to hit areas I feel are lacking.

Goal: Do three circuits every other day while in camp.+1STR, +2STA

Life Goal

Last challenge this goal was "Find the Magic" Which I love. But I've come to realize that the Magic can NEVER be found, it can only be sought. So this goal is about getting out of my comfort zone and staying there. When I'm at home and able to, I will NOT workout in the traditional way. I will seek my fitness from things like swimming, climbing, and my new workout buddy wants me to try hot-yoga with her. And she wants to go climbing! I have LITERALLY NO EXCUSE not to rock the socks off of this goal!

Goal: Get FUN exercise while at home. +2WIS, +2CHA

Also, a rather Important day is coming up soon-ish and I'm planning something special to celebrate :D

Well its wrap up time. Well I'm not going to do a full breakdown or each individual goal. Basically it amounts to this:

I failed. I started out pretty strong and absolutely killed it for the first part of the challenge, but then I hit a wall. And it took me until last night to realize what happened. Somewhere in the last 3 or so weeks I got complacent. I admitted defeat. I suppose by rights I COULD award half points for the half of the challenge that I owned, but to my way of thinking, the overall goal is to be improved at the end of the challenge from where I started. And I'm totally not. If anything I've fallen behind.

Lesson's Learned:

Don't stop working out. I think that's what did me in. That and the diet. I allowed myself to slacken my control and it just all slipped away. I stopped working out, I started eating LOADS of carbs, I gorged on desserts. Basically every day for the last 3 weeks has been cheat day.

Moving Forward:

Get back on a workout schedule.

Begin stretching every morning.

Get diet squared away.

Church out.

"Oh, fear not in a world like this, And thou shalt know erelong, Know how sublime a thing it is, To suffer and be strong."  - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -

Battle Log - MyFitnessPal - FitBIt

To get something you've never had, you have to become someone you've never been.

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This is a repost from my challenge thread. I also put some before and afters in my challenge post:


Challenge Wrap Up
Eat Primal/Paleo
I rocked this goal. I ate very health and even got close to what I should probably have for my macros. On my next challenge I will really go for the macros. A+
Lose 1" from my waist
I killed this. I actually went down to 36.75" so I lost 2.25" from my waist. A+!

I also dropped to my lowest weight since I was about 21 at 188.
Workout 3X a week
I killed this one too. I worked out 3X a week plus additional walks and runs. A+
Sprint/run 1X a week
This I did not do so well on. I don't love running so I guess that was a dumb goal for me. I did it some of the weeks, not all. I am going to go with
a C for this.
Measurement Stats Update:
Neck 14.75" +.25
Bicep 14"  +0
Forearm 11.5" +0
Chest 38.25" +.25 
Waist 36.75"  -2.25
Hips 40.5" -.5
Thigh 24" +0
Calf 15.75 +0

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Base camp of Mt. Midoriyama


Goal 1: (+2.75 Str, +1.75 Sta)

"By air, land and sea -the strength to persist, the courage to endure and the power to defend"~Churchill

Strengthen the body  4.5 times a week: So close! AAAARRRGGGHHHHhhhhh!

Rock Gym (Air) Advanced BW workout or TRX workout (Land) / Swimming (Sea)

A) 27 workouts / A-/B+) 26 workouts B ) 25 workouts / C) 23 workouts / D) 21 workouts


Goal Two: (+4 Dex)

"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or the willow survives by bending with the wind." ~Bruce Lee

Wind in the willow 4 times a week: Rocked it! Clubs were fun and yoga has been helping flexibility quite a bit.

Yoga / Indian clubs / stretching (20 min.) / foam roller

A+) 32 blade of grass A) 24 willow / B ) 23 bamboo / C) 22 pine / D) 21 balsa


Goal Three: (+2 Wis, +2 Cha)

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens" ~ Jimi Hendrix

Got off to an excellent start with spanish for the last challenge but wanted to expand options and continue to exercise my brain with all my other bits.

