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*Required* End of challenge! Report in!

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Overall Results


In general I fell down completely the last two weeks of the challenge.  For Week 5 I was off work (between gigs) and out & about with my daughters a lot during their spring break and just didn't watch myself so much.  Pretty much the same story for Week 6 which was my first week back at HomeNet after a year long hiatus.  Went out to lunch each day to catch up with work buddies.  Went out for drinks and eats.  Didn't bother exercising beyond Haganah class - of which I had to skip 2 out of 6 because of goofy scheduling.  All in all a resounding "meh" for  a finish.  For all that I did manage to hit 3 of the mini challenges.


tl;dr I'm going to give myself a C for the whole show, which means multiplying earned stats increases by 0.5 to give me this:


  • Level 3 ---> 4
  • STR 8.1 ---> 9.6
  • DEX 5 ---> 6
  • STA 6 ---> 7 ---> 8
  • CON 4.8 ---> 5.3
  • WIS 8 ---> 9 ---> 11
  • CHA 6.3 ---> 7.3 ---> 7.8



Exercise & Diet

Goal #1 - Avoid the Booby Traps +3 CON

  • No more than 7 alcoholic beverages per week - 
  • No grains or rice whatsoever
  • French fries once per week at most

Goal #2 - Wake up every weekday at 5 am +1 WIS, +2 DEX, +2 STA

  • No more whining or lollygagging - just get up.
  • Every other day is for body weight strength training & dead lifts
  • Off days are for cardio - kettlebell swings & jumping rope; sprint training once the weather breaks

Goal #3 - Hit the Hundreds +3 STR

Goal #4 - Organize the Museum +3 WIS, +1 CHA

  • Dining room table
  • Kitchen - Baker's Rack
  • Garage
  • Kitchen - cabinets & pantry
  • Kids' rooms (storage & organization)

Earned treasure: Rebel Alliance insignia tattoo on right calf once body fat is below 25%

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And so ends my first (half) challenge.  I have traversed the area around the vault and now feel comfortable with where I stand.  Granted, I could do better with working out on a consistent basis, but I intend to make that part of my next challenge.


Perks gained:



  • Swift Feet (Rank 1) - In order to survive in the wasteland, you must be able to get away from a tight spot quickly and efficiently.  Try to run two miles at 5 mph or more without pausing on that treadmill you still have.  Everyone has to start somewhere, after all.  +1 DEX, +2 STA

REPORT:  Began walking 2 miles at 3 MPH.  Ended running 1.75 miles at 4.9 MPH. 



  • Cap  Collector (Rank 1) - If you are going to get anywhere in the dog-eat-radroach world of the wastes, you are going to have to have some means of trading with others.  Saving up 1000 caps ($1500) should do the trick.  +2 WIS

REPORT:  Current bank account balance: 1561



  • Zit Free – Plenty of ladies survived the apocalypse.  But oh no!  You are periodically afflicted with large and unattractive pimples!  Fortunately, Vault-Tec scientists have the cure!  Take one pill of Accutane every single day, and you can bet that those buggers will never come back.  +1 CHA

REPORT: Achieved.  Did not skip a single day.



  • Thirst Quencher – Ahh, the sweet taste of a nuka-cola. But wait, what’s that noise?  Your pip-boy is clicking away at an alarming rate!  You’d better stop drinking soda and switch to purified water ASAP, or you might just end up a fat old ghoul!  +1 CON 

REPORT: Achieved.  Did not drink any soda, despite eating at a place with one of those really awesome choose-your-own-soda-and-flavor machines a couple of times.





I look forward to my next challenge, where I begin my transformation into a combination of Scout and Assassin I like to call "Thief".

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Copied and pasted from my final. Let's just say I am NOT in the running for challenge winner :-p T'was fun, though, and can't wait for the next one!



Jeesh these 6 weeks just FLEW by. Not particularly easy, thus the "challenge" haha... And I could have been better, like way better. I did well the first couple weeks then tapered off. Apparently committment is hard, HA! Anyways, review and final scoring.


Goal 1: Eat 1 salad a day (on average). +4 CON

>> not gonna lie, I was bad. Actually I was good the first 2 weeks, then I tanked. I'm going to give myself a D because I had maybe 1 salad a week after that point, thus +1CON


Goal 2: Track every single thing I eat. +3 WIS

>> Same with the eating = D. I started strong, tapered off, I can see via my LoseIt app and emails to my friend that I only tracked about a third of the time I was supposed to. +.75 WIS


Goal 3: Exercise 6 days a week +3 STR, +2STA

>> C here - by the end of the 6 weeks, I averaged working out 3 times a week between yoga, videos, walking, the gym, etc. I also finished the half marathon.

