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Final Summary: Rebels, Report!


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And so comes the end of another challenge.

So - how did you do?

Give yourself a grade, and explain why. Be honest. :)

Please post here even if you already posted a summary in your personal thread - helps us out when trying to decide a winner :)

Next challenge starts April 11th and will follow a slightly different format. We'll be posting details today or tomorrow - so keep an eye out :)

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  • Run 5k w/o stopping
  • Don't gain weight while on vacation (I'll be in Southern California for a week in mid-march).
  • Lose weight overall
  • Continue to pare down junk and prepare for yard sale.

Ended up losing weight overall, so I'll give a pass to goals 3 and 4. Between vacation, weather, and getting sick for the last 10 days of the challenge, I didn't get the 5k goal.

I only threw a couple of clothes items in the garage sale pile.

A solid C.

Repairing a lifetime of bad habits...

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I started out strong, but kind of fizzled out towards the middle through the end. I had planned on getting a running start during spring break (the first week), but messed up my knee and got sick, and forgot that I'd be cleaning out my house to put it up for sale this month. The house is now on the market, and I'm not longer sick (except for some chest wall inflammation).

I did get through the first stage of New Rules of Lifting. The second stage has been completely kicking my butt--it's a bit demotivating.


Fitness Goals:

- Lift 3 x week - continue next stages of New Rules of Lifting for Women. A-

- [EDITED] Complete cardio intervals prescribed in NROLW. (2x week, after workout B - some kind of low-impact cardio) B-

- Increase veggies/fruit intake to 2.5/2 cups per day by end of challenge. F

- [EDITED] Eat pre- and post-lifting snacks. A

-Throw stone and weight for height and distance. F

Level Up!:

- Finish full draft of dissertation. D



Grade based on end results, achievement of goals: D

Grade based on trying to stick with it: B+

Next time.

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Goal 1: Dance and Be Merry!


Goal 2: Write It Down!


Goal 3: Hoard my Riches!


Goal 4: Clean It Up!




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Goals for the challenge:


1) maintain 50% ketosis. A+ Did this easily. Most of it was light ketosis, but ketol nonetheless.

2) Clear the non-paleo foods out of the house. A- I did this. I kept a small jar of flour for the occasional need to thicken something and I didn't bother clearing out old candy because our gamer friends will eat it for us, but the rest is gone and has stayed gone.


1) Bear Complex regulation. C- this really didn't happen. Not because I wasn't working, but because I was doing other stuff. A lot of bench press and rows. I did it a few times, but not as much as I should have.

2) 100 push ups a week. A+ with extra credit. I somehow forgot this one and transmated it in my brain to a 1000 push up challenge, so that's what I did this month. I kept a (long) log of my work here and ke[t track of every single rep. they got a bit easier over the course of the month, but I'm just impressed that I did them. 1000 of them.


1) book reports again. D Missed this again. I can't find the book right now, so that's why, but still, my fault.

2) Wedding planning. B+. I did as much of this as I am able to do without outside help and it's pretty much all in order, so I feel good about that.

Overall: B+. I feel pretty good about that. Also: just got a copy of the Rebel Strength training Guide (I'm no sure, but I think I may have gotten in there first) and I'm doing that contest, so that will be my new challenge.

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Final word on this challenge - didn't meet a lot of secondary goals - but I am so happy about finishing the C25k that I don't care!

Gem - In like a lamb, out like a lion... March Challenge

Name: Gem - I may be running but I am still a druid!


Fitness: The primary goal is to continue c25k training program, running according to the schedule as weather permits.

A++ Not only did I continue, but I finished!

Secondary is to integrate some kind of non-running day exercise that includes upper body strength training(?) - I will use this month to try out different fun methods for upper body workouts, like boxing or fitness bar, I am interested in range of motion + strength exercises too like kettlebell and the clubbing (someone posted an awesome video of this a while back), maybe some martial arts movements? I don't know, I just want to try some things. In the meantime, keep up my pushups (modified! - not on the ground yet, even LOL)

D Blew this off almost entirely

Eating: I am actively trying to lose weight. Counting calories, eating less carbs in general but when I do have them, they are slow carb - trying to just BE AWARE. Trying to make my calorie needs be in sync with my intake. Trying to make it work to eat the food I grow on my farm but still be fit - i.e. not too much pork I have lost 14 pound during this calendar year

Primary goal is to continue to track foods/exercise, and continue to lose weight. I am not setting a weight loss goal, just want to keep moving steadily in the right direction. Today: 220 pounds.

