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Final Summary: Rebels, Report!

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LOL, i just realized the challenge was finished. I was in a groove of posting everyday, so it was surprising to realize it's all over. Here's how I did:

1) back rehab - B+. I managed to do back rehab 5 out of 7 days a week, but only this past week did I find a routine that I think really works well for strengthening my lower back/core (includes planks, hollow rocks, and reverse hypers). Gonna try to continue this everyday for the next month (or next challenge??)

2) MWOD - A-felt really happy about this. Did almost everyday, even if I did a lot of paleo chairs and couch stretches, they def. work for me!

3) Starting Strength D Planned to finish reading starting strength for 2nd time and start back in to weightlifting, but after a bike accident and my back acting up again, I decided to just take notes and let it drop for now. Looking forward to the time when I feel healthy enough to do it again!

4) PT A+++++ This month was my first month of "practice" clients, and it went gloriously. Feeling really confident about my decision to be a personal trainer!

5) Happy Thought A This little trick helped me stay non-stressed most days of the week. Definitely recommend it to anyone.

Congrats on a great challenge everyone! And @gowaduv, I've got my eyes set on you for our squat challenge in 3 months! hopefully i'll be able to do at least 1, lol.

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I got a B. Did quite solidly, nothing amazing, had a hiccup the last week. Basically:


Did 3 hours of extra activity a week 2 out of 4 weeks, but was very close the other 2 weeks. Mainly did swimming, walking and pilates, but not sure I've built an active lifestyle habit out of it.


Calisthenics: I did various exercises like pushups, pullup negs, core-work, leg lifts 6 days a week 3 out of 4 weeks. Didn't make appreciable progress in strength gains, but did notice more conditioning and toning. I think doing these sorts of things is a good suppliment IF YOU VARY YOUR EXERCISES, but best results are through going to muscle fatigue.

Physio: Pretty much on target, and foot is pretty much rehabbed. Just need to rebuild strength and ankle flexibility a little bit more. Win.

Day of Strength: Yeah, I totally failed at this. I don't find lifting weights appealing right now. That's fine, we'll work with that.

Nutrition: No Sugar

2/4 weeks, close on 1 more week, total fail the last week. I can definitely cut down my sugar intake without too much suffering, this is awesome to know.

Life Goal:

Was supposed to paint, instead ended up looking for and finding a new job. The same place is offering me 2 positions, I will hear back on the second position and make my decision then. Woot!

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Okay, this is going to be humiliating. Ah well.

* Keep going to Bujinkan training twice a week. (Only allowed not to go if I am in real pain or unable to train.)

Managed 6 times out of 10. C.

* Get running shoes and go running at least once a week.

A solid F.

* Get into the habit of doing regular push-ups. (I promise to update this one with the starting number and how many times a week.)

F here too. I tried once. That was that.

* Not buy anymore fabric or yarn. (I am allowed to buy additional things I need for current projects, but no hoarding stuff I do not know what to do with).

I gave in two times. B, I suppose.

* Take all the clothes I do not wish to wear but can be donated to a second-hand shop. Also go over my current wardrobe and purge items that are damaged or I have not worn for a while.

Managed to get 30 items in a bag, and about 10 given to friends or tossed. However, I did not manage to get the bag out of the door. C for at least getting it together.

Final Grade: D. At least I kept posting longer than during the previous challenge, where I just quit posting halfway.

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Brief overview of goals:

1. Complete 4 sets (8 reps) of the bear. Undecided on the weight, probably going to

go light, having never tried it before.

Final set: 50 x 7, 50 x 6, 50 x 7, 50 x 6, 50 x 6. Not quite 4x8... but I'll forgive myself, since I hit the same total of reps. B-

2. Get more interval training done (slightly hampered by cold NJ weather currently, but we'll see).

A+. Tons of high intensity sports this challenge.. basketball/football/running. Varied sprints, jogs, walks, and suicides.

3. Be able to complete 50+ push-ups in one set.

Increased my pushup max set from 18-32. Not quite 50... a nice enough increase. 32/50 - 64% F.

4. Increase handstand push-up set to 10. (I believe I'm currently at 6, should be fun to work on both push-up goals =P )

Stopped working this goal because I was already doing enough to my shoulders with the other challenges and general workouts.

5. Keep a cleaner room until I move south.

A+! Room is totally clean, now I'm not ashamed to have people come in, cleaned, swept, dusted, and mopped.

6. Practice piano MUCH more often! (I've been really slacking over the past few months)

A+! As the last post says, learned a few new songs, playing a wedding soon... I'll upload a vid of one of the new songs I learned at some point, good for accountability =).

