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Zack Barnes - MTSU Student and Salesman

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Hello fellow nerds,


My name is Zack Barnes, and I am trying to level up my life.  I tried the paleo diet last year and it worked great, LOVED IT.  However as income got tight and I slipped and had some fast food one night I slipped out of it.  I am currently starting my 2nd heart on Link's screen.  A new life persay.  I have to start my quest to level up once more.  I just moved to Murfreesboro, TN and I am looking for new friends around the area.  I lived in Huntsville, AL with a few nerd fitness junkies down there and it was great, I had a lot of support out of them.  So thats what I am looking for up here!  I am currently at MTSU at for a Bachelors in Bussiness and Management.  I work at The Home Depot in Smyrna as a full-time Appliance Sales Specialist.


I want to become a fit assassin once more.  I no longer want to live a "used to life"  anymore.  I want to be fit and in great health again.  I have been on a destructive path over the past few years with my health.  I am currently over-weight and trying to lose 50lbs and keep it off.  I am trying to build up my strength as well.  I WILL get to my goal and sustain it, I will level up my life and become the rogue I want to be again. 


I plan on starting the paleo diet again.  I am looking at starting a regiment at MTSU's Gym to get back into shape.  I want to be able to go out and rock climb again too.  I want to be able to parkour again also.


So, if there is anyone in the Middle TN area that also wants a new friend, contact me!


Thank you for being here fellow fit nerds,






My Hobby's Site:



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