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SFBA Peninsula meetup?

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Two of my goals this challenge are to get back into classes at the dojang and to meet more people. This morning, I realized that I might be able to do them both at once. 


I take Kuk Sool Won in Menlo Park (at the rec center). This coming week (April 15-20) is Fun Week at the dojang. It's mostly for the kids - they do crazy socks and backwards day and whatnot. But it's also open Dojang week. Anyone can come and play. The classes are likely to be "greatest hits". If the students get to pick it'll probably be jump-kick gymnastics, falling, martial arts obstacle course, chicken sparring, etc. Nothing in the classes should require a specific martial arts background, and they do (IMO) a really good job of tailoring things to your fitness level and concerns. 


So, I'd like to issue an open invitation to Nerd Fitness to come and play with me. If someone wants to come to class - I'll meet you there, introduce myself, then we can bow in together and have a good night working up a sweat. Cafe Barrone is a very short walk if people want to have a coffee/snack after class.  It gives me a little nudge to be more social and to get back in the habit of going to class. 


We'd meet at the Menlo Park Rec Center (less than a quarter mile from Menlo Park Caltrain). The classes are Monday-Friday evenings (starting around 6) or Saturday morning. If you have a strong martial arts/fitness background and you give me advance notice, I might be able to wrangle you an invite to the Black Belt Club or Jedi classes. 


I'm really not trying to advertise the school - I'm just looking for people to play with. So if you have questions, ask here or PM me.


ObConflictOfInterest: I do basic office work for the dojang a few hours a week. They haven't suggested I invite people. I don't make any commission. Mods, if I shouldn't have posted this - feel free to modify or delete it as you see fit. 

"What's a black belt?" "It's a white belt who never gave up, Ma`am!
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