+1.5 STR, +1 STA


Life Goal: Try 1 new thing each week/6 new things total. +1 CHA, +2 WIS

>> Pretty good here, actually. I tried/did 6 things I'd never done before: acupuncture, krav maga, went to Boston for the first time, went to my first Fitness and Health Expo, tried a new restaurant my friend and I have talked about forEVER but never actually went, and got a fitbit.

+1 CHA, +2 WIS

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Final Challenge Summary


**Copied from my challenge thread**


Goal 1 – Primal breakfast


Grade: A- (91.7%)

Attributes earned: STA +2; CON +1


I did really well with this goal and it was easier than I expected. The biggest challenge with this goal was making time to eat breakfast on the weekend. I usually workout in the morning and then take a quick shower before DH and I go out for lunch. The weeks were I received a B were generally due to this. I plan to make this a permanent change (at least for most days).


Goal 2 – New workouts


Grade: C (75%)

Attributes earned: STR +2.25; DEX +0.75; CHA +0.75


This goal was sometimes challenging because of the number of workouts I planned for each week. I was very successful when DH was travelling and life was cooperative (e.g., no company, not too many activities in a given week). I was glad to try the BBWW, but I’m happy with the amount of strength training I receive from Jazzercise (and I’m planning to go more often), so I don’t plan to continue this 2x per week. I still should spend more time stretching, but I’ll have to think about how to better incorporate this into my schedule. I’m starting to shift my workouts to the morning to free up time in the evening, but it’s still a challenge to fit everything in.


Goal 3 – Track food/drink consumption & exercise


Grade: C+ (79.2%)

Attributes earned: WIS +2.25


I learned a lot from tracking. I tend to eat well during the day and I do well on most days and I’m fairly consistent with my caloric intake (without adjusting anything other than breakfast for this challenge). The few days where I overshot my caloric intake resulted from too much snacking in the afternoon/evening. This will be one of my goals for the next challenge.


Goal 4 – Bedtime


Grade: C (75%)

Attributes earned: STA +1.5; CON +1.5


I improved during this challenge, but this will always be something I struggle with. That being said, it was really helpful to make it a defined goal and I plan to continue my efforts to go to bed by 11pm on weeknights. :)


Mini Challenges

I completed four of the mini challenges (1, 2, 4, 6) and earned the following attributes: +1 WIS, +1 STA, +1 CHA, +0.5 CON

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The Me I Was: Writing (+1 STA, +1 CHA)
Goal: Write for fifteen minutes 6 days per week.
Result: A (+1 STA, +1 CHA)

I spent the whole challenge working on a single short story, and it wasn’t even a great short story, but it was a lot of fun, and reminded me how much I love that creative exercise.  This is definitely something I will continue.


The Me I Was: Projects (+2 WIS ,+1 CHA )
Goal: Work on projects (see Epic Quest List) for 15 minutes a day, 2x15 minutes on weekends.
Result: A+ (+2 WIS, +1 CHA)….sort of. 

How do you “sort of†get an A+?  When you allow the goal to be so all consuming that you overdo it, which I did.  I am tempted to give myself no points, simply because I let it get so far out of balance, but the truth is that by the letter of my goal I did amazing….It’s just that I’ll have to rephrase and keep a careful hold on this goal if I want it to continue.  Pics of the transformation over the past two challenges are in the album below, and they are amazing, IMHO. :D



The Me I Am: Slow Grind (+2 STR, +2 STA, +1 CON)
Goal: Walk (maintaining speed, incline, and duration) and perform the BBWW (to a slowed down pace) 3 times per week.
Result: B (+1.5 STR, +1.5 STA, +.75 CON)


I lost a little steam on this one when I let myself get sick (still battling a sore throat and cough from December that just won’t leave me alone), but mostly when I found out that the pushups I have been doing are actually wide grip pushups, and not real ones after all.  That being said, I increased my wide grip pushups from a max of 8 to a max of 11, and hit two PR’s in volume (25 per workout and 30 per workout.  I hit plank PR’s all over and ended at a 65s plank.  Very very happy with those results.


The Me I Want To Be:  Mobile (+5 DEX)
Goal: Perform a beginners mobility routine 3 times per week.
Result: B (+3.75 DEX)


This was great….when I remembered to do it!  I will need to revisit this goal in the future to really instill it as a habit, but it will be one well worth keeping.



