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    • It was Thanks!   I wouldn't say easy, but doable. I think I found a good balance of just relaxing and enjoying the vacation, but also reminding myself that I enjoy moving and eating healthyish.
    • It doesn't go well with alcohol, but I here the seed of the viagra flower works wonders.*     *If wonder lasts for more than four hours consult a physician, then on the way to the physician's office call your friends to brag.
    • There is merit in showing up, and this is a wonderful challenge.
    • Latvia! Might not be bad...  
    • Alcohol is not gonna help with that. But he might see related benefits from the traditional American folk way of learning to tie the maraschino cherry stems into a knot with his tongue.
    • HONEY FOR THE BEAR GODS.     Ugh, that's a lot of frustration and life stuff hitting all at once. Does it help to balance the extra effort with extra rest?  I sometimes do that, on the (slightly tenuous) grounds that my mental energy is being depleted faster than usual and needs an extra recharge.   I'm glad you and your brother will be seeing your dad soon!
    • I'm glad it made you smile   I certainly could have done that, but it would have ended up being way more than I could finish and not overeating is still a thing I am working on.  I do like where your mind is going with the cheesecake thing, though     Oh it really can be.  I have sometimes had to get really creative   Oh and the eggs did wait, I had my huevos rancheros yesterday   --------------------------   OK. story time.   There have a been a few new folks who have started coming to the park to work out recently.  One of them, a guy I have only spoken to once before, came up to me yesterday and drew me aside.  In a low whisper ha asks me "You are an American, right?  What is the best thing to soak in alcohol?"  I immediately assumed he was asking about things like worms in tequila or habu snakes in Okinawan sake but decided to ask for clarification.    He then continues "You know, here in China we put things like wolfberries or ginger in the alcohol for, um, heath reasons.  What do Americans put in their alcohol to help men with, well... you know.,,, "   It took me a second to realize he was asking for alcoholic erectile dysfunction advice.  I am not a subject matter expert by any stretch, but I am pretty sure alcohol is not going to help with that, and probably makes it worse.  I had to politely tell him that this was outside of my area of expertise and that maybe he should consult a doctor.   Do any of you have advice on aphrodisiac  supplements for alcohol that I can share with him?   
    • Dean Lisette controlled her face very well, but Chris could still detect the irritation and internal conflict that gripped the Witherbloom administrator ever more tightly as she read the letter from Commander Jorge.  Practicalities and history …. most especially Chris-Tien’s history with Strixhaven …. warred with the need to maintain good relations with the Order and their patron dragon. Friends in high places were the only reason the ranger had not been kicked off campus already.     “I do not expect that you feed and house me for free, ma’am,” Chris interrupted, feeling for a way to decrease the tension and give the woman seated behind the desk an honorable way out of her predicament.  “I will happily perform whatever duties you feel reasonable in exchange for time in the Biblioplex.  And, I am certain that Khrum, although not as academically prepared as other students, will catch up quickly.”  Beside her, Shep sneezed.  Chris hoped that was mere coincidence.  “He is brighter than he looks.”   “Very well,” the Dean sighed.  “You may stay in Witherbloom and have all of the privileges of a senior student here …”  Chris started to protest but was cut off by Lisette’s cold expression.     “I would think that Lorehold is more likely to have the answers you seek,“ Lisette continued.  “But I can understand why you would not want to stay there.  Possibly, Professor Lang will be able to recommend books that will be of help in your quest.”  She took out a piece of parchment and scribbled some instructions as Chris-Tien tried not to fidget.  “Take this to the resident assistant.  Once you are settled into your room, report to the Bow’s End Tavern.  They always need help of one sort or another.”   Chris felt her stomach sink as she took the slip that Lisette proffered.  The ranger had not expected a plush job, but the prospect of mopping floors and scrubbing tables was disheartening.   ------   I'm warming up for the challenge.  Today, we went out for lunch, but I didn't go for the salad.  Panini and tortilla chips for a loss of 5 hit points.  Healing hands restores 4 of those.     On the plus side, I did strength training (leg day) and a 1.5 mile walk.  Some gardening and planting microgreens to keep me in leafy vegetables, which I used on the fish tacos we had for supper.  I picked up a finished pot and glazed a kitchen sponge holder.  I'm getting some ideas for Christmas gifts here.     Blood-pressure has absolutely plunged since the beginning of Spring Break, which is encouraging.  I really hope that retirement and good lifestyle will make this my once-again normal.  I'm firming up some rough and ready rules for the challenge.  The side quest deck and MTG terrain cards are making an appearance again too.    
    • Okay, I might still have a tiny spark of sass and style, but it needs to be fanned into flames for sure. I've got gains, but they aren't the good kind. I'm at 141.6 lbs. and heading the wrong way, so this challenge (my first one) is right on time. I need it. Really, really need it. I have been in a winter slump and it's time to move past it. I wish my brain could conjure a lovely tale complete with a point system and rewards, but that is a bit of a reach at the moment. Perhaps I will work on it during this challenge once my brain is functioning better. Anyway, on to my goals for these five weeks:   Fitness:  NF app's Bodyweight Level 1 Attempt a pullup every time I look at the anime dudes hanging from the bar in my kitchen doorway. Whatever pops in my head to move a little more that day (walk, dance, etc.). Drop under 135 lbs.   Nutrition (I know what works for me and I have to just do it): Lots of good proteins, carbs and fats. Limit tea (seeing if it affects my migraines), caffeine, sugar, grains, and whatever else that keeps me sick and unhealthy. Drink at least five cups of water a day with plans to increase as I adjust. Plan some meals.    Mindset: Use music to motivate myself. Spend a little time each week on learning to play either my guitar or the piano. Memorize something (some French, a new word, lyrics, etc.). Try to overcome my shy nature and meet people on here and become part of the community (totally outside of my comfort zone). Follow a better sleep routine and work my way off of Benadryl as a sleep aid. Get creative: art, photography, whatever creative thing pops in my head.   Writing:  Complete Camp NaNoWriMo (my first time participating in the camps). Set up Scrivener. Work on my novel or something novel related a little each day. Continue journaling and writing on 4TheWords (online fantasy writing game and tool).   Okay, I think that is my plan. Detoxing from sugar, grains and caffeine will be rough for the first week or so, but I have done it before, and I can do it again. I just might be prone to growling, snarling and biting for a bit, but it's all good.
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