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I just need a buddy through this

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Hey all,


My names Chelsea. I've tried 3 separate times to change my diet to Paleo in three different ways and I last about 4 days before I give up again. I can't figure out why. I give in to my cravings so easily it's pathetic. I'm really looking for someone to pull me through this and help me stay committed and dedicated. I could really use the advice and the companion. I run cross country and track and currently have a fractured tibia. I'm not allowed to exercise so I feel like it's the perfect time to concentrate on changing to Paleo but I absolutely need help. Anybody out there? Let me know. Thanks a lot.

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hey kiddo don't dispare!

everyone struggles with something, it's taken me about two years to finally get my food together. I'm fortunate I've never struggles with excessive weight and a lack of working out but I always worked out to support my food rather than allow my food to support my workout goals.

have you been trying to go full paleo?

I started making one tiny change for one month. I reviewed the results and continued or altered the change I made.

It's easier to make one tiny adjustment than go all at once. what's your specific cravings for and when do you find yourself stumbling the most?

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 I was just about to say the same thing I-Jo.


cnaylorr you've definitely come to the right place.   We are all here to support each other and we all have the same basic goal of living a healthy lifestyle.


If you give us some more background we can give you some more specific ideas.


I started my healthy eating journey about 9 months ago, well I started it years ago but I started to take things seriously 9 months ago.  For me I didn't start with cutting anything out, instead I added more vegetables to my meals/snacks and started drinking more water.  If I was full on vegetables and water I wouldn't be hungry for much else.  


Don't beat yourself up for giving in to a craving, just accept it, brush it off, and start over.  Soon you will be starting over less and less.

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I don't have the patience to do it so slowly because I feel like I won't see results and I'll just give up. I get cravings for sweets and pasta mostly for dinner or right after dinner. I'm only frustrated because I've been giving into cravings so much lately and since I'm injured now I feel like I really need to better my diet or I'm going to gain weight and that will make it even harder to get back in shape when I'm able to run again. I don't know what goes on inside my head when I give in though. I feel bad WHILE i'm eating the bad things and after but I just eat it anyway. I feel like I have to. It's a weird feeling and then I just feel awful every night when I'm trying to go to bed. Then I can't fall asleep because I think all night about how dumb I'm being and repeat it all over again the next day or a few days later.

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Hi Chelsea!


I recently recovered from a tibial stress fracture myself (I've been out of the boot for less than two months now), and one of my goals in this upcoming challenge involves going about 80% paleo. I would love to help you along and keep in touch.


I agree with what everyone is saying about having success with gradual, cumulative diet changes. And just because you're only changing one thing at a time doesn't mean you can't change some big things first and see quick changes. It's hard to say what the first step would be for you, not knowing what your current diet looks like. Some people are able to be like, "I just stopped drinking sixteen cans of soda every day and immediately lost 10 lbs!" while some of us need to be a little more creative and do some digging to figure out which changes will really have an effect. :)

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Eliz thanks! I think that'd be really helpful. I think I'd need to be more specific haha. My diet isn't THAT awful compared to some people. I guess I could start with not snacking after dinner because I think that's my biggest issue right now is binging either for dinner or after dinner. I'm usually fine for breakfast and lunch and then at night I ruin it. 

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so pick thing to work on. My first adjustment was because I moved in with what is tantamount to an alcoholic.... he drinks constantly.

I realized quickly I'd I had a beer every night or two or three nights a week I was going to balloon up.

so instead of limiting it I said for one month I am drinking only I Friday and Saturday... No limit no rules. just that I could only drink those two days. the rule is still in place but I pretty much have one beer every other week and on nights our I might have two or three glasses if wine. but I just don't drink anymore. it really worked well.

then I made healthy breakfast decisions and then it started to stream roll.

the reality is you think you won't see any results but your aren't setting any now either because you are sabotaging yourself on two levels. one the actual food and two because you aren't training yourself to succeed... you aren't training your will power. and that's just add important as the actual long term results because those come from months of good decisions.

how do you go about making months of good decisions? by training yourself to make them every day. train yourself A's give yourself something you can win. prove to yourself you can do it

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if you're flailing by dinner time it's possible you just aren't eating enough for breakfast and lunch, maybe try experimenting with a huge breakfast and huge lunch, maybe even snacks on top, and see if the same thing happens.


It might also be stress / trigger related or even "automatic". There are a few ways to look at this... Think about why you eat and if there's any common pattern (mum always makes snide comments at dinner about my weight) and try to break it (eat dinner by yourself outside).


Alternatively, or if it's really just something you don't know why you do, try breaking the habit pattern. Go for a walk as soon as you put your plate away. Make it impossible, by removing all the bad food from your house (this one's tough). I combined the two by saying to myself "if I really want a sweet then I can walk to the shop and buy one". Guess what? I stopped eating sweets. :)


Good luck. I've been recovering from injury with no exercise for the last 6 weeks and it sucks (also had a tibial stress fracture when I was a kid, fun times, hello weight gain). It's definitely a good opportunity to address what you eat, but feeling depressed from the injury can really interfere with that. Don't beat yourself up if you slip one day. The most important thing is to continue and get back on the wagon. Over time, good days outnumber bad.


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