I participated in the "flying" mini challenge, and thoroughly enjoyed it!  I also love my new cloak of invisibility :D


I also weathered a few storms on this leg of the journey, including my daughter being out of the country with someone I didn’t trust to return her (but they did – hooray!), without resorting to unhealthy, overeating coping mechanisms.  It just goes to show how much effect NF has had on my life so far.  I didn’t do as “stellar†as I normally do on a challenge, but I’m very pleased and proud of the results nonetheless.  Onwards and upwards, fellow rebels!

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Summary Report



1. Increase intake of good stuff 99% +3 CON

    -- 5 servings veggies daily (+1 CON)

    -- 64oz H20 daily  (+1 CON)

    -- (stretch goal) Supplements daily (+1 CON)



2. Increase mobility -- MobilityWOD 5 days per week (+2 DEX) 93% +2 DEX

3. Decrease 10 lap speed (1:34.99 current)

    -- Add one speed skate practice per week (+2 STA, +1 STR) 83% +1.5 STA, +.75 STR

    -- (stretch goal) Add one plyo session per week (+1 STR, +1 DEX) 50% +.5 STR, .5 DEX



4. Improve living space

   -- laundry, dishes, gardening, etc 10 mins per day avg (+1 CHA) 53% +.5 CHA

   -- (stretch goal) clean and soundproof drum room (+1 CHA) 0%


Mini Challenges

1. +1 WIS

3. +1 STR



Start Level 1: STR 2 | DEX 2 | STA 3 | CON 3 | WIS 3 | CHA 2

End Level 2: STR 4.5 | DEX 4.5 | STA 4.5 | CON 6 | WIS 4 | CHA 2.5


What worked

  • Tracking daily
  • Picking goals that I am really interested in accomplishing (i.e. not cleaning :redface:)
  • Goals that had lots of chances to succeed. Missing a daily goal doesn't blow your grade, missing a weekly goal is harder to recover from.
  • Celebrating successes and not dwelling on slip ups

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I started this challenge half way through, so I only distributed 7 total achievable points.


My goals:


Walking: I had 33 kms to walk and I walked a total of 29.  So I'll call that a B.   CON +0.8

Body Weight Workout - I did not come close on this goal, of the 9 workouts I should have completed I did 3.  F +0

Stretching:  Of the 9 stretching sessions I should have had I completed 6.  C +0.6 DEX

Cleaning:  Of the 63 chores I should have done...I fell of keeping track.  I'd esitmate about about 1.5 a day, so 31.  F +0


All in all this half challenge was a failure for me.  Work got insane (had a tailings dam design due on April 1 that I'm submitting tomorrow), I went away for a weekend of debauchery, I was sick for a while and I had a flare up of gout.  All these are terrible excuses (except for the work one, I think) but that's what went down.


I won't be signing up for the next challenge (unless I can come up with some achievable goals between now and Sunday) as I'm scheduled to go out of town for three weeks starting Sunday.  Its tough enough to work 12 hours a day 7 days a week without adding additional stress.  I will be doing my best to not gorge myself on the prepared steam line food (this may be the first goal).


So I'll skip the next one (probably) and get into the following one.  Between now and then I'm going to continue to try to achieve the above goals.

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Copied from my challenge blog!



Okay - grading time!



Goal 1

Work out at least 3 times a week, in addition to going to rugby training twice a week.

Points - STA - 2  DEX - 2


Okay, most weeks I didn't do too badly, but there was only two weeks where I totally met this target.  Otherwise I mostly made at least one training session, worked out twice, and played a match.  I think I did pretty well but overall maybe working out/training 5 times a week was too high a goal.


Final grade - B!  I'm giving myself 1 STA point and 1 DEX point.


Goal 2

Man the feck up and go to the weights area at the gym - this can be in addition to the above workout goals or can substitute for the Beginner's Body Weight exercise.  Go at least once a week.

Points - STR - 5


Okay - only went once (shameface).  I was kind of intimidated by the whole idea and as I don't go to the gym anyway (I work out at home or go to training) it wasn't something I could integrate into my normal routine.  However, I'm glad I did it that one time.  In future my weight goal would probably involve working out at home.


Final grade - D!  I'm giving myself 1 STR point.


Goal 3

Improve diet - eat at least one serving of veg with dinner 5 out of 7 nights.  Eat a piece of fruit a day.  