A I continued to track food/calories and did lose pounds during this challenge period - also dropped at least one pant size Today's weight: 216

Secondary goal is to improve meal planning for me and the kids at lunch. Dinner is virtually impossible to plan except in the vaguest way, as my husband wants food totally on a whim. However me and the kids can have smoother days by planning lunches (we homeschool). I want to plan three lunches a week with their input. We just finished a nutrition study so they should have fun with this.

D did a bit of this but still found myself losing track of time and scrambling for lunch most days. Did not integrate the lunch planning at all, really.

Life:I have a goal that I carried over from the last challenge, as I did not finish it. It is to clean up/prep the outside area where we are planning an addition onto our house. Need to get this done. Badly.

F did not lift a finger :sigh:

Second, I want to do two blog posts for my business www.SunshineForDinner.com. This was a goal last time as well and I did it! Need to do it again...have one post planned and pictures all ready, so I am progressing on this goal already.

D Only did one post, not two - what is my problem? If I do a post today, does it count?

Third, I want all books on the shelves by the end of the challenge. I have a ridiculous amount of both books and shelves, and get more all the time (I did mention homeschooling...got one kid just entering the age where you dive into a pile of books and come up for air when you satisfied your curiosity. I am not going to slow down on the book buying if I can help it.) Some of the old books have just got to go, in order for these piles of books to go on the shelves. Must get books on shelves. No more floor piles or boxes under the table LOL.

B Did a lot of work on my shelves, as well as some other major decluttering and housecleaning efforts, now that I have my vacuum cleaner repaired. There are some hidden book caches that are not shelved, though.

Bonus goal: I realize I am getting to many life goals listed here - but I really want to finish my resume and writing sample to put in a job application with eHow.

No work on this.

THIS CHALLENGE FINISHES ON APRIL 4 - two days before my 40th birthday. I need to finish strong for this milestone. okay, minor nervous breakdown is under control now - although may be first of many over the next month.

My birthday is tomorrow - Happy Birthday To Me!



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1) Breakfast everyday - I have been doing really well on this. I've made sandwiches if I don't have time for a shake. I would give myself a B+ in this area. I still missed a few days, but I've really made some improvement. I've now got a calendar sort of thing w/ days of the week on a white board. I can slap a big X on a day that I consume breakfast.

2) Start beginner body-weight routine (Starting March 14th) on a every other day schedule - I give myself a C for this. It took me longer than March 14th to get rolling. I did take an extra week b/c I was still feeling sick. I am now currently doing some stuff though. 4x10 of pushups, crunches, legpressthingamajigs, squats. Originally my friend had me doing 4x15s, but I want it to be challenging enough, but still manageable so I have room to expand. I want a good solid 2 weeks of every other day, NO EXCEPTIONS, before I up the reps.

3) No beer (except Saturdays) - C, not completely horrible, but I had a few beers/drinks at other points in the week. Definite room for improvement. I have taken to not buying beer except for when it is the weekend, and there is pretty much no reason whatsoever to have liquor based cocktails mid-week. I do have red wine on occasion, but only when I'm cooking with it.

Life goal) No more than 2 hours of video games a day - F pretty much failed this one big time. Really need to work on it. I've got a timer for 60 minutes, sitting right next to my computer... I just don't use it ;___;

Overall? Grade C Not the greatest, but I think that I am on the right track now. It wasn't a magical switch, but I have made gains in the areas that I think will really benefit me long term, specifically breakfast, workouts and limited alcohol intake.

Others: Happy Bday to Gem. And I purchased the RSG also, so like Anivair, that will be my next challenge as well!

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1. FITNESS: Strength Training or Climbing 3x a week. A+

I succeeded on this.

2. DIET: Make a Paleo/Primal menu and stick with it. B-

While I only ate Paleo/Primal about 50% of the time, this is significant progress for me, so I'm giving myself a Pass on this one.

3. ZEN: Start sitting daily... again... F

After the first couple days this fell of the map.

4. SCHOOL: Keep up with assignments, Make significant progress on research. A

I kept up and made as much progress as I could.

5. SLEEP: Get 8 hours, from 10-6 on weekdays. F

My sleeping schedule is still out of whack.