Free your mind 4 times a week for 30 min.: Spanish was an easy habit and lumosity a nice break, still working on musical motivation

Spanish / Lumosity / Practice the Uke

A) 24 mind meld / B ) 23 brain food / C) 22 mind pleaser / D) 21 noggin' teaser 


Goal Four: (+0 Con)

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude.†― Julia Child

I am lucky enough to have an excellent cook in the household and my effort at assisting or improving my own skills has been lackluster to say the least.  Cook or prepare at least 2 meals a week: All things considered this was a pretty ambitious goal, bombed it but you gotta start somewhere.

A) 12 meals / B ) 11 meals / C) 10 meals / D) 9 meals / F) 9>X


Overall pretty happy with the challenge but ready to crank up the workout intensity for the next challenge an continue to break out of my comfort zone and into awesomeness.  (I only slightly apologize for the eye searing rave green, big Sounders fan)

Paradox, Humor, Change



Level Four Half-Elf Ninja (Assassin/Monk)

Str: 15.25 l Dex: 12.25 l Sta: 10.25 l Con: 5 l Wis: 10 l Cha: 7


"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." -Albert Einstein

Ninja Gecko Profile / Battle Chronicles

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Challenge #1 Summary


1. Do a body weight work out 3 times per week (total of 18 workouts)

Possible: 3 STR, 2 STA

    I did all three workouts for all 6 weeks for a total of 18 workouts. I'm really proud of myself. I did them even when it meant doing them at 11 pm, because some days, that was just what needed to happen.

Grade: A

Points Awarded: 3 STR, 2 STA



2. Every time I do a body weight work-out I will do at least 1 more rep than last time OR increase the difficulty of the exercise

Possible: 1 STR, 1 STA, 1 CHA, 1 DEX

    I'm only going to look at progress on the exercises that I did consistently throughout the 6 weeks. Also, these are just how many I can do in one set because I didn't consistently do three sets.

  • Plank - Start 25 sec - End 53 sec - doubled my time, WIN - A
  • Push-ups - Start 10 really horrible form push-ups on my countertop - End 8 really awesome push-ups on my countertop - Win - B
  • Clam - Start Wk 2 at 15 each leg - End 45 with each leg - WIN - A
  • Lying Abduction - Start Wk 2 at 12 each leg (bad form too) - End 45 with each leg in good form - WIN - A
  • Body Weight Squats - Start 20 (not sure how good the form was) - End 27 - Numbers were all over the place for squats, I feel like my legs are stronger though - TIE - C
  • Wall Sits - Start Wk 5 at 20 sec, End Wk 6 at 30 seconds - WIN - A
  • Lunges - Start 7 each leg - End 20 each leg - did something weird to my left leg and had to lay off the lunges for a week, but still finished strong going from my max of 15 to 20 in my last workout - WIN - A
  • Dumbbell Rows - Start 20 reps with 10 lbs - End 7 reps with 20 lbs followed by 20 reps with 8 lbs - definite progress made - Win - B
  • Resistance Band Pull-backs - Start Wk 5 at 10 - End Wk 6 at 20 - Great progress in a short amount of time - WIN - A

If I calculate the GPA using number of weeks like credit hours I get a GPA of 3.45. I'm gonna give myself a B+ for this goal. I worked really hard, and used the goal to push myself for the extra rep each time even when I would have rather just been lazy. And more often than not, I was actually able to do that extra rep.

Grade: B+

Points Awarded: 0.75 STR, 0.75 STA, 0.75 CHA, 0.75 DEX



3. Do a real push-up with good form

Possible: 3 STR

     So I definitely underestimated how fast I could put on upper body strength. But I did push-ups during every body weight workout and focused on form a lot. My form was absolutely terrible when I started. It wasn't till about a week ago that my form was excellent and consistent on my 36" countertop. Today I tried a push up on the ground. I was able to go down about 3 inches and back up in good form. It isn't exactly what I hoped to achieve but I'm so proud of the progress I made.

