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Assassins, report! How did you do?


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1.    Run 3 miles a week (does not have to be done in one day) STA4

Result: Ran 19.5 miles, 1.5 miles more than the goal

Grade: A+, Points +4 STA

2.    Complete 6 weeks of You Are Your Own Gym (Weeks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of the Beginner level) STR6

Result: Completed 26 out of 28 workouts

Grade: B+, Points +5 STR


3.    Drink 64 oz of water a day CON3

Result: Didn’t do well here.  Met this goal 26 out of 42 days = 61%

Grade: C+, Points +1 CON


4.    Life Goal: Complete my taxes 1 month early by 3/15/13. WIS2

Result: Erk, another miss.  I didn’t send my taxes in until 4/9/13 – 23 days past the deadline.  No points earned.

Grade: F, Points 0


I completed 3 of the 6 mini challenges for +1 STA, +1 CHA, and +1 WIS.


Overall: Very glad I finished the drill with you all.  Consistency and follow through were the keys for me and I like the progress I made.  It's propelling me forward to the next challenge.  I'm grading this as a B-.

Check out my still-fighting-it-battle-log 

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Challenge 3 Wrap up:


Ended up ditching 4 of the goals along the way.  They were:

-Road Marching



-Complicated Movement


The road marching was taking time away from my running and there seemed to be a lot of overlap anyway.  Besides, the team I signed up for to do the Nijmegen March with failed for lack of participation, so I'm scrambling to find another before its too late to register.  

Diet and alcohol.  These were all about slimming the belly.  I figured that I could burn off the grains with the increased intensity of my workouts.  So far I'm right.  

Complicated movement...absolutely no interest at this point.  One of those "I ought to do this to be a well rounded individual" goals.  You can see how far that got me:)


So that's pretty much four zeros on the 4.0 scale.  Excuse me while I get a tissue...OK, I'm better now.  On to more positive areas.


-Mobility:  Could have been more diligent.  I hit these drills 28 out of 42 days.  I figure that's 66% (help me out here math wizards), or a 2.6.

-German:  A little better.  35 out of 42 days.  83% for a 3.3.

-Body Weight Exercises:  Very much on track.  13 for 15 days.  86% or a 3.4

-Run:  15 for 15.  100% =4.0


Not too inspiring.  I gotta wonder what I was thinking when I missed the Mobility and German days.  But now I get to the cool stuff:)


-Did a 7 day buddy fast with Happienumber!  I'll call that a 4.0 because buddy points are just cool:)

-Made Obax laugh hard enough to scare her cat and I got Aeryn doing an endless loop of "Dynamite":)  Not sure if this counts as buddy points or evil activity, so I won't score it, just put it out there for "honorable mention".

-Family contact:  Leaving out the vacation visit, I made 12 contacts instead of the targeted 6.  200% for a 4.0.

-Personal Records.  Lots of them this time.  

     -Got up to 50 reps x 3 sets of Bulgarian Split Squats with each leg.  Didn't think this was going to be impossible, just unlikely.

     -Felt frisky and did 150 reps of Bulgarian Split Squats with each leg.  I figured the worst that could happen was I'd fall down      and feel stupid.  But I didn't.

     -Got cocky and did 200 reps of Bulgarian Split Squats with each leg.  Why not?  At this point I was feeling like an action hero:)

     -Ran 20 miles for the first time in my life.  I did not feel like an action hero.

     -Ran 28 miles in an Ultra event.  Once again, I did not feel like an action hero.  I did, however, feel like a rock star:)


I'm thinking the PRs cancel the ditched goals.  You can think of this in equivalence terms physically and be right enough.  Its just as accurate to observe that the focus it took to PR came from the ditched goals.


OK.  More math.  Taking off my shoes.  

[(4.0 x 3) + 3.4 + 3.3 + 2.6] = 21.3.  

21.3/24 = .88  

.88 x 4 = 3.5


3.5 sounds like an "A" to me.  If some of my mathematically oriented friends could show me the error of my ways I'd appreciate it.  Its been awhile.



Noticed after the fact that I hadn't assigned attribute points for this challenge in my summary. So, belatedly:

"Don't you have anything better to do with your time?"  Body Weight Exercise Achievements:  +3 strength (I figure one for each PR)

"Run like 'Forest' Achievement":  + 2 stamina (again one for each PR)

"Got your back buddy":  + 1 wis for hanging in there with Happienumber for the fast.

"Sliver" Achievement:  + 6.5 charisma for getting under Wolverine's skin:)  (So, can I claim "Jerk" as a title?)