Averaging that I failed, but because 1,2 and 4 were (honestly) the more important ones, I'm giving myself a C


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Brief report


As you may notice has not gone well.


1. Run 3 times a week. D

Not achieved by a very long way. Started off okay, but fell apart when I started my new job. Did, however, manage to run 2.2k yesterday which is a big improvement.

2. Do callisthenics two days on one day off. F

Complete failure on this front.

3. Go climbing again. F

4. Make progress towards doing the splits F


1. No wheat, no dairy C

Just one dairy fail. Cheese though art my nemesis


1. Write essays. F

Need to get my act together on this. They are due in a month.

Life got pretty hectic with my new job and I've been really struggling to adjust to my new routine. I don't cope well with change and this is pretty obvious in how badly this challenge went. But these are excuses and not good ones.

Anyway on a brighter note, measurements:


Chest 39''

Waist 31''

Hips 41''


Chest 38 1/2''

Waist 30''

Hips 40''

Improvement has occurred.

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super brief summary (more details here:http://nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?2419-Spezzy-s-quot-Here-it-goes-again-quot-challenge!&p=29776&viewfull=1#post29776) :

Crossfit: Go at least 3x a week: A+ (100%)

Stronger: Don't focus on numbers, just focus on actually getting stronger in a new way: A (95%)

Mobility: Mobility WOD 25/28 days: F (68%)

Paleo: 100% paleo all month - really only stuck to like 90% after week 2: F (50%)

Finances: A (95%)

Cleaning/Decluttering: A- (90%)

Total Average: 83 or a B-.

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Goal 1: Weigh in at 275lb: F- (I learned first hand that scales are useless. I gained 2 pounds for this challenge instead of losing 12. But I increased my deadlift by 80lb and my clothes went from tight to loose.)

Goal 2: Complete a 5k distance in under 40 minutes: D (Went from 45:00 minutes to 42:30. I made some progress but not nearly enough).

Goal 3: Complete a website of mine: F (Did a lot of work, ran into a big problem and quit working on it out of frustration)

Overall: F

As I mentioned in my thread though, I made bigger progress than those goals so I'm still proud of myself. My weights got a lot heavier, and my clothes got looser. When a month ago I couldn't hold myself up on a pull up bar, now I can. And on a pullup machine (Gravitron) on the lowest setting I could not even pull msyelf up once (couldn't even hold on, remember?) now I can do 5 pullups. It doesn't seem like much, but it was a huge just for me.

If anything this challenge did a good job getting me started and setting me up for the next one. I know what to do better next time.

Full report here: http://nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?2560-Doing-my-first-challenge&p=29796#post29796

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I'll give a reasonably decent summary of what happened this month. Though if you would like to read the whole thing, my post is here: http://nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?2443-Challenge-3-Eat-a-saber-toothed-tiger!&p=29623&viewfull=1#post29623

I also have before and after photos in this post:


So my main goal was to follow a paleo-ish/primal blueprint diet. Which I did. It rocked. Full details in the report. Huge changes in physical performance, body composition, and even more awesome results in regards to quality of life.

So here's where I ended up...

Body Composition:

I started the challenge at 315.6 and I ended the challenge at 298.8. That’s a loss of 16.8 pounds this challenge! Or if you like percentages and math, a loss of 5.62% of body weight. Went from 47.3% to 46.3% in body fat, and 24% to 24.5% in muscle (according to my possibly inaccurate digital scale). For measurements, I dropped 8 3/4 inches!

Goal #1: Do the program minimum from “Enter the Kettlebell†with 4 workouts per week. Was able to increase my amount of swings in a 12 minute set by 30.83% and set numerous pr's during the challenge!

Progress: Did 15/16 workouts required over the course of the challenge. This works out to a grade of 93.75%. Grade: A

Goal #2: Eat a primal blueprint style diet for 28 days. Accomplished! No cheating, no super heavy swing workouts (punishment for going off plan: 200kb swings). Grade: A+

Bonus: More time spent cooking and some pretty good skills with a non-wheat based diet. Now aiming for a paleo style epic meal time feast :D

Goal #3: Clean. 5/4 boxes organized. Grade: A+

Final Grade: A

Reason: I have done gone through these 28 days not knowing what to expect (in regards to diet), but have ended up feeling incredible. There were hard moments, but they were all worth it. Every exclusion of bread, rice, tortillas and dessert had a meaning, a purpose. That purpose has been so I can change. So I can realize that despite what I tell myself, this change can occur. Despite my protests at times, I can accomplish what I set out to do. Which is worth it more than any other thing I learned this challenge. In fact, if I'm honest with myself, I've learned more about my tenacity and fighting spirit in the last 28 days than I have in the last 30 years of being alive.