Grade: B-

Points Awarded: 2 STR



4. Do at least 15 min of cleaning, picking up, hanging up clothes in my apartment per day (helping Mom & grandparents when home) 42 days possible

Possible: 3 WIS

      I achieved this goal 40/42 days for the challenge. This was a 95%. But my roommate said to me yesterday that he didn't want this challenge to end because he wanted me to keep doing my 15 min per day. He said that the apartment felt cleaner more consistently which was exactly the point of my goal. I cleaned at 1 am when I felt like going to sleep and I cleaned when I got home and was so tired that I just wanted to curl up with a good book. And it felt good!

Grade: A

Points Awarded: 3 WIS



Overall Grade: A-

I felt like I did great. This was exactly what I needed. I got back into a routine. I feel better. I look better. My back hurts less. I'm soooo much happier. I can't wait for the next challenge to start!

Level 7 Half-Elf Assassin
STR: 22.5 | DEX: 13.75 | STA: 15.75 | CON: 18.5 | WIS: 17 | CHA: 12
Challenges: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Unchallenge, Seventh

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SOOO to sum up:

Goal 1 do All the burpees... A = STA +3, STR +2

Goal 2 go outside ... A = CON +3, CHA +1

Goal 3 PASS!! Yay pull-ups! = STR +2, DEX +2

Goal 4 write/ call... A = WIS +1, CHA +1

All in all I feel very good about this whole challenge my favorite accomplishment is getting my first pull-up , but a close second was talking to grandma more often. I'm definitely keeping this part of my life!

Onward and forward!

Overall grade - A


Lvl 6 Hobbit Assassin

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"A vision of a champion is someone who is bent over drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when no one else is watching. "– Anson Dorrance

My kick in the Pants, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5


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Here's my scores!



  1. "the Tale of The Man who was Born Upside Down!" OR kick into a Handstand Back-to-Wall I still haven't gotten this down. At best, I've just gotten past the fear of attempting it, by making a frog stance and getting my butt as high in the air as possible, that's something, but not enough to get a completion, so that'd be a C grade. Points awarded: Dex +1 
  2. "Here's the story of the Man Who Lived In the Trees!" OR 15 Pull-ups without stopping Goal achieved!! I was able to do this on 2 separate occasions, so as to confirm that this was strength and not a fluke/adrenaline, A+! Points awarded: Str +2 Sta +2
  3. "OOO! I got one! The Epic of the Man Who Escaped From the Narrow Valley." OR 25 dips without stopping, This goal was completed only on 1 occasion, however due to the difficulty of achieving it, I'm giving it an A! Points awarded: Str +2 Sta +2
  4. "OK Now let me play for you!" OR learn Piano Chords and play Pachebel's Canon,  
    Points awarded: Dex +2 Wis +2

C + A + A + A = 88% = B+ So close to a total challenge completion!

Level 25 Final Fantasy Rebel

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Str: 60 | Dex: 23 | Sta: 66 | Con: 28 | Wis: 55 | Cha: 14

Goals for 2021:

  • Build my brother a Destiny 2 Lamp
  • Learn how to do a Handstand
  • Play 1 song on the acoustic guitar
  • Clean up the Christmas Decorations and finish setting up my apartment (hang things up, plus some other few things that need to be organized)
  • Re-introduce Pull-ups into my routine
  • Build a shelving unit next to my Desk

"No matter what, if you can hold your head up high, you've done the right thing."

"When you stand with your family, your family stands with you."

"Write what needs to be written."

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Final Results


Improve flexibility and skills

2 submissions completed and did 4 weeks for the third one.

Grade: 100% / A

Attributes: +2 DEX

Improve strength

1 submission completed. Did 12 body weight workouts within a month.

Week 1: 2

Week 2: 4

Week 3: 3

Week 4: 3

Grade: 100% / A

Attributes: +5 STR

Improve endurance

1 submission completed! Cycled for 15 minutes straight.

Grade: 100% / A

Attributes: +5 STA

Improve eating habits

Not completed... However managed 6 out of 7 days.