Gotta admit, this was a savory challenge:)

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Debrief: now at 5.5 STR 3.5 STA 10.3 CON 6 DEX 4.55 WIS 3 CHA and Level 3

Challenge the 2nd: Reconnaissance, support, & escalation  

Support (Nutrition): CON 2 - Done! Bam. +2 CON attribute points

    Supplement with Ultimate GreenZone two meals a day and an omega fatty acid once a day. 

Reconnoitre (Nutrition): WIS 3 -Tracked for a week and a half, or 75% of the total time. +2.25 WIS attribute points

    Track calories using Calorie Count (provided I have web access) for 2 consecutive challenge weeks (Mar 4 - Mar 17, inclusive). 

    Track one macronutrient (carbs?) for the same time period.

Support & Escalate (Fitness): STR 2 STA 2 +.5STR +.5STA

    Build on 1st challenge workout habits:       

        A: Move up a level in Rebel Fitness Guide during week 2 or 3 of this challenge. Nope, couldn't b/c of back; modified goal: work as hard as possible w/exercises I can do. - meh. +.125 each STR and STA

        B: Hold myself back in the intervals dept. - couldn't run b/c of back

        C: Have an injury-free challenge - started out challenge w/an injury, so unrealistic goal. no points

            evaluate back and shins once a week and report in challenge thread update each Friday - nope

            do back exercises at bedtime - yes, 50% of the time. another +.125 points each

            never skip a stretching session post-exercise - done! +.25 each

            ice and massage shins post running workouts  - n/a

Reconnoitre & Escalate (Lifestyle): CON 3 WIS 3 - CON +1.3 WIS +1.3

    Sleep hygiene

        A: Decide upon morning & bedtime routines in less than 2 weeks - done; +1 each CON and WIS attribute point

        B: Practice routines at least once a week in weeks 3-6 - nope, 0 points

        C: Track sleep (and other factors) daily using Optimism app - done 1/3 of the challenge time; +.3 each CON and WIS attribute point


Wow, what a challenge. Did not go as planned at all. Still dealing w/my (healing, thankfully) sacro-illiac joint but I've been more active in the past 2 weeks than I was the rest of the challenge. I feel like I dealt fairly well w/the upset - tried to listen to my body, tried somewhat to keep active w/in the confines of letting the injury heal - but in other ways it really knocked me for a loop. Had a couple very rough weeks mentally and kind of shut down on the whole challenge. Tracking food just wasn't helpful at all - an anxiety inducer, if anything. I may try it again, but I seem to work better with putting a bunch of vegetables on my plate and adding a bit of meat then eating lots of fruit between times. Another factor which contributed to this challenge going haywire is that I had too much going on in it. (For me, I mean - not for other hyper-capable people.) Should have kept it simpler and smaller. 


I was going to sit out the next challenge - but I feel like I did so abysmally this time I kind of want to redeem myself. I've found trying to keeping active on the boards is more anxiety-inducing than helpful at this point; I'm still cheering for y'all from my little corner, but I probably won't peek out very often. 


Was very proud of myself for participating in the mini-challenges as much as possible, though! That was fun. :) Points from that: +1 STA, +1 CHA, +1 WIS. Cool!

"You're not in it to get Most [Recognized Rebel Ever]. You're not in it to be eligible for prizes. You're in this because you made a promise to yourself and you refuse to let you down. Walk the talk. And even when you don't talk much, make the walk so powerful that it leaves no room for questions - from inside or out." -note to self

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Intro post~Challenge 1~Challenge 2~Challenge 3~Challenge 4~DATALOG: E2O's transformation

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Wrapping up the travel-heavy month:


Goal 1:  There's more to the hotel gym than the hot tub:  Ran the seawall every morning while staying on Granville Island, ran around Canada Place and the stadium while staying downtown, played feats of strength with co-worker at the hotel gym.  And used the hot-tub, of course! ;)  +2STA +1 STR


Goal 2:  Get outside (and not just between meetings): Merged with #1, so no points here.


Goal 3:  Beast time while at home:  Muddy pawprints all around!  +1 STA +1 STR


Goal 4: Get organized:  Inways made re: Vendor project, and Site translation project at 90%.  +2 WIS +1 CHA



#5 (+1 WIS) and #3 (+1 STR)

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STR 26 | DEX 13 | STA 19 | CON 7 | WIS 14 | CHA 14





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So, I've been a little busy recently and have gone MIA from the forums.... apologies! two kids, crazy season at work, wifey about to graduate, etc... all my time is basically taken. That being said, Ill grade myself for this past challenge.

Goal 1: Sleep: A. Reward: +2 STA + 1 Cons. - I smoked this part of my challenge.... New bed time is 11:30, up by 6:45 each morning... I love not rushing to get to work. I feel more energized and alert all day.