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  • One push up: F
  • Archery: A+
  • Work out three times a week: A-
  • Super clean room for Roommate's sake: A+
  • BRLBP: F

There were more disruptions during these past four weeks than I expected. Between spring break, the speech contest, and being sick most of this week, my strength training suffered.

I'm pretty sure I could have done more to make the push up happen, regardless, so definite F.

Archery proceeded just the way I wanted it to. :D

I didn't get exactly three times a week on working out during all weeks, but since my routine rapidly became workout every day and the only breaks were due to lack of gym access and illness, I don't feel so bad.

"WAIT A MINUTE!" you say? Could've done body weight exercises? Yes... but I discovered I hate doing them just to do them. When I couldn't do my usual routine, I took more stairs, ran where I could walk, and tossed small children around to burn more calories even a little. I still feel like I enriched myself and did a better job burning calories than in the past.

Room clean before Roommate got back from Texas, and just nothin' on BRLBP. :\

Overall: C

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Overall, I'd give myself an F.

My food diary fell apart when under pressure. Still don't have housework built into my routine. Didn't get the fruit and veg in like I'd hoped. I did continue to work out regularly, but absence of bad is not the same thing as good. In an effort to stay positive, I'm just going to say I can only do better next challenge and start brainstorming realistic, specific goals.

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Things started well, then the wheels fell off about halfway through the challenge. Quick rundown:

The good:

I ran on an outdoor track twice, timed my mile at 6:02 the first time, then 6:08 the second time. This was much faster than I was expecting, so I'm pleased (side note: It takes me a week to recover from my mile run in Vibrams. That's been frustrating).

I did a handstand pushup!

The bad:

Started eating lots of candy/ other junk that keeps finding its way into my house. on average 2 out of 3 meals have been in line with my regime.

My shoulder had been bothering me a little bit so I stopped lifting altogether. After a week of no lifting, it actually hurt worse, but another week has gone by and I think it's on the mend now. I won't do any strength training for at least another week.

I had a goal to wake up before 6:00 at least 8 times during the 4 weeks. I ended up doing it only twice. On the other hand, I've got a 2-month old baby that ensures I wake up numerous times during the night (all pre-6:00).

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6 Pull-Ups

Got 5, so 80%

20 Second Front Tuck/Frog Stand

Managed to get about 5 seconds of each at best, but not before spending half of the Challenge on my form, so no big loss. 25%

30 Burpees

21, knew I probably wasn't gonna hit 30, but I had to try. 70%

1:30 Second Plank

Improved quickly when I got my form for the other stuff down. 100%


I got my strength up, but not my flexibility. That's pretty much halfway. 50%

Run 1/2 Mile

Got really close, like, within a tenth of a mile, but I think I got shin splints halfway through the Challenge, so I stopped and stuck with Burpees. I'll call it 70%

Average: 65.8% (D)


I might have been able to do better if I had kept the same idea of the goals but cut down the numbers to something realistic for a few. Thankfully, I can look at this as a learning experience considering I knew going in this was gonna kind of be an experiment, because each goal represents some type of long-term goal I want to hit. Now that I know what I know, I have a better idea of what more realistic goals are for next Challenge.

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Did better than the last one, but not nearly as well as I could have. D.

Yoga every day

- not a one - my yoga dvd never came - i am chasing a refund.

Swimming x1 per week - took longer than anticipated to get good enough with the lenses that they'd give me some to take home but finally went yesterday - hurrah! Now I can see and swim at the same time I'll be making this a weekly thing at least, aiming for twice a week when I can.

Workout x2 per week

- managed once a week, but didn't skip a week- calling that a win too.

Put the effort in on the Profitable Idealism course I signed up for - get the case studies read before the first call, then attend and participate in the calls.

- could try harder.

Set up a spending tracker for credit card spending - don't let these new cards get out of control like the old ones did.

- yup, under control. Spreadsheets for the win.