Grade: 86% / B+

Attributes: 1*86% = +0.9 CON, 2*86% = +1.7 WIS


I'm incredibly happy with this challenge!! Look at all the pretty grades! *sparkley eyes*

So overall I'd give myself an A- for this challenge :D *cheers*

"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection"

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Sif rises once more (~2020): 1

The Return of Sif (~2018): 1, 2, 34567, 8

The Age of Kibcy (~2012/13): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 89


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Overall I would give myself an A. My goals weren't very ambitious mostly based on habit forming rather than power and my challenge was only 2.5 weeks instead of 6 :)



Activate Hard(er) Mode(+1 STA, +.5 CON): Park further away and take the stairs.  At least 4 days a week park in the upper levels of the parking garage (6-8) and take the stairs instead of the elevator in the garage.  Take stairs up to office(14th floor) at least once per week.  - A-(a couple days I worked from home but other than that I was able to complete this as stated)

Eat Real Food(+1 CON): Eat paleo(+dairy) at least 20 meals per week, and drink no more than 3 diet sodas per week. - A

Work Out(+1 STR, +1 DEX): Complete and log a workout 3 times per week.  Work on progressing each week to more reps/sets/circuits.  - A 

Knock Out the Fat! (+.5 CHA): Decrease Body fat percentage by at least .5% - Down 1.5% A+

                 Level 3 Half-Ogre-Mage Assassin

STR: 16.5 | DEX: 10 | STA: 6 | CON: 12.5 | WIS: 6.8 | CHA: 3.5

                    Challenges: Current |  #3 | #2 | #1


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Very much unimpressed with my results this challenge. I let moving and a mildly depressed funk distract me from giving it my all.

Morning routine:

Starting at 84 points:

70-84 = a

60-70= b

50-60= c

<50= f

Using lift app to keep track, so I can easially look at my stats and not miss something.

+ 2 CON, + 3 STR

Ended with 71 points, therefore an A. I feel like this was my only strong point this challenge. In fct, it kind of got me though some insanity so Routines FTW. 2 CON, 3 STR

5k time

My god I can't get this one together.

Still 5k. This time on a sliding scale.

Sub 30 = a

Sub 32 = b

Sub 34 = c

Anything else = f

+3 STA

Got a 36 minute mile. I'm unimpressed. F.

Solo swing dance:

6 = a

5 = b

4 = c

<4 = f

+2 DEX, +3 CHA

Learned 5 moves. B. 1.5 DEX 2 CHA

Alone time:

Six hours throughout challenge = a

5 hours = b

4 hours = c

<4 = f

+ 3 WIS

Achieved my six hours, plus some, I think I ended at 10 or 11.


2 A's, a B, and an F. I'm feeling a C this time around. I will have to remedy this slackage next challenge.

Bounty Hunter Jedi Assasin

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My final results:


1. Pistols and pull-ups - this goes with "moving upward in a quick motion." I'm working toward doing a real pull-up, and an unassisted pistol squat. This takes 3 bodyweight workouts a week. 
Success! Still don't quite have a pull-up, and pistols are still coming along - both of these have improved significantly, and I missed only one workout this entire challenge. 2 STR, 2 DEX

2. Springs are stretchy. I am not, and I keep skipping stretching sessions. If I ever want to be able to hold an L-sit, my hamstrings are going to have to get looser. 3 stretching sessions a week. 
Again, success! Got my hands down to half-flat on the floor in a standing hamstring stretch, and generally spent more time working on getting stretchy. 2 CON, 2 DEX

3. 5-ball cascade - flowing like water from a spring. I can juggle 5 balls. Briefly. I want to make that much more stable and confident, and learn at least 1 5-ball trick. 3 juggling practices a week. Juggling club counts only if I actually work on 5-ball for more than the weekly competition. 
Semi-success - I did all my practices, but this hasn't progressed as much as I wanted it to. I have caught a trick in 5-ball a couple times now, so that's an improvement. I get full points for effort, though. 3 DEX, 1 CHA

4. Spring cleaning - I have a lot of small house projects that I need to pay attention to - building the tv stand last challenge made me aware of the end table covered in random stuff in my living room, half my tools are still in the hall closet despite the fact that I have a perfectly good workshop in the basement, my bike needs a rack instead of getting in the way, the table in my studio is still covered in screenprinting materials from a project three months ago... Anyway, 6 areas cleared/organized or house projects done by end of challenge gets me 2 CHA and 1 CON. 
Agh, not quite there. Did the end table, the studio desk, the bike, removed my screen door, and re-weatherstripped the front door, but that's 5, not 6. I'm deducting a CHA point for that one.


