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The Less Challenge


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I was definitely just looking for your jersey, if you changed I probably looked right past you :tongue:




Saturday's game was good, even though we lost. It was great to actually play again! I have a couple of lovely bruises from cleats, but other than that and a few bumps I emerged unscathed :) I can tell I was clenching my jaw a lot though, chewing is kinda difficult :tongue: I also got lifted for lineouts for the first time ever (missed the last practice cause of work), which was fun.


I can't believe the challenge ends tomorrow, the last 6 weeks have flown by!


ETA: Got another cold. The joys of dealing with the general public, # 1214

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The Less Challenge Wrap-up



Class - Ranger | Race - Dwarf | Level - 7-> 8 | Height - 5'3" | Weight - 147lb
Waist - 30" -> 30 3/4" | Belly - 34 1/2" -> 33 3/4" | Hips - 38 3/8" -> 38" | Thigh - 23" -> 21 3/4"
STR - 16.25 -> 17.75 | DEX - 20 -> 20 | STA - 15.25 -> 17.5 | CON - 29.25 -> 33.25 | WIS - 17 -> 19 | CHA - 19 -> 22

Squat - 150lb -> 150lb | Bench Press - 90lb -> 90lb | Deadlift - 195lb -> 195lb | Press - 55lb -> 55lb | Clean - 95lb -> 95lb | Pull up - 30lb assist -> 20lb assist | Dip - 10lb assist -> no assist



Goal 1: Less Missed Days!

  • Run 3x per week - having rugby practice will definitely help meet this one! +3 STA - did 14/18 runs, for a B+ and +2.25 STA
  • Lift 3x per week - this is where I fell down on the last challenge. Gonna make an effort to hit 100% this time around. +3 STR - changed this to 2x per week. In total I did 9/14 for a C and 1.5 STR. Not nearly as well as I wanted. I need to start getting my butt in gear and going before work on the days that going afte isn't an option because I work too late.


Goal 2: Less Missed Sleep!

  • Minimum 8 hours per night. I need my sleep, and this is something I need to do. If I have to, I can sleep in the basement if I've had a late night so that noise/light won't wake me up. +3 CON  - I got 8 hours of sleep on 37/42 nights, for an A and +3 CON


Goal 3: Less Fat!

  • This one is pretty self explanatory. I want to lose the last bit of fat hanging around on my belly/hips/thighs. According to MyFitnessPal I can eat 1350 calories a day and still lose a pound a week, I just have to figure out what I should be eating to go along with the how much. So step 1 will be learning what to do, step 2 will be doing it. Point will be awarded for eating the way I should and tracking it on MFP. +2 CHA +1 WIS - Decided on limit carbs, had varied success. Goal was a bit vague, but I ate well, if sometimes too much, 38/42 days for an A+, +2 CHA and +1 WIS


Goal 4: Less Stuff!

  • I want to continue decluttering my life. I have a bad habit of hanging onto things I don't need and don't use. This week I went through my closet, tried everything on, and got rid of a bunch of stuff. I have to do the same with my t-shirts and tanks in my dresser, and I want to just generally have less 'stuff' lying around. To make this measurable I'll commit to doing at least 45 minutes of work on my to-do list per day, or 5 1/4 hours per week. +1 CON +1 WIS +1 CHA - Did 1695/1890 minutes of work, for an A+, and +1 each for CON, WIS, and CHA.
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