I did better this month at sticking to things, and am pleased with that. I still have trouble with a general lack of energy and motivation though, so for the last week I have been making an effort to get more sleep which I will keep up until it helps, and then over easter I am aiming to change up what I am eating and quit the fags. The next challenge is going to be fun!

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Copy-paste from my thread. :)


Body stats seems to be worse. I know I was up at 72kg at one point. At least my chest and arms has increased a bit.

Stats from the scale, it's a scale with rough measurements of body composition.


Weight: 70.8kg / 58.6kg - Total / Lean Muscle Mass

Fat: 12.9% / 1 - Total / Visceral Fat scale 1-9

Hydration: 61.2%

Metabolic Rate: 1813kcal / 7587kJ


Weight: 71.2kg / 58.4kg - Total / Lean Muscle Mass

Fat: 13.8% / 2 - Total / Visceral Fat scale 1-9

Hydration: 60.4%

Metabolic Rate: 1808kcal / 7566kJ

Total numbers

Running - 34.55km

Pushups - 1399

Plank - 410 seconds

Sideplank - 230 seconds

Supermen - 382 seconds

Wall squat/Sit - 495 seconds

Squats - 430

Powerball - 91 minutes

Inverted Rows - 322

Calf Raises - 450

Stretching - 21/28 days


Goal 1: Exercise and stretch every single day, with a minimum of one day per week at the gym, during the whole challenge! I forgot to stretch the last days of the challenge... :/

Goal 2: Get a score of 4/5 or 5/5 on the two upcoming exams at the end of the month We still haven't received the results so can't judge this one.

Goal 3: Pull down on burger/pizza/fast food Total fail, last week I ignored it completely. I was too focused on exams to bother about a diet goal.

Overall Score: B

I feel I could have exercised and frequent the gym a lot more. I didn't perfect goal 1 by not stretching everyday. I managed to keep down on the fast food for three weeks, last week I decided to ignore goal 3 so it failed. All in all I give myself a B.

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It was a good month this month...I give myself a B:

Fitness Goals

1. Start preparting for the Sydney Half-Marathon by doing 4 running sessions a week: Changed it to 3 sessions per week, and stuck to that - B. Matched my personal best distance of 13km, managed 22 100m hill repeats in 30 mins

2. Add 1 pushup every day starting from 10 (I started early, so today I'm doing 12): Didn't get to complete this as I got sick in the last week, but my peak was 30 pushups, which is +20! B+

3. Beat my 5k Run time PB of 28:36: Smashed this with a new PB of 26:15 A+!

Lifestyle goals

1. <strikethrough>Write at least 3 articles a week on my new blog to get in the habit of writing (have a look, I started last week: http://outofhomecooking.com/)</strikethrough> Withdrawn before challenge started

2. Finally release my first ever Android application. Completed and loaded onto Android Market. I got my first payment from Google for $43.40 :) After tax, and less the developer license fee, I'm up $1.04 - it's all gravy from here :)


Scout Commander (ret.)

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Final Report

Fitness Goal: Do 10 Pull-ups

I got 6, which was shy of my goal...but I made lots of progress from where I started. It's a 60%. Grade: D (but I'll take that D with a smile on my face).

Level Up: Read a book

This was a great idea to make myself read. Forgot how much I enjoy it! I read the book, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Very interesting take on the factors that contribute to high levels of success. Grade: A+

The best part was interacting with all of the great people on these boards. Looking forward to the next challange, and the banter!

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Continue my workout regimen: A++ Not only did I finish Couch to 5k, I also felt comfortable graduating to the Advanced Body Weight Workout!

Full Paleo!: F+ I was doing well until I could no longer afford to buy my own food. I ate whatever I could get my hands on, and none of it was Paleo. I close on my house at the end of April, so I should be in total control of my diet by then.

Other Life goals: A++ I didn't set any, but I did manage to level up my life significantly over the last 28 days. I am sealing the deal on a sweet house that I will actually own, met a wonderful woman and things are going great between us, and I'm finding the urge and will to write more.

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I worked out pretty regularly following a 3x a week schedule. i missed days here and there and wasn't as committed as I should be C+

I did not do any cardio F

I did a decent amount of the art of manliness better man series I'll give myself a B- due to soem things not being feasible for a college student

I did however do 10 pushups which was part of my challenege, they weren't pretty and I need to improve more but i did it so A

overall grade D- , I wasn't committed and i should have been more dedicated

i bought the rebel strength guide and plan to participate in the 6 week challenege


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Repost from my thread.