Random non-scored goals that carried from previous challenges - working on handstands, no more than 3 Cokes a week, swimming 3 times a week. Kept on with all 3 of these, feeling good! Overall, A- for this challenge.

So, adding STR: 2, DEX: 7, CON: 3, CHA : 2, my new stats are: STR: 18 | DEX: 19 | STA: 13.75 | CON: 13 | WIS: 14 | CHA: 11 

Level 13 Elven Assassin
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Copied and pasted from my challenge thread:

Challenge Summary:


Goal #1 : Do the Rite of Passage Workout from Enter the Kettlebell faithfully. I am going to , at least for 6 weeks, faithfully stick to the workout as described in the book. This means cleans and presses 3 x a week, kettlebell swings 2x aweek, and snatches (I may replace with high pulls though) 1 x a week edit: I still need practice on snatches so instead of doing the workout I will just practice 2-3 days a week, more GTG style


Did the Kb workouts 3x a week, and did them as prescribed in the book: A , full points awarded


Points possible STR 4


Goal #2 -Hold on- Work on my holds-


1)Increase time on my pull up hold to 30 seconds current 13 sec.-complete A-held for 30 sec

2) hollow hold- be able to hold a hollow hold for 45 seconds current 20 sec-complete A-held for 45 sec

3) superman hold be able to hold superman hold for 30 seconds current 12 sec-complete thanks to mini challenge- A

4) consistently hold crow for 45 seconds- extra kudo's if I can make a few 60 seconds along the way current usually about 30 can hit 45 sec sometimes-8//9 times- could have done the 9th, just sorta forgot oops A-


This was a stetch goal for me.I wasn't sure if I could do all these. Looking at it now makes me proud. Well earned A;full points earned


Points possible 3 DEX


Goal #3 Be assassin lean Giving up the protein powder shakes. I am going to see how my body reacts when I do away with this. I need to eat more to have the strength the KB, but my body comp looks squishier than I'd like. I'm going to substitute the shakes for real food and see what that does.


Scoring is tough because I think I will always have an opportunity to have something besides a shake. Just need to prep and not opt out

no slip ups a week = A

1 slip up a week = B

more than that= fail

4/6 weeks = A 2/6 weeks= B final grade A- points awarded 3.5

Points possible 4 CON


Life Goal :Adventure: Get my passport; I need to be prepared to go on an adventure at any moment , and the first step to that is having a current passport. This is either a pass or fail . Unless something that is beyond my control happens like they refuse to offer me a passport even though I applied :rapture:

Keeping it under control: Keep up with the daily zone work at flylady.net.

Scoring: at least 4 out of 5 days: A

3 days B

2 days C

passport obtained! Flylady 5 out out 6 weeks did at least 4 days l giving me A's for that week. Last week 3 out of 4 days making that week a B. Overall A ; full points awarded

Points Possible 4 CHA


Happy with how I did this challenge. Stuck with my workout program.worked on my holds, and managed to stay away from the protein powder for the most part. I'm thinking I am going to keep doing without protein powder. It just gives me added sugar, and I am trying to really get rid of the sugar except for occasional treats.


I participated in all the mini challenges. The only one I didn't participate much in was the meditation, and I have done it on other challenges and determined meditation isn't a big priority for me. I did great on the glute challenge, and the flying challenge helped me figure out how to do the superman hold correctly.