Overall: B+ - Grades averaged out to about an 88.9. Woo!

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Did awesome on nutrition (except for 2 bad days) B

Did not stick to fitness plan exactly but for 3 weeks did great workouts, one week, not so much B-

Did my assigned reading and found an apartment A+

Extra credit rocked job interview for awesome job should hear back soon not sure what to give for credit here...um gold star!

Overall B+

Fitness Plan

-Sunday basketball

-Wednesday new high intensity class at gym (bye for week 1 though)

-Friday morning kick boxing

-2x outdoor run a week

TOTAL- 5 workouts a week, stretch goal- add lifting somewhere. This is stepping up from previous challenges, but I am feeling like I want to kick a little a

Nutrition Plan

-Log all food on weekdays keeping around 1700 cals, 25 fiber, 60 protein using caloriecount.com (i'm Lwow there too if you want to stalk)

-Mindful on weekends

Life goals

-Find a new house, room mates moving out in May

-Read at least half of book on the electric grid for extra credit for work, ugh

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My grade: D+. I didn't work out at *all* but I did stay below 220, as planned and in fact lost 3 lbs! I started 5 of my 101 Things list but didn't complete 5 as I'd hoped. I brought my cheat weekend to a cheat meal or two max and down to one soda per week. I didn't even *look* at building a level up guide.

Next challenge starts April 11th and will follow a slightly different format. We'll be posting details today or tomorrow - so keep an eye out :)

My eyes are out and I still don't see anything! 8-O

I'm excited to restart given my terrible standing last month and plan to use most/all of the same goals! Give it another go... :)

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Abbreviated results (full post at http://nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?2435-Vader-s-official-March-Challenge-thread)

Workout goals: B. I did a pretty good job sticking to my plan overall, and made up for what slacking I indulged in on off days and by doing at least part of what I was supposed to do when I was supposed to do it. Running went from 5x5min to 4x10min (1 min walking in between each run segment - using the Bridge to 10K program). Did Angry Birds for strength training, did VERY well with squats, relatively well with one-arm rows (but still can't do a pullup), fair with pushups (went from 5 poor-form floor pushups to 10 good-form floor pushups), and not all that great with planks - I'm stalled at the 120-sec in two sets, losing core stability and shoulder strength before running out of chest and arm strength. Which is my weak point with pushups, as well. Still, I improved everywhere.

Diet goals: A. I stuck to my plan, both for food and soda. Eating better, more consciously, and less overall. Not truly paleo, as I'm still eating whole-wheat bread and occasionally tortilla chips with salsa. Not ready to go paleo. Sodas went from an average of 2-3/day to 4-6/week, replaced by more water both at home and at work. Holding to 1 cheat day/week.

Level-up-your-life goal: F. As noted, about halfway through, other matters took priority and never let go, so I did not do anything towards my stated LUYL goal. I did get my taxes ready to go, but not yet submitted (and that shutdown might be a problem...). College is still going well, so I'll take some makeup credit for that...

Weight and waist measurements: not an official goal, but I was VERY pleased by how I did here. Updated from my thread - currently at 272.2 lbs, down from 286.8 at the start, and down an inch around the waist (think I probably pulled the tape too tight a couple days ago in my challenge thread report). Pants are fitting better now, which is nice.

Overall score - I'm going to say a low-B, maybe even high-C, due to the LUYL failure. I did well on the improving-my-fitness front, but that's not all there is to the Challenge. I remain pleased, though, as MY primary concern was to relearn how to eat less, eat better, and get back into working out regularly, and I did that.

I do intend to participate in the challenge starting on Monday, and got the Rebel Strength Guide - but between my finances and my wife's allergies, I don't think we're ready to go Paleo in our house just yet, so I think I won't be participating in the Guide contest after all.

ETA: apparently I did NOT pull the tape too tight on my end-of-challenge waist measurement - did it again last night just to double-check, and pulled snug but not indenting the skin of my belly or love handles, I end up with 50.0", down 1.5" from challenge start. Woot! My work belt is down to the last notch (had been either second or third from last, at the beginning of the challenge)!

Edited by Vader

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Results! Won't bother posting on my main post anymore, already behind as it is:

Goals for this challenge!

- Continue StrongLifts 5x5--giving myself a B+ here! I missed a few workouts but nonetheless, I'm currently at 270lbs + bar so that has to count for something. Looking forward to the continuation of this during the next challenge.

- Increase my bodyweight exercise capacity--giving myself a solid B for this one, definitely incorporated more pushups and chin ups into my workouts but I'm not sure if my capacity has increased.