So a wrap up of the challenge.


Run 3x - Couch to 5k, signed up and paid for a 5k. Good incentive to keep running. -A, Ran all but two times, once for being sick and the other the day after traveling for 11 hours.

Lift 2x - Just started stronglifts 5x5, only two days a week until c25k is done ( won't finish till after challenge )-A, Only missed on lift and that was because the wife was having a super bad day.

Touch my toes! - Lots of stretching. -A+, Hit this on like the second day, really figured it would take me the whole month.

At least one level in OMFG - Work on finding where I am on several Skills, and try to level up a few.-C, Didn't really try here, I did hit level two for Ranger squats, but that is it.

Work on my garden - Start transplants, plant cool weather stuff, clean yard.-B, Got transplants started, but failed on getting cold weather stuff planted due to rain/wet soil.

Help the wife more with cleaning - She has started working from home, so I feel like I need to chip in more on housework. -C, started out good, but then wife's contract ended...didn't help out so much after that.

Eat gluten free - Shooting for a primal type diet. I feel a lot better when I am not eating gluten.-A/B, This has been pretty easy, love it. Ate gluten twice that I can think of, once on our trip to Arkansas and the second at a dinner our friends from church invited us to. Felt rude to not eat what was offered, still ate very little.

Learn Stuff: - Learn German (Rosetta Stone 2x), Continue learning about paleo-BIG FAT F, didn't do jack.....well, I guess I did read/listen to more about paleo....but still.

Overall I think this challenge went pretty good. I would have to give myself a B over all I think. Have to think of what to do for the next challenge now.

6'1'' ~271 lbs. (-14 8-5-12, -49 from max)

back to 290 :( 6/5/14

Clark - SE TN, US
Married +3 boys (11,5,2)

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Goal #1

- Limit all forms of sugar intake to cheat meals at the absolute most. Not real great on this one. There were far too many cheats on this, grade def. "F"

Goal #2

- I want to work on 10 solid pull ups this month. I started on 5 and am now at around 7. I in fact found a new location for this and its in my tree outside. But I can only do a few out there so back to work. Grade "C"

Goal #3

- Minimalistic lifestyle. I want to de-clutter my life of more than just waste or bad habits. I think I took another stab at this. I sold a lot of clutter at a sale and banked some good money. Still a lot to go. grade "B"

Goal #4

- Home renovation. My goal was to start, through the month that changed to at least getting the demo started! As the bathroom stood from the beginning of the month, bare walls and floors still in place as well as a 20 foot section of indoor brick chimney. Floors, chimney and walls are now gone. I am down to bare rafters and floor joists. Hole in roof is covered, shingled and rain tested (had a whole on the 31, due for snow/rain mix for that night! hole patched I would say in record time!) I have even gone out and bought most of the next phase material. Grade Def. "A"

Goal #5

- Develop more traffic to my unseen, cluttered blog! Well, I will say this is yet again another "F". I had no time to really get to writing. I have a few topics I will be touching on, minimalist shoes review, obstacle course etc... as always a work in progress. Its more cathartic in nature than anything Grade def. "F"

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Overall for this challenge I would say I earned a C


1. Walking I would say a B+ ... I starting fitting walks into any place I could..and anytime there were stairs to be taken I took them

2. Strength seems to be the bane of my life ... I give it an E (teehee I was raised on an A-E grading scale lol)

3. Weight ...well I went from 176.6 to 171.4... so lost 4.2 pounds (YAY!!) But no A for me... but I give it a B+

4. Meditation was another E for me...fail!

Life Goals:

1. Class reading.. well.. I have senioritis? Ok so I do my reading when I am interested in it but I have 5 weeks left in my classes for my Masters and I find myself not interested! D+

2. Computer time... I have been trying to get away from the pc more... but not an A.... focuses on hobbies that I have no done in a while...making Soap and lotions so B :)

3. Yeah forum posts... I once again fizzled out towards the end ...so C-


Well I started out following a strict meal plan... over time I fell away from it however, I stated that I was trying to relearn how to eat and I believe I accomplished that. I might have cheated a few times but I am not dieting and I feel great ....Sooo This would be my only A.

Sadness Is Easy Because It is Surrender


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