Overall grade = A

Points Awarded



CON 3.5




Mini-Challenge #1 - Hike to the top of the sorcerer's tower, +1 STA


Mini-Challenge #2 - Fill in your spandex pants, +1 CHA


Mini-Challenge #3 - Learn to fly with the Adventurers, +1 STR


Mini-Challenge #4 - Practice agility and balance on the path to the town, +1 DEX


Mini-Challenge #5 - Use meditation and stances to infiltrate, +.5WIS


Mini-Challenge #6 - Reverse gravity, +1 DEX


Wisdom 18   Dexterity 11   Charisma 12   Strength 16  Constitution-12

Elastigirl Endeavors, Experiments, , and Explains - Current Challenge: May 9 to June 12 - Nerd Fitness Rebellion

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Summary Time :)


Overall - B-ish


1.) Maxed out at 10 pushups per set - short of my goal (25/set) BUT maintained my pre-surgery count. C

2.) Jogging a 5k - Zero'd out on this one! F

3.) Eliminating processed foods - Really happy here! A

4.) Writing space - Another success! A


Lesson learned -


Goals are achieved DAILY. It's amazing to look back and see that I didn't get my jogging in - For 6 weeks!  Those weeks were made up of 42 daily choices - and those choices add up to goal achievement, nor not.


I rocked 2 really important goals - yeah me!


I overcame my post-surgery fear of attempting something physical (pushups) while healing.  I didn't expect this fear so it was a very interesting process to work through.


I'm happy and ready for the next challenge!

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STR 2 * DEX 2 * STA 2 * CON 3 * WIS 3 * CHA 3


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Official Results: 


Original Goals were: 

100 push-ups - 71 push-ups (increase of 30) B- , (1 STA) 

100 overhead squats - COMPLETED, (increase of 60), A, (1 STA+1 STR) 

22 pull-ups - 17 pull-ups, (increase of 2), B- 

3 minute plank - COMPLETED, (increase of 2 minutes) A, (2 STA+1 CHA) 

100 sit-ups - 40 sit-ups, (increase of 0), F 

25 dips - COMPLETED, A, (1 STR) 

Swim 1/2 a mile or more - Not attempted, DNF 

Do one muscle-up - F 

10% body fat - 19% body fat (no change) D

170 lbs - 185lbs (loss of 5 lbs) D

Eat completely Paleo - I had a week or so where I totally blew it, and overall I ate healthy, just not Paleo, D 

Les Miserables - Not even started, F 

The Call of the Wild - COMPLETED, A (1 WIS) 

White Fang - COMPLETED, A (1 WIS) 

A Study in Scarlet - COMPLETED, A (1 WIS) 

The Hounds of the Baskervilles - COMPLETED, A (1 WIS) 


Overal stats: 

Goals attempted: 16

Goals completed: 7 

Total points accumulated: 4 WIS, 4 STA, 1 STR, 1 CHA 



I probably was a little too ambitious with this challenge and picked a few goals that weren't realistically achievable (muscle up and all Paleo were the two big ones). 

Upper body is coming along nicely, and my reps are steadily increasing. The next area I need to target is my abdominal section, mainly by eating right and doing a lot more planks, sit-ups and other exercises to really get that part of my body in shape. 



A pretty good challenge, with about a 40% success rate. I learned my weaknesses and my strengths, what to work on and what I'm good at. I also realized the power of motivation and how to push myself to succeed. Big things to come! 


Grade: B-

STR - 9 DEX - 10 STA - 12 CON - 6 WIS - 12.5 CHA - 5 Level 4 Assassin Soldier 


Current Challenge: "Becoming Oliver Queen: Part 1" 

Battle Log: "Will You Commit Yourself to This Program?" 

Epic Quest: "The List" (coming soon!) 


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Goals -


1 - Climbing Trees(2 St 3 Dex):


2 -  Parkour (2 St, 2 Dex 1 Con) -


3 - 20 Burpees( 1 st, 1 dex, 1 con) -


4 - Weekly Work Plan (2 Wis) I'm


F for all! I basically stopped doing this challenge, partly because of physical issues(goruck taking over my life), partly because of mental(goruck taking over my life)  and mostly because of priority.. yay! lol

Assassin: Rank: 6 (Disciple) STR: 10 DEX: 20 STA: 7 CON: 6 WIS: 6 CHA: 5
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