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fearlesscreek - the "kick ass and run" projekt

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hi fellow rebells,

my name is fearlesscreek and this is my first challenge. i have a feeling its gonna be awesome!!


starting point / the source:



weight: 108,0 kg (237 pounds)

height: 1,78 m (5´10´´)



waist:       98,5 cm

bum:        110 cm

bust:        103 cm

bizeps:       35 cm

calves:       44 cm

neck:          38 cm



able to run 3 x 10 minutes with 2 minutes walking in between.



clean, unprocessed food, few carbs but waaay too many calories


goals for my first challenge / running towards awsome!

  1. i will be  able to run 6k until mai 27. to reach this goal i will do every run of my 5k training plan unless injured. then i will do my first 5k ( AVON Frauenlauf Berlin) on mai 4th. after that i will rest for 3 days and then start training for my first 6k (Zehlendorfer Volkslauf Berlin) on mai 29th. by mai 27th i will have run 6k straight once. 6k run without walking = A+, 6 k run with up to 3 walking intervalls = A, 5 k run = B, 4 k run = C, not finished run = D, not started run = F
  2.  i will eat 80 % clean unprocessed food and log it daily in myfitnesspal aiming to lose some lard. to reach this goal i will not go over my recomended 1760 calories / day. i will eat no food that comes in packages, but will allow dairy, oats and wholewheat. if i have to have fastfood i will only eat doner kebap but stick to my calories. 0-3days fail = A; 4-8 days fail = B; 8-12 days fail = C; more than12 days fail = F ( 5 CON)
  3. i will stick to a weekly budget. i am pretty broke right now :miserable:!!! therefore i will review my financial situation each sunday and decide how much money can be spent during the upcoming week. i will not spend more than the amount i decided on. no fail: A; fail 1 week = B, fail 2 weeks = C; fail 3 weeks = D; borrow money = E (2 WIS 1 CON)
  4. i will have a short playdate with myself 6 times during the challenge. to reach this goal i will try out new physical activities that make me sweat ´n smile. like, i always wanted to kick ass like steve on a playground, try bikramyoga, do some weights on the roofterrace...whatever it is - i have to do something (new and exiting or just fun) 6x for at least 30 minutes. all playdates done = A; 5 playdates done = B; 4 playdates = C; less than 4 = F (1 STR 1CHA)



i have joined the team "superheroes" ( spreadsheet acountabilitybuddies) and my wonderful sidekick is e-adora, who gets to read my boring food entries on mfp! *thanks girl!*



looking foreward to meeting many of you!



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Hey! These goals sound great (and I totally relate on the broke stuff), but 1530 cal/day seems really low for someone with your size and activity. You could allow yourself at least 1800 cal/day, it would be more sustainable on the long term and you will still lose weight.


Anyway, good luck!


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Welcome FearlessCreek!  We're thrilled to have you along for the ride.  You've set up some good goals and given yourself a measurement scale.  Welcome to the Superheroes as well :)

Good luck and i look forward to seeing how you go.

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You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

My challenge


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Great goal list and way to go with the accountability!


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first day. i read the minichallenge post and reviewed my goals. i played around a bit with the grading to cut myself some slack and changed the eating goal into " eating great 80% of the time".


running: check! did short run of 17 minutes without walking and after being out for almost an hour yesterday am still quite sore. but also very happy and determined! :)


now off to do some studying. will have exam for my university ( online) in september, so i better start....

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Love the idea of a play date as it doesn't restrict you to one activity! I might have to add this onto my list of challenges for next time. Good luck and look forward to hearing what all you do on your play dates!

thanks sandree! off to see what you are up too .... :onthego:

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stayed up all night because of boston. nightmare!


running - restday. i felt like running anyway to get me out of my low mood but decided to listen to my sore muscles.

clean eating - kept to my calorie limit. everything i ate was healthy, clean and cooked by myself. check!

budget - not one cent spent. check!

playdate - not today


off to see what youre up to :onthego:

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matter of fact i am legally. though my dad is from maryland and lives there too. thanks for dropping by! :)

Yay, another German!  This excites me.


Congrats on your first two days, Fearless.  You are an inspiration! 

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today i feel brilliant!


my running plan said to run 20 min followed by 2 min walking and another 10 running. after the first 20 min were up i was kinda in the "zone" for the first time and felt like going on in the same rythm. i ran for 25 min, walked 5 and ran another 5. then i walked home feeling so happy and exited!


food has been good too. i baked some chicken breast for dinner and have leftovers for tomorrow. stayed in my range of calories but had a doner kebap for lunch... what is this thing about me and fastfood???


money budget: i have 40 euro ( about 50 bucks) for each of the last two weeks of april. since i smoke i had to go foodshopping with 20 euro to last until next wednesday! i bought only unprocessed food and hope that with the food i still store in the cupboard i will have enough. ( thank god for oats and ground beef and a quick veggie doner kebap here and there....)


playdate: i have made an apointment to take a free boxing class tomorrow! :) its a womens class at beginner level. after falling in love with kickboxing last fall i have always wanted to try boxing. the training will last 90 minutes which makes me a bit nervous.. hopefully i wont drop dead! :)


add a small weightloss to this happiness and you know why today is a great day for me...!


thank you so much for all the awsome comments and support! i feel very glad to be here with you!!! :)

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thursday sucked big time! i was hit by a wave of pms and turned into a blob. a big blob that was unable to get stuff done. i considered running on my restday to please please feel better. but i decided to stick to my trainigplan out of an irrational fear of overdoing it so short before my race.

it was easy to not overeat though because, truth be told, im too broke for a burgerking meal..... :)

i feel stupid for not going to the boxing class. i was too busy feeling sorry for myself...meh...


cant wait for that bloated-hormondriven-zombie-feeling to go away!  :miserable:

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Aww, bummer, fearless!  If your symptoms get to be too much, you can always find some easy herbal remedies to ease the pain.  Diane Kidman's "Herbs Gone Wild," an ebook I picked up for free on Amazon, is a lot of fun.  My favorite reference remains Barbara Grigg's "Helpful Herbs for Health and Beauty," which I also picked up for free.  They have a lot of simple recipes like yarrow tea for PMS symptoms.  Maybe the right tea would make you feel kick-ass enough to keep moving--or at least keep you from suffering!  Halt die Ohren steif!

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