- Eat healthier--solid D, I'm still on my Paleo diet but I can't say I've made healthier decisions this past month. Far from it.

In terms of life goals:

- Excel at my new job--I'm giving myself an A+ here, I made so much of the time I spent at my current job. I successfully organized a trunk show for them, produced an avant-garde window display for both their stores etc. Great times!

Not a bad challenge for me but at the end of the day, I still have a ways to go to get myself the body that I want. Onward we go.

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Bit late on the summary

Fitness goals:-

Circuit training - 25*3 sets - B+

Lower Body exercises: 20*3 Squats, 20*3 Sumo Squats and 20*3 lunges - B

Going through a deck of cards fitness routine (Skipping, pushups, squats and crunches) as warm up routine in morning. - B+

Yoga 5 days a week with new poses added per week. - A

Start off Plank and side planks - D

Continue my early morning jogs. - C

Life Goals:-

Cutting Soda down to 1 per week - C

Continue learning French. - C

Studying for Certification module. - B-

Continue writing my articles and hopefully this time i get paid for them too. - B-

Send my photographs to Magazines for job selection - C

If you follow a specific way of eating:

Nothing strict mostly sandwiches as my breakfast and dinner. Have to cut back on the Soda this month thus its made it to my goals of this month.

Overall i'm giving myself a C i guess as there's a lot of scope to improve.

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Hmm ...

- cardio 2x/week: pretty sure I pulled this off, but not positive. Week 3 I probably didn't do it.

- bodyweight 2x/week (getting better at this one, need to keep it up. I want to do an actual standard pushup with hands and feet on the floor by the end of this month!): Yes, I did the pushup! And then some.

- "quiet time" 4x/week: I had some quiet time but 4 times / week was probably setting the bar too high. I just did it when I felt like it was necessary, which was probably closer to 2-3 times / week.

- keep doing my homework: did it, although later than I intended to (as usual).

- prepare to move in April!: preparing. It's a bit intimidating but we're getting there.

- begin formal preparations for a long distance race (marathon or half), choose one, and buy a space: Didn't do that. I guess I forgot about it or put it on hold due to other stuff going on.

- make a sticker chart and put it on my wall: uh ... that one also got put on hold. I'll do it after I move next week.

- EAT MOAR VEGGIES: I ate ... a few more? Didn't learn to cook. Really don't have time this week, but maybe next week after the move.

- ask out one guy: didn't ask him.

- start looking for a job in Seattle: going to do that this week before the move. Didn't do it last month.

- get an online photo account and start taking more photos: took more photos, didn't get an online account.

Wow, that was a lot of goals. Maybe I need to focus more. I have a tendency to write things down and then forget about them. Perhaps I should start a practice of looking at my goals every day. (Putting them on the wall may not help, since I usually forget about things in my environment unless they specifically command my attention. I would have to actually stop and read something or stare at a picture for this to work.)

Also fulfilled 2 PVP challenges: the improve pushup count (I improved mine infinity-%, from 0 to 3) and donating blood ones.

Fitness-wise, I'd grade myself a B. Definitely got fitter, but as always, could have done better (especially diet-wise).

Real life, I'd give myself a C+. I met many of my goals, but some got left in the dust.

Frankly, I'm getting a little bored with this website. It's a pain trying to wade through the tangle of log threads to find mine and log a workout (which most people, teammates included, probably don't read), and I don't like the new orange/gray/maroon color scheme. I like you guys, but not sure if it's worth the time to hang around.

Edited by Raincloak
adding PVP

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Just a little late on the final summary here. Prefectfail.

Overall Grade: B-

Goal 1: Cardio 2-3 times a week.

Result: Met the goal 2 weeks out of four, with one week of one cardio workout, and another week with no cardio.

Grade: C-

Goal 2: Strength training 2-3 times a week.

Result: Met the goal 3 weeks out of four, but only the bare minimum (2x week). The other week had no weightlifting.

Grade: B-

Goal 3: Get back under 160lbs.

Result: Most recent weigh-in over the weekend had me around 158lbs. Still a ways to go with cutting the fat, but that's what the next challenge is for.

Grade: B

Goal 4: Figure out what the next year of my life is going to look like.

Result: New job, new significant other, and (hopefully) patching things up with my ex.

Grade: A

Just looking superfically at the numbers (# of cardio workouts, # of weightlifting days, etc.) things look pretty good, but from a purely subjective standpoint, this month felt crappy in terms of my workouts. Really need to get my head back into the game.

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