This is quite a modest goal, but I'm taking my diet changes slowly and steadily.

Points - CON - 4


I did well on this goal overall.  I was much more mindful of eating veg portions and I made a habit of eating fruit.  I found myself wanting junk food less and feeling a lot better about my diet overall.  


Final grade - B+!  I'm giving myself 3 CON points.


Goal 4 

Complete at least one volunteering activity a week. 

Points - WIS - 1 CHA - 1


This goal I probably did best on.  I completed a volunteering activity 5/6 weeks, and got involved in 3 different charities in my professional field.  I'm going to keep up my involvement and I'm really looking forward to continuing being a part of these groups.


Final grade - A!  I'm giving myself 1 WIS point and 1 CHA point.



Overall, as I said in my previous post, I've noticed a real difference in my fitness, particularly my strength and endurance.  My body has slimmed down and toned up noticeably (took pics but not comfortable sharing them online) and I'm generally feeling like I have more energy.  I also won Player of the Match in my last game, which was the first match I've played both halves of!  Can't wait for the next challenge!

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Challenge overview.

Copied from my thread (second challenge in signature):

I kept my goals more realistic this round which helped keep me motivated, but I didn't feel that I saw any real results. So the lesson I learnt was of the need to find a balance in goal setting between keeping them realistic and challenging.

Core training: B - +1.5 str +1.5 dex. I have noticed an improvement in my ability to hold a plank. I could have challenged myself a bit more with this one.

Rolling bike rides: A +2 str +2 sta. completed six rides in total. Not all of them were quite as hilly as I had hoped, but still giving myself full points.

Slaying the sugar dragon: C +1 con +1 char. I'm happy with this, probably did better than what the maths shows, because when I did have something sweet I didn't blow out and generally only had one item each day.

Procrastination list: A +3 wis. I went with a total, rather than a weekly tally, and I went hard early and really knocked that list around. I liked this goal because I could sneak in a knock a few things off at the last minute.

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For my first challenge I gave myself goals that were more based on developing good eating and exercising habits, and I think I did quite well with all of them!


Goal 1

Lift 3x per week with the following goal weights

Squat - 125 lbs - Success!

Bench - 80 lbs - Success! 85 lbs

Deadlift - 125 lbs - Success!

Overhead press - 65 lbs - Success!

Row - 85 lbs - Success!


Grade - A

+3 STR, +2 STA



Goal 2

Attend at least 2 yoga classes per week

Success! Some weeks I was able to attend 3, which I would like to be my longterm goal for every week


Grade - A

+2 STR, +2 DEX



Goal 3

Every meal that is not consumed at a restaurant in a social situation will be prepared by me

Success! Especially since I am doing Whole30 this month, which requires that I basically cook everything at home!


Grade - A

+3 CON



Goal 4

Do my taxes!

Success, and with a couple weeks to spare!


Grade - A

+3 WIS


For the next challenge I will probably have more goals like my first one in which I have specific numbers to aim towards.


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Take Two! I accidentally posted this on the reporting thread for LAST challenge a couple of days ago...although ironically I totally forgot to report in for the last challenge. I'm so confused! Anyway, reposting now!



Goodness, this challenge went so fast! It wasn't my best effort by far, but I feel like I finished strong over the past two weeks, getting a grip on what I'd let slide during the middle of the challenge. I'm proud of how I ended this challenge, if not of how I responded throughout.


In terms of my overall fitness, I don't think much changed: my weight and measurements are down from the start of the challenge, but by the tiniest measurable increments, so I'm calling it even. I didn't make progress on two of my four goals, which is pretty bad, but I did make some progress that wasn't part of my set goals, like getting myself to cross the scary frontier to the weight side of the gym and start expanding my weight-training activities. That one was pretty major for me. And, I think I did a good job of resetting my eating and cooking habits after going totally off the rails during travel and sickness in the middle of this challenge. So, all in all, I feel like I learned a lot, but I'm also glad it's over. I would grade myself thusly:


Goal 1 (Real food rules): B

I think I managed four of the five weeks well, with one week entirely away for travel, so I would award myself 3 points for CON. 


Goal 2 (The rule of three): B

I missed hitting my goal of 3 weight-focused workouts per week two times during the challenge, so I get 3 points for STR


Goal 3 (Road rules): F

No points. I started off strong the first 3 days, got deathly sick the next three days. It dumped snow the next two days, and then I was done and just counting the last 3 days until I could get home. Total fail.