Goal 2: Exercise: C Reward: +1.5 Dex, +1 Str - I did well for the first 4 weeks, but as work got busier, my workouts fell off. I've got a routine down, I just need to make sure not to miss!

Goal 3: Diet: A: Reward: +1 Wis, +1 Cons., + 1 STA - Did amazing... currently rocking ~90% paleo easy peasy!

Goal 4: Knowledge: B: Reward 2 WIS. - So i deviated from my initial plan.. I read almost 100% nonfiction... related to my next 6 week challenge.......

Overall I started strong, but finished weaker than I would like. I did make some very healthy lifestyle changes and I look to continue the progress into the next 6 weeks!

- Cheers

Wood Elf Assassin

Level 2

STR: 2 | DEX: 4.5 | STA: 5 | CON: 5 | WIS: 6 | CHA:3 |

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

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  1. Freestanding Handstand - Kicking up successful, even with both legs! I still haven't been able to maintain perfect positioning, but that's not what's required in this challenge, All that was required was being able to get my legs up there! was able to get it! A! Points awarded: +2 Sta and + 2 Str
  2. Plylometric Push-ups - Oh man! It took me a while, but I got it! I had to pause in the Push-up Position several times, in order to not let my body hit the ground, and my arms were both burning and losing feeling, but I got it! 30 = A! Points awarded: +2 Str
  3. Broad Jump - Ha ha ha! 6 feet 6 inches! in one attempt! This was just awesome! A+! Points awarded: +3 Str and +3 Dex for 6 feet
  4. Clean Room - Gah! I completely lost all steam for this! I made an EXCELLENT start, but then I fizzled out in the end, all that was left was the final Vaccuming and organizing my desk! Nuts! B-. Points awarded: +1 Wis and +1 Con

This is my summary!

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Goals for 2021:

  • Build my brother a Destiny 2 Lamp
  • Learn how to do a Handstand
  • Play 1 song on the acoustic guitar
  • Clean up the Christmas Decorations and finish setting up my apartment (hang things up, plus some other few things that need to be organized)
  • Re-introduce Pull-ups into my routine
  • Build a shelving unit next to my Desk

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"When you stand with your family, your family stands with you."

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Overall Grade: B+


There were some errors here and there, but I have improved my life greatly overall. Mistakes are part of the learning process, and I know myself better for them. Nothing better than mistakes to remind your ego to stay grounded.  I lost 2 inches all around, made significant strength gains considering what I have to work with, greatly improved my endurance, which was basically nothing to a great start towards something big, cleaned up a huge chunk of my diet, successfully finished going back to school from a dark place I was at for far too long, and just improved the lense of which I view life through. 


1. BW Training: A +3 STR, +1 DEX, +1 STA


June 7 (3 sets)

Squats - 15 reps

Incline Push-ups - 4 reps

Standing Lunges - 10 reps per leg

Dumbbell Rows - 15lb x 8 reps per arm

Plank - 20 sec.

Jumping Jacks - 30


July 14 (3 sets)

Squats - 28lb x 20 reps

Knee Push-ups - 10 reps

Standing Lunges - 28lb x 15 reps per leg

Dumbbell Rows - 28lb x 10 reps per arm

Plank - 70 sec.

Jumping Jacks - 40


First time I put those numbers next to each other. I'm seriously impressed with myself. I didn't realize I got that far.


2. No more juice/sugar drinks: A- +3 CON


I haven't had juice for a while, and it's 90% out of my system, mentally. I only get the craving when I don't eat lunch. I'm gonna eat lunch. My skin and mood have greatly improved (probably because of all the water I drink instead!)


3. Transition Back to Paleo: C- +1 CON


I'm giving myself some extra credit for successfully avoiding processed foods, which was my original intention. I still ate a bit of rice here, some soup noodles there, but overall I improved my diet. 


4. Make it to Math Class Every Time: B +2 WIS, +1 CHA


I missed a day during the middle of the challenge, but I also completely demolished the tests and especially the final. I'm glad to know I can handle a class that extreme. It will prepare me for going back to being a full-time student 6 weeks from now (hmm, just enough time for another challenge  :) I've also been a shut-in for about 8 months now, so "coming back into society" got rid of a lot of social barriers I tend to put between myself and others. 


5. Bonus! Cross-training Cardio Improvements: +2 STA


I didn't really mean for this to happen, but my overall endurance has greatly improved. I started biking 9 miles on my school days, and had a taste of the proper joys of running. It's kind of a pre-requisite for a goal in the next challenge~ So folks, I guess I'm level 2 now. Officially part of the pack. I cannot wait until the next challenge so I can start day one and follow the progress of others!

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