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Oh hey Rebellion,

I have been reading NerdFitness for a little bit of time now, and I have loved it! I actually have loved it so much that I have decided to just join the community and see what happens.


Just as a quick intro, I'm a nerd who is graduating from my master's program like, in three weeks. I have a pretty decent workout routine and I am starting P90X for the third time, hopefully the second time I actually finish it :P


I am looking into getting into trail running and I have a feeling the rebellion will have some tips for me. I would like to be able to continue to do strength training as I prep for trail running.


Any tips on trail running prep?


I figure this is a good starting place to get such advice :P


Thanks guys, cannot wait to get more involved with the community.


Eric Pete!

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Welcome aboard! I'm a street runner but there are tons of people here that will have some tips for you on trail running! Good luck with everything! 

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Put some shoes on and go outside. Seriously, just start running. There is nothing special/secret about trail running. Go slow on the down hills until you find your balance. Find a local running group to go with. They will know what trails are good to start with and what trails to be more careful on.

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