Goal 4 (Written rules): F

Another total fail. I did no writing at all except what required at work. Is this a sign that I don't really want to write, but just like the idea of it?? I'll have to keep thinking about that one.


On to challenge three!!

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Diet & Fitness Goals:


1. Follow cycling training plan to get ready for charity bike ride coming up in May.  

Results: Completed 78% of plan (100% for 4 weeks, 33% for 2 weeks); total of 174.6 miles ridden


Grade: B; Stats: STR 0.75 – STA 2.25 – CON 0.75


I learned that it is really tough (impossible) to ride 2 – 2.5 hours on a Sunday after being away for the weekend doing fun things like going to PAX East where you’re on your feet for 3 days and don’t get enough sleep. I need to think more about how to schedule my rides based on the other things I already have scheduled. On the other hand, for one of my long rides, I finally got outside and did 27.3 miles on light hills (but they were still really difficult to me). This is my personal best and I am feeling much more confident about doing my 45 / 35 mile (mostly flat)  2 day bike ride in May.


2. Continue with current strength training plan and meet lifting goals for incline barbell chest press, barbell squats, and barbell deadlifts.


Results: Completed 82% of training plan; 100% Met goals of barbell incline chest press at 55 lbs., barbell squats at 80 lbs., and barbell deadlift at 120 lb.


Score: C+; Stats: STR 1.5 – STA 0.5


Although I feel like I did a really good job of meeting my strength training goals, based on the fact that I missed a couple of workouts and the way I set up my scoring system, I can’t realistically give myself a B (hence the C+). I also learned that trying to keep up with 3 days of strength training and 3 – 4 days of cycling is extremely difficult and tiring for the body. I have since revised my strength training workout to focus on the larger muscle groups and only do it 2 days a week, so I’m guaranteed to have at least 1 day off even with 4 days of cycling in a week.


3. Lose 4 pounds and 1" off waist and hip measurements. Currently at 127 lb (was at 128 a week ago - got a head start), waist 28", hip 38" -> goal 123 lb., waist 27", hip 37". 


Results: Lost 2 lbs (down to 125), measurements waist 26.5â€, hip 36.5â€

Scoring: B; Stats: CON 1.5 – CHA 1.5


Although I was only 50% on my weight goal, I was over 100% on my measurements goal, so I have averaged them out to 75%. I actually think I did really well with this and am about to reward myself with a shopping spree, but my guestimate of how many pounds I would need to lose to get down a clothing size wasn’t quite right. In the future, I will focus on inches and not pounds.


Level Up Life Goal:

1. Get to work by 9 am daily. 


Results: Got to work after 9am on 7 days

Score: C; Stats: WIS 1


I’m not really sure if my boss noticed a difference, but I felt pretty good about getting to work earlier and being able to leave earlier was a nice bonus too.


Mini Challenges:

Completed mini challenges #1 and 2

+1 WIS gained for mini challenge #1

+1 STA and shiny belt of endurance for mini challenge #2


Lessons Learned: I learned some good lessons about setting goals and not trying to do too much at once. I also learned that I really have to force myself to post my challenge updates. I found that once I missed one or too updates, it was really hard to get back into posting them even though I was still doing the challenge and keeping track of everything.


Link to my challenge: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/24880-athyras-first-challenge/

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I may be late on posting my wrap-up, but I just got back from a 10-day vacation and I want to "complete" my first challenge (located HERE).


I ended up doing fairly well.


I planned to WORKOUT at least 4 times per week. I had a couple good weeks, but also a couple bad ones. I ended up averaging 3.5 times per week. According to my scoring criteria, I scored 75%. With this I earned 3 --> STR, 1.5 --> DEX.


For my TRANSITION TO PALEO I think I did well overall. I had a couple slip ups along the road, but I didn't let them phase me. I ended my 6-week challenge fairly close to all paleo and plan to stick with it. For this, I earned 2 --> CON, 2 --> WIS.


My third fitness goal was to RUN 5km on a treadmill. My best time over the course of the challenge was 26:15, better than the 27 min required to earn me an A. For this I earned 2 --> STA.


My final goal was to STOP PROCRASTINATING ON SCHOOLWORK and get it turned in early. I was to take 5% of my "earnings" for every assignment that wasn't turned in early. According to this, I lost 10% (2 assignments). I has a total of 3 --> WIS set for this goal, but for simplicity's sake, and this being my first challenge, I will award myself 2 --> WIS.


I look forward to the